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SEFCU Loudon Rd, Latham

Credit union
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+1 800-727-3328
935 Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110, United States
  • Saturday9AM–1PM
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  • Monday8:30AM–5PM
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  • Wednesday8:30AM–5PM
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3.2 stars based on 10 reviews

  • H


    I can’t even begin to express how impressed I was with Joey! He was the sweetest!!! I am still pretty new to banking stuff, and he made sure to take time to explain things to me. He helped me out a lot since I had recently gotten scammed. Joey made sure to offer many useful tips on how to prevent this in the future. He shared his experience with something similar to make me feel better. My mom comes with me since I usually get very anxious when I have to go to the bank since again, Im new to it all, but he made me feel so comfortable! He even helped my mother with a check since the line was long and he didn’t want us to wait forever. He deserves a raise!!! Very professional and very kind. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Will definitely be choosing this location for now on!:) The amount of kindness he shows had really made an impact on me and changed my view on going to the bank. Thanks so much for making my experience exceptionally amazing Joey!

  • A

    Ann Montanez

    Sometimes the drive up takes a very long time even though they have all their lanes open. I think a lot of the customers bring way too much for processing at the drive up.

  • M

    Michael Anderson

    I would just like to say I am so thankful that this location has someone as kind and caring as Stephanie Lex. She is the mananger who helped me when I was in a really difficult spot and no one else seemed to care. Its people like her who make me happy that I joined SEFCU. Its her amazing customer service that makes me never want to leave and always want to suggest Sefcu to my friends and family. I hope the company is treating her well. She's one of the good ones ❤

    Response from the owner

    Michael - Thanking for taking the time to submit this thoughtful review and for signing our praises. We've shared it with Stephanie and the management team here at SEFCU so she can be properly recognized.

  • B

    Brittany Ann

    Everytime I get quarters for laundry the rolls either have a dime in them or Canadian quarters. This branch refuses to exchange them and admitted they don't check the rolls they get 🤷‍♀️ within the past 8 rolls of quarters I've gotten over 13 Canadian quarters. I'll be opening them inside and checking before leaving I guess! You'd think with how much money I let them hold that 3 bucks wouldn't be such a big deal but 🤷‍♀️

  • B

    Brian Clayton

    I had an unacceptable customer service experience at the Latham SEFCU branch yesterday that was fortunately rectified by a very helpful agent on their member phone line. My wife and I are in the process of switching our direct deposits over from a former financial institution to SEFCU, and my employer issued me a paper check for the one pay period before the direct deposit can take effect. I deposited my paper check on 12/11/20, and received a voicemail on 12/14/20 that the "check may have been recalled" and that they would be placing a 7 day hold on the funds until 12/22/20. There was no explanation other than their speculation that a legitimate paycheck from a prominent area company issued by the nation's top payroll company as a cause for a 7 day hold. When I visited the branch in person and furnished the pay stub for their reference (a phone representative suggested that this should be sufficient to clear up any issue and release the funds), the teller spoke with the individual who notified me of the hold and then informed me that there was nothing they would do to relinquish the hold. This held paycheck was 98% of the funds in my account, leaving me with fewer than $50 dollars to manage all of my financial affairs a week before Christmas and during a global pandemic. There was nothing in the way of an apology or any semblance of understanding from the teller who relayed the information from the decision maker, who I was not offered the opportunity to speak to directly - I was only told that "upper management will not budge." Only after my wife (also on the account) called the SEFCU member phone line again were we able to get the Latham branch's decision overturned. According to the information we learned from that representative, different SEFCU branches are allowed to operate with different policies pertaining to first time check deposits and the Latham branch's policy of a 7-day hold with no prior notice and no flexibility is ridiculous and unacceptable for its members. Apparently this SEFCU location didn't like that I deposited the check via their ATM, which I'd like to point out is the most sensible way to deposit money during a global pandemic. I wish they would have requested that I visit the branch in person to provide personal identification in order to relinquish the funds, or literally ANYTHING to indicate that they were willing to work with me at all instead of making over $2,000 from my account inaccessible. I've heard generally positive things about SEFCU from colleagues and former SEFCU employees, so as a new member I will continue to keep an open mind about the institution as a whole. But this Latham location should be avoided if at all possible.

  • S


    Not sure what’s going on at this particular branch but I feel they are training all the new employees on how to be as rude as possible. No hello no goodbye and definitely no thank you will be hers going to the drive-through. They actually act like you are bothering them, this has happened on more than one occasion, and if you’re planning on catching anything over $500 plan on sitting there for enough time to have lunch and then getting an attitude hopefully this changes for future customers I think we will be moving on elsewhere, after 10+ years

  • B

    Barbara Morrissey

    They were quick with getting up to the counter and out

  • J

    Jessica Roy

    This branch's drive through teller service is always backed up. Regularly have to wait 10+ minutes. A little ridiculous since, I thought, one of the points of this service is that it should be faster than going into the bank. They need to schedule more tellers.

  • e


    Sefcu is an awful institution. I have been with them for eleven years, with a credit card, savings and checking. This year my disabled body had more complications and i went near the high side of my limit. I was told that due to experian, my credit score was 576 and below my usual high standard. I have never missed a payment. I had to go on medical marijuana (since a year ago) thru dept of health to help pain but had to stop due to the 300 to 400 dollars a month cost. I have had insurance on this card (disability and death) that i paid for eleven years and cannot use the disability feature and only if i die before the age of 70, will they cover my 9,000 balance or whatever the balance will be .Experian has a chapter 7 bankruptcy on there which was in 2008 and should be taken off. i have gone thru my trans union report and my credit score last i checked was 654, and does not have the bankruptcy due to it being over 10 years, but they only go by experian. I checked the other card i have with another bank and they use experian and my score is 648.So after eleven years, my card has been suspended. i have never not paid my debts so i will continue to make every payment on time. I am just so disappointed that after being an excellent customer in the past eleven years, this bank does not consider me a member any longer and wont even consider helping someone whose body is giving out on them. I also tried to transfer my money in my checking account to an external acct and it said that account is suspended too. Is this the kind of bank you want to be a member of? i hope not. i learned the hard way. I want to share so you dont have to go thru this.

  • J

    Joseph Stewart

    All I have to do is deposit my landlord's rent check, I think that they should take care of me ahead of people that are getting cash back! I will never be a member and let friends and co-workers not about the shoddy service.

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