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Watertown Savings Bank - Main Office Clinton St, Watertown

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+1 315-788-7100
111 Clinton St, Watertown, NY 13601, United States
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday8:30AM–4PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–4PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–4PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–5PM
  • Friday8:30AM–5PM

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4.4 stars based on 8 reviews

  • R

    Rudy Toth

    Absolutely one of the best banks I have so far seen. What a clean and healthy environment to do your business here. The tellers are all nice to each one of their customer'(s). This is the bank you need to come to and do your business with these good ppl.

  • T

    Travis Docteur

    Love the professional staff here, specifically Matthew at the Commerce Branch. Always a pleasure seeing him and helping me with my banking needs. Thank you!!

  • J

    Joseph Moser

    I usually dread walking into banks and openings accounts. In the past I have had bankers push me to open multiple accounts and cross sell me on other products the bank is currently pushing. This is the first time I have ever left a bank with a smile on my face. Thank you Theresa you are amazing! 🤣 See ya around the river bend 💧 🚣

  • K

    Kassandra Love

    I literally cannot STAND coming here... there is a blond gentleman that works there and each time I've gone I've had to deal with him... he is very condescending and seems to look down at you when u try to talk to him. I came to get a change order for my job and he gave me an attitude when I tried to hand him the bag. He asked me how much was in it. I said, I didn't know because it was the company's and I wasn't told a number. He told me I had to open the bag and count it out in front of him.... I did not feel comfortable at all doing this since it was company money and I was just a messenger... so here I had to pull out company money and count it out in front of him and then I miscounted because he's staring at me, being very rude, looking at me like I was an idiot... He said my manager didn't call it in but since it was all bills, as in all we needed was ones, it shouldn't have mattered. Not only this but I tried to get an account months ago and came to the same guy. He was very rude and not friendly at all. He told me I couldn't open an account because I needed proof of address, which I know is standard but he looked at me like I wasn't good enough to even have an account. At first I chalked it up to maybe a bad day but after several occurrences with the same guy, it's clear that maybe he shouldn't be working with customers... if he hates his job so much.

  • J

    Jonathan Hamilton

    This company is always giving back to the community. They are professionals that I trust and know to have all of the answers and support that I need. Switch to WSB if you are looking for better quality!

  • A

    Anne Nans

    Moved to NYC, but keeping this bank! Good people, excellent bank.

  • j


    A terrific local bank, great workers always willing to help!

  • M

    Michael Lettiere Jr

    I trust this bank and it's employees to help with my financies.

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