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SEFCU Transit Rd, Williamsville

Federal credit union
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+1 800-727-3328
4375 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221, United States
  • Wednesday8:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–5PM
  • Friday8:30AM–5PM
  • SaturdayClosed
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  • Monday8:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–5PM

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3.3 stars based on 7 reviews

  • S

    Sara Xin

    I used to love this bank. Thought they were very helpful and an overall a great company. Until I had my first issue. I'd had an accidental automatic charge that was refunded by the company that did it, but that triggered a 20 dollar overdraft that created issues with the account being in negative. I spent weeks on the phone while at work trying to resolve the issue in ways suggested by the employees that involved multiple trips driving to the bank after work...a very long drive for me, and downloading the banking app. Eventually one employee was able to correctly instruct me on how to deposit to the restricted account after hours, and then informed me that I wouldn't have access for another 6 months. I've never spent so much time on the phone and had so little help, or have been instructed to take so many different detailed steps that didn't work with their system and were never going to. The staff is polite but completely unable to help or to do anything extra to try. Ultimately I've wasted hours holding and driving to try deposits as instructed that were never going to work and I did not receive help. Will never bank here again, and feel lucky that I wasn't faced with a more serious issue. The benefits of using a local credit union at least for me were just exceptionally negated.

    Response from the owner

    Sara - We'd like to learn more about your experience. Please send an email to [email protected], subject line Google Review with a detailed explanation of your experience, your name as it appears on your account, and your phone number. Do not include personal information such as account number, SSN, or address. Thank you.

  • M

    Michael Hackford

    Thought I was calling my near by branch to ask a quick question, wrong!!! I was put into the automated system for the run around. I’ve been in the bank and I can’t believe that they are too busy to take calls to provide excellent customer service. Disappointed!!!

  • d

    dan bailey

    Last 2 walk in experiences were horrible. You'd think a manager would know how to talk to people without an attitude but it seems this branch doesnt really care what the customers think about them. Guess I'll have travel farther for better service or switch to a new credit union

  • M

    Mrz CPR

    Beware If you are use to no fees. They charge you 5.95 a month to use Bill Pay they also charge 50 cent for every bill you pay after 18. The ease of use on the site isnt really user friendly. The reps that open the accounts should inform people of all fee that you will get for using everyday services. I love using bill pay but I shouldnt have to pay to pay a bill. YOU MUST KEEP $500 in checking in order to avoid $5.95 fee. I would never do that because of so much fraud going on. I like to transfer money for my monthy bills. They do not have many branches and they are so far away.

  • H

    Harvey Z

    SEFCU was initially a credit union for NYS employees/retirees and their families. It was modeled after the NYC Municipal Credit Union. Credit Unions started as an alternative to federally charted banks and State charted Savings and Loan banks. The difference between a Credit Union and a traditional "bank" is that the Credit Union is non-profit. This is important to remember because individuals with accounts are called "members" and literally any member may actually run as a "director." The traditional banks tried to stop Credit Unions by preventing them from offering "checking accounts., " and access to the US Comptroller's checking router system That is why a SEFCU checking account is called a "draft account." SEFCU must charge fees and require minimum balances due to the literal cost of doing business. It offers much flexibility in allowing non NYS employees to join SEFCU. SEFCU offers many services from brokerage to mortgage. It is one of the few "banks" that offer inclusive and safe Net banking. One interesting Jeopardy answer is that SEFCU is considered an autonomous NYS agency.

  • C

    Carlos Torres

    I was looking to buy a new can and the dealer customer service process was a nightmare, but after I stop in this sefcu location Jessica Taylor make everything look easy and fast , she did everything for me and found the best interest rate in the area . she's generous and professional person , will recommend this location and her service

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for the review Carlos!

  • G

    Gloria Sawyer

    best transaction for loan, , transit rd office in Williamsville, NY, best interest rate , love them would definitely do business again with them.

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