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TD Bank Deer Park Ave, North Babylon

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+1 631-242-0038
1361 Deer Park Ave, North Babylon, NY 11703, United States
  • Monday8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–6PM
  • Friday8:30AM–7PM
  • Saturday9AM–1PM
  • Sunday11AM–2PM

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2.8 stars based on 10 reviews

  • E

    Esham Hassan

    ONE OF THE WORST BANKS THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN! I have numerous accounts with every possible bank that you can imagine - commercial business accounts, to personal accounts, to savings accounts, to personal directed investment accounts, etc. I have gone to so many different branches of banks all across Long Island. I have in total 4 separate bank accounts with TD Bank alone: 3 business accounts and 1 personal account. The service from this particular branch is AWFUL. The security guard is utterly useless and just sits there twiddling her thumbs and she will not answer your questions or will just say “I don’t know”. The line of people waiting is ALWAYS extremely long and they move very slowly, and often times the bank tellers appear to be inexperienced as they don’t know what they are doing. The organization and customer service of this bank are TERRIBLE, and honestly after my visit today, I was ready to just close all of my accounts, right there on the spot and open new accounts with another bank.

  • M

    MerKaba Kechari

    Everynight their ATM is out of Service and the one inside doesn't allow you to deposit money unless it's one bill at a time. This by far has to be the most horrible TD BANK and I been banking with them well over 33 months

  • S

    Shante Symone

    My experience at this td bank was the worst experience ever. I was spoken down to for whatever reason as if I was not a customer. People who are not customer should not work in places they have to deal with customers first hand. I was asking to cash my check which they were not able to because I did not have enough funds in my account so very rudely the teller says “I cant do anything for you here” I walked out but then walked back in because I just cashed my other check at td last week and was confused and wanted further explanation! So I went back in and I asked him why cant you deposit my check and he then says I already told you. And I explained that I was there last week and someone did so he then tells me “ they did not do their job correctly” He then tells me he can deposit it but it will only be $100 available I asked for the the manager then and explained to him that I went to the bank last week and they cashed it and that I used to have another bank and I’ve never really heard of this before Which I have not and not saying he was lying I was just saying I did not know it was the policy here and he then said ok so go back to the other banks , & he told his teller give her back the check and he said goodbye have a good day like they were SOOOOOO RUDE ! I’ve even contacted corporate. The interaction was so unprofessional and they were so rude to me for whatever reason.

  • K

    Kenny Pymm

    This branch gave me the worst experience ever. I’ve been with them for over a year. They tell me offhand that they don’t care all that they’re doing is waiting to retire. I also bank with Chase and I have 10 times better experience there when I explain that to them they said so then go back to Chase. So I closeMy account I will never ever do business with them again. And I would advise others to do the same thing.

  • B

    Brett P

    Sheila was very rude with me earlier today. I needed 5 documents notarized, she said "3 is my limit and you need to have an account". After she confirmed my account, she coldly stated "I don't have to do these. I'm a notary for the state, not the bank." People at this branch are usually nice. I don't know why she treated me this way.

  • M

    M H

    WORST TD BANK BRANCH EVER. Today i went to this Bank and i was standing there for 20 Min Chinese guy helped other clients, he looked at me and didn’t even asked me why i was there. BLACK WOMEN helped Black Client also looked at me and walked away to the back room. Finally i went to the Cashier line and asked for help then Chinese guy helped me. THATS SHAME CLIENT FOR YEARS HAVE TO WAIT FOR THAT LONG. Td Bank is Getting worst day by day

  • X

    Xtreme Sounds DJ Entertainment Inc.

    I am a business owner of 15+ years and have been unhappy with my financial institution for some time. I have called this location today and spoke to Tiffany and advised her I was a Dj / entertainment company and she began laughing. With that said she threw me on hold and someone else picked up and continued to laugh. I asked what was so funny and she pretended to make as though the phone was breaking ups. I asked to speak with a amanager, all I called for was to find out what I needed to bring in with me to open a new corp acct. I am opening a second company as my first thankfully has been so successful . The child .... because this is how they both acted Tiffany and Danielle were extremely rude. I asked to have a manager call me back !!!! This was 130pm. At 530 I called the branch location asked for the manager and had my partner speak to him: finally got in touch and spoke to him. He never received my message and I spoke with him. I am a business owner and do not recommend this branch to anyone . Even when I spoke with manager he was unaware of the situation , then did not offer call me back and let me know after he spoke with his employees . Just blamed it that he was busy. Shame on Dante Tiffany and Danielle. But I do not recommend this branch to anyone!! Business or personal

  • A

    AFGblaze Qur

    Sheila Sheila Sheila!!!! If could give no star I would have chosen that option. Terrible customer service, top notch rudeness. On top of that, I am still being patient, she made me a replacement card and threw it on the desk, I said thank you! Not even a respond back. You should be a lunch lady at some school not working in the bank.

  • C

    Chris Jakins

    They lost me as a customer. They should really consider hiring a new staff. The short black haired girl behind the counter there is always on the phone and constantly being rude! I spoke to a gentleman about it, he’s name was Chris.

  • A

    Alan Sheaffer

    Awful, won't even let me cash my paycheck here when i cashed my last paycheck at a different TD bank. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK, they seem to make up rules on the spot that other TD banks don't seem to have