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Universal Check Cashing Main St, Binghamton

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+1 607-766-9450
215 Main St # 2, Binghamton, NY 13905, United States
  • Saturday9AM–3PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday8:30AM–6PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–6PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–6PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–6PM
  • Friday8:30AM–6PM

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3.3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • E

    Eyehategod 666

    Very good service the women are all really nice and the are usually fast.

  • J

    Jacob Gabriel

    I was reluctant to use this service, but I had no choice. Not nearly as shady as I assumed it would be, in fact, not shady at all. The staff may seem rude, but it's not an easy job to do I'm sure with all the scammers and schemers out there. The associate I talked to on the phone, who also happened to handle the transaction, was knowledgable of her job and acted quite professionally. Clearly stressed out but professional. I would recommend the service to anyone who needed it and didn't mind paying the fee!

  • C

    Carley Marie

    If I could give less than 1 star I would my husband and I have tried to use this place 3-4 times now and they wont cash any of the payroll checks that we have taken. The staff if rude, when I asked why they wont cash my check she said because I don't want to.

  • S

    Shirelle Monique

    The Supervisor lied in my face said they have a new rule that if you have a mobile bank account to just use that bc they can't cash my check. She profiled me and admitted she didn't feel comfortable to cash mu disability check!

  • D

    Daniel Henry Jr

    Check cashing is quick and easy, and a very friendly staff. They don't do money orders tho. But u can pay bills there. Good place to cash a your check.

  • l

    linda smith

    I went in this place with a check from child support and because my son was with me I was told come back tomorrow for verification and as I was leaving she whispered something to the other working. Everyone is not committing fraud. Im just happy It wasn't of importance that I needed it today. I did what I should have done in the beginning use my mobile banking, never again will I enter this business

  • D

    Douglas Linderberry

    Very shady business failed to verify a check back in april then came after me for a bounced check hired a lawyer to fix it as it had to do with workers comp and i had it fixed still claimed it was unpaid my lawyer has assured me its been corrected next notice i get we will be taking it to court

  • R

    Ryan A

    The service was very easy to use. I needed to cash a check but did not have a bank account. I needed the money asap and could not wait for a bank to deposit the check. So, I chose to go here. I was in and out in 5 minutes. Had to fill out a simple, short form, provide I.D., and they took my picture. That was it! Fee was standard for this type of service.

  • B

    Brian Newell

    If I could rate in the negatives I would due to the unprofessionalism that was extended to me and the ignorance. I work for a company that has other companies under an umbrella and they wouldn't cash a payroll check or even call to validate it because it did not have the main company name on it. So unless you work for a company who will bend over backwards and do everything they want I wouldn't bother even walking in these people's door.

  • C

    Cam Calafia

    Any large check will get you problems they're especially if you're black. they need to update the technology because you should be able to verify any legit check. or maybe they're upset because check was bigger than her minimum wage.

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