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Visions Federal Credit Union Mckinley Ave, Endicott

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+1 800-242-2120
24 McKinley Ave, Endicott, NY 13760, United States
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM
  • Saturday9AM–12PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM
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3.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • J

    Julia Langton

    Have had multiple positive customer service experiences both at my local Visions locations and via phone call to their generic (non-location specific) customer service line. In my experience employees have been genuine, patient, friendly, and fast. Personally, I like the automated phone navigation menus because I would rather know that I will eventually talk to one polite, pleasant person that will be able to help me then waste everyone's time (including my own) being transferred around between 10 people who are trying to field my call to someone who can actually resolve my issue. I have been pretty pleased with my dealings with Visions so far, overall.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for sharing your experience Julia!

  • P

    Penny Creery

    I have had a great experience with Visions - the staff has always been very helpful, friendly, and kind. I have no complaints whatsoever, and am happy to bank with them.

  • J

    Jessie Beale

    Visions is customerr service that is friendly and the associates always ask if you need further help. They understand and are not rushed helping as if you are the only customer in line.

  • J

    Joseph Becker

    Had an issue recently over the weekend with my card and Krysten helped me out over the weekend on her time off which was above and beyond. She is the type employee that every institution should value. The problem.was taken care of 1st thing this morning and I was not made to wait 7 to 10 business days for a new card. The service and efficiency displayed by Krysten was amazing 👏 5 stars for visions due to her!

  • C

    Curtis Ervine

    Had bad experiences with other institutions in the area. Had good luck with visions, the tellers and customer service representatives have always been easy to get along with, if I had an issue they solved it for me.

  • J

    Jill Smith

    Rebecca, in the Mitigation department is unprofessional and uneducated. If you're job is to sort out fraudulent activity and you don't know what a 1099 employee is that's extremely disconcerting!

  • H

    Harden Boystern

    Holy crap. This is the absolute worst financial outfit with which I've ever done business. Not only have they become unresponsive, but customer unfriendly. The new phone system requires you to wade through 5 levels of auto-attendent before being able to talk to a human. You can do better than this skin-flint organization!

  • f


    Lifetime member. Its a crapshoot with this place unless you already have all the money you need. If you dont need a loan they are all over it. If you are down on your luck for a few months they may lock you out. I am currently between jobs to enjoy my young one before she goes to school and i tend to be a 35k to 45k type of guy. I work pt to make some cash and watch the kid during the day. Since ive been in hiatus from work they have denied me 2 major life preserver type loans because i work pt. Both loans would have hacked my interest rates in half, mortgage and debt consolidation, and the loans would have come from outside visions and to visions. This would drop my payments considerably and my disposable income increase would have ensured even more payed on time bills from their lifetime member. My credit score just hit rock bottom at 730(lowest score from 3 institutions for sure), yes, 730 is bad for me, and they didnt even want to help me. So here i am, a lifetime member with good credit, good work history except for my small break here to enjoy my family and they are telling me that they prefer to not help members get away from the systematic banking system and back to grassroots credit unions. So essentially the credit union is a small bank who says they are community minded? The loans i got denied for are full banner ads on their site but only once was there was an indication from their staff that i was about to make my credit score even worse by being denied loans. I feel that i would probably be getting if it had anything to do with community and not the bogus system that is standardized now. So visions is not there to help you, they want your dough. A few good ducks there but you will have trouble getting through the couple of bad ones. Def never invest to make money here, all cd scams and savings clubs. Go to prudential or vanguard if you wanna make money and only apply for a loan if you dont really need one. Thanks for nothin, again. The star is for the good (non-predatory) eggs that work there. Feel sorry you guys that have to share the same reputation. Ps i am married and my wife makes good money but cant get a loan cuz she has school loans she pays every month. Makes sense, right

  • T

    Trentonpowers Powers

    Over an hour and half waiting on hold for someone at my branch to answer my call. Avoid the stress and inconvenience of banking here, there is no customer service!

  • A

    Arthur Morgan

    Great bank! Sent my mother money from California and she was able to pick it up at the location and the teller helped her access the atm to ensure she got it

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