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TD Bank Central Park Ave, Yonkers

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+1 914-337-6032
1820 Central Park Ave #3613, Yonkers, NY 10710, United States
  • Monday8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–6PM
  • Friday8:30AM–7PM
  • Saturday9AM–1PM
  • Sunday11AM–2PM

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2.2 stars based on 10 reviews

  • P

    Pren Mrijaj

    Customer service here is terrible. The lady’s at the front desk where they cashing checks, so rude. I went in today at 1:35 pm to ask for $20 in quarters. First she replied with a nasty tone excuse me. I asked again can I please have $20 in quarters. She again with a nasty tone asked do you have an account with us, i replied yes lady I do have an account with you and showed it to her. Very bad customer service, not even a thank you or have a nice day at the end. Every time I go to the Scarsdale branch they are so nice and welcoming. Here in yonkers, terrible.

  • E


    This was my 1st time in a TD bank branch ever. The Security here is pleasent and helpful and the place is clean therefore i give it 1 star.The tellers however are very rude, to eachother and to customers. I went in for a cash advance other banks have done it for me no problem with my debit card. I don't know if TD's policy is they don't do them at all or if the lady who the teller asked for help just didn't want to be bothered. I told the teller what I was there for and he asked a woman near him for help. She said " don't ask me I'm off the clock" then he asked her again and she came over looked at my card and ID then said " 1st of all we don't even do cash advance on debit cards " just like that. Her tone was rude to her co worker and me as potential customer thought she was unprofessional. None the less I took my belongings and told them I'd be going to Chase. Moral of the story don't waste your time going here.

  • F

    Francisco Nunez

    Had the worst experience ever at this location today, I came in to open a business account. As I enter the bank the Branch Manager greets me “ What do you Need ? “ Then im told that in order for me to open the business account the business has to be open for 15 days which I knew was not accurate. Then I ask the manager if she had that anywhere on writing and she told me she didnt have to show me or give it to me. At this moment I asked if I was being profiled. I then went to the another branch located in 1864 Williamsburg Road in the Bronx and successfully opened my business account after being denied service at the previous location with false and inaccurate information. Melinda Johnson ( Assistant Store Manager ) assisted me in Williamsburg. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed at the other location that I didnt even get the managers name but she was very disrespectful and didnt provide me with the services I requested.

  • D

    Dajana Marku

    Worst branch!! If you want to wait 45 minutes for a process that takes 2 minutes while employees finish their get together during business hours, then this is is the place to go! On top of that they give you the worst attitude.

  • E

    Eugene Martinez

    I went to this branch on a Saturday morning to get a bank check for a car purchased at Honda a few blocks from this branch on Central Park Avenue. I was in and out of this branch with my bank check in hand in less than ten minutes. I experienced a very professional and pleasant staff. I love this branch. Definitely one of the bests. Also if you want to buy a new car I highly recommend Honda at 2000 Central Park Avenue. Excellent.

  • D

    Darwin Martinez

    I interact with the folks at this branch regularly, never had an issue. Pete helped me open my account, and even made himself available to answer some questions whenever I would call or visit after. The folks at the front desk are always nice to me, and the security guard actually interacts with the patrons (says hello, holds the door, even offered me an umbrella once) instead of avoiding people. I've been banking here for close to two years and intend on continuing to bank here. My experience has been an overall pleasant one.

  • M

    Magda Luniewski

    I love this bank. I opened an account with in this bank after being dissatisfied with the Municipal Credit Union's service. I felt welcomed from the first time I entered the bank. All my banking needs are well taken care of by a friendly staff. I come to this bank once a month to take care of a particular transaction and the staff already knows me by name and they anticipate my needs. They are truly wonderful.

  • S

    Sky De La Cruz

    I went to this bank hoping to get answers about my account being frozen on a Tuesday, at 3:30pm. I did not know the bank closed at 4:00pm and by 3:40 the manager, named Karen Vetrano came to the front without asking me anything about my banking issues; telling me that I had to leave because they are closing at 4:00. I refused due to the fact that I signed myself in at 3:30 and I had a text to prove that I indeed got there before closing time. She brought me inside and spoke to me the worse that I had ever been spoken to by any manager before and even told security to escort me out of the bank for NO REASON, without her answering any of my questions. I am a black woman and feel I discriminated against! I most definitely made a report to the higher ups. She does not deserve to be a manager if this is how she handles issues under pressure.

  • A

    Adam Ellias

    Always taken care of at this branch. Can’t speak for others in the area, but this one has always done right by me.

  • F

    Favzulkabeer Washwell

    3/10/2021 10:30am. I met new managwr First time. She had really bad behavior. Bad attitude. She doesn't give respect. Actually I felt kind of insult. I will not go back. If I go I hope I don't see her again.

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