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TD Bank South Rd, Wappingers Falls

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+1 845-297-4127
1850 South Rd, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, United States
  • Thursday8:30AM–7PM
  • Friday8:30AM–7PM
  • Saturday9AM–1PM
  • Sunday11AM–2PM
  • Monday8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–5PM

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2.4 stars based on 10 reviews

  • D

    Denny Evaul

    I have wavering feelings about TD Bank! The people at this branch are great, always helpful and friendly. This bank's hours are far better than any other bank around! Other services, however are less than sterling! With COVID, access has been spotty with long lines at the single drive-up and the lobby being closed sporadically. Calling the corporate help line, getting through automated menus was difficult and frustrating. The people were less helpful and friendly and it took two requests, over a week apart, to get a copy of an old check. However, it was FREE! Their corporates giving site is also extremely frustrating and unforgiving. I have requested support for a library, a school and a historic restoration museum (all not-for-profits) and have been rejected for all three. Before the website, when the decision was made locally, they always came through with a donation.

  • D

    Daniel Michael

    Absolute WORST service of any TD Bank I’ve ever been to. Managers are EXTREMELY RUDE, wait times at drive through are forever, and overall level of customer appreciation and respect are EXTREMELY LOW! I DREAD having to go to this branch. Especially the management. Absolute horrible experience every time all across the board.

  • D

    D.J. Mack

    Been happy with TD for the most part, minor issues over last 10 years but most of the time they've been great.

  • c

    christine brady

    I have always observed the employees treating customers in a friendly, professional and respectful manner. Whenever I visit I am engaged in conversation, my business is handled efficiently and accurately, and I am waited on as quickly as possible. , The greeter system is mandated from corporate and although I think it is a waste of their valuable time, I understand that they are following company policy.

  • P

    Private People

    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UTILIZE THIS LOCATION IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ANY KIND OF ACTUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! What a disappointment in my experience yesterday. I live in NYC and as I am expanding my business decided to visit this location to open a business account on top of my already long standing personal account with TD Bank. To be clear this was early morning on a Wed. Not a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning so this location was slow. It was immediately obvious that the rank and file employees are pleasant and do not mind dealing with people actually the greater was very nice and helpful. However when it came to dealing with the Manager and eventually the account executive it was abundantly clear that not only did they not want to service us in general with the waiting time and when the manager actually did appear she was disheveled and obviously out of sorts even huffing and puffing dare I say like a spoiled teenager. To their dismay the two of us who were waiting were both of ethnic origins and perhaps by shear coincidence although I doubt it they couldn't be of service to either of us. I 1st witnessed the manager rudely take the gentlemen that had been waiting already when I arrived and firmly tell him after several exchanges of his attempting to explain and her cutting him off that she couldn't help him. Once he was sufficiently defeated she then proceeded to take several minutes to discuss with the account manager the reason why she couldn't help him and how rude it was of him to try to ask for help. At which time she promptly walked by me and said Anna would be right with us. Well Anna was not much better only better at perhaps hiding her disdain for her job and myself. Although not much better. After just a few minutes of conversation and us telling her what we needed and Anna not looking up or even attempting to locate my account or any history told me something about opening a business account that I was not only unaware of I thought was unnecessary and perhaps even illegal. I decided that I did not need to continue to make myself aggravated and left however as the day went on I got more irritated and decided to visit another branch to to see if I was mistaken. This branch although twice the size, three times the amount of customers was nothing but helpful. In the end I opened the business account no thanks to this locations service and especially no thanks to ANNA. Ultimately it was obvious to me that I was judged by my appearance and ethnic back ground and must warn anyone else thing this location is a good idea unless of course you are not ethnic.

  • C

    Chris C

    The staff here are very friendly, but one thing I have to say is that their new policy of approaching people and asking if you will be using your checking or savings account is absolutely absurd. I understand that they are taking precautionary actions due to the recent robberies, but they should invest in security, metal detectors, or even have the police swing by there more often. It's not fair to expect customers to disclose their private information in the main lobby with this "prevention" tactic.

  • C

    Chris Marsella

    When you encounter problems, tellers are not helpful offering any other options. America’s least convenient bank.

  • P

    Professional Only

    I went there today 6/31/2019 the old lady whom I don’t think even introduce her name, very old looking. Was extremely rude very unhelpful and disgusting. She wouldn’t even look at the person face who was talking to her about there account. She was looking at me the whole time while answering the other person questions. I wasn’t even there for me I was with them. Everything she said no to we ended up getting help from another td bank. You guys should hire a younger & fresher person to take her place. She’s hella rude & angry smh deff won’t be going back to there.

  • J

    John Colonna

    Is just the absolute worse customer, And extremely rude employees

  • E

    Eric K

    Everyone knows TD customer service. I liked this branch for a while thinking that they were well-trained, however, I recently had another frustration as usual as I had at other branch. I rated 1 star because they were at least kind enough.

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