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SoFi Washington St, New York

Financial institution
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860 Washington St Art Studio, New York, NY 10014, United States

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4.1 stars based on 10 reviews

  • R

    Renee S

    Love this company. Only bank I’ve had my money with that does not nickel and dime me. In fact there’s no fees and no minimums. Great interest rate on savings and checking account, and the best part is Relay which gives a consolidated view of all my finances— credit cards, investments, cash and loans no matter what institutions they’re at. Tracks net worth in real time. I truly love this company.

  • B

    Bethany Davalos

    I would honestly give negative 5 stars if I could. This bank has caused me more headache and stress than anything I've ever dealt with before. I am in the process of buying a home, and SoFi is "unable" to provide the necessary documents. With the housing market being as extremely volatile as it is right now, you would think that banks would have their ish together when it comes to the necessary paperwork for these things. This bank is not mature enough to provide the BASIC support needed from its customers. Sad to say, but I will be leaving SoFi banking as soon as I close on this house (assuming I'm able to and SoFi doesn't cause me to lose it...)

  • A

    Amanda Davalos

    We are in the process of buying a house and SoFi refuses to send us a receipt of money transfers are jeopardized our home buying process. We are closing our account as soon as we can. In addition, they don't do bi-monthly statements and will not work with you to provide one. Unfortunate to not have a bank work with you.

  • J

    Josh Benson

    This company is terrible. They are aware that they have the ability to help their customers, as the cares act has been extended again, but instead prefer to be money grubbing. My loan was in the process of funding and they refused to put a stop on it, even though they are aware that government repayment has been extended an additional 3-4 months. Terrible service, 0 accommodation, and they fully have the ability to help people but have decided not to. Would never recommend them to anyone.

  • M

    Michael Meyer

    I have a Samsung Money by Sofi account. For some reason SoFi locked my account "for my protection' in August with $ in it. I get no answers from CS. Just that I need to call a number. That number is only a VM. I have called at least 30 times in the last 5 months. Not a single return call. Do Not Give Sofi your money!!!!!

  • Y

    Yan Novoprudskiy

    Great bank and very to use Investment Platform. Thank you Sofi

  • N

    Nissa Milfort

    The best financial institution I’ve ever worked with that truly cares about their members. They go above and beyond to ensure you maintain a state a financial well-being. There are so many perks of being a member, and I’ve been a proud one since 2016! No complaints here!

  • N

    Nicholas Knight

    An absolutely incredible mobileApp experience. I can’t speak highly enough of this amazing company. I called customer service for an issue I had and the issue was resolved within minutes, and I was on hold for less than 30 seconds! 10/10!

  • M

    Marino Lini

    DId a REFI with them. I am very happy with how everything went. Was approved in less than 2 weeks, closing done in less then four weeks. Account management setup in less then one month. Escrow balances updated with 100% accuracy. Very impressive and so far SOFI's and Cenlar its servicor (Which I have had in the past) have been wonderful and quick to respond. I recommend.

  • K

    Ken Archbold

    Unbelievable experience. They definitely helped me get my money right!

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