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Royal Crown Pawn & Jewelry Dewey Ave, Rochester

Pawn shop
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+1 585-905-1864
3635 Dewey Ave, Rochester, NY 14616, United States
  • Tuesday10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday10AM–6PM
  • Thursday10AM–6PM
  • Friday10AM–6PM
  • Saturday12–6PM
  • Sunday12–5PM
  • Monday10AM–6PM

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3.8 stars based on 10 reviews

  • T

    Todd Maxwell

    Owner profited from addicts stealing for him. He got 5 yrs in federal prison. They had good stuff though.

  • J

    Jessica Costello

    I don't care what anyone says - this is the best pawn shop in upstate new york. the media is the biggest liars. they paid me 3 times the amount of 6 other pawn shops in Rochester. I highly highly recommend this shop. Do not believe what you hear, it's false!

  • M

    Matt H

    This man just saved my ass by buying a couple very uncommon items from me, and I was able to retrieve my vehicle out of the impound because of his help. Although they were brand new in unopened boxes the market for them is small, and I had been denied by five stores before coming here. Yet he was extremely professional and courteous. Highly recommended if you have brand new, in box items...although I'm sure he would try his hardest to buy anything that has a remote chance of being resold. Thanks again!

  • S

    Shelby Johnston

    I had an amazing experience at the crown royal pawn shop ! I had some old gold jewelry that I just didn't need anymore so I brought it to them. The shop is so immaculate, I felt so safe there. I loved the one on one customer service, I couldnt have asked for a better experience for my first time here. I got top dollar for my gold and I would recommend anyone and everyone to go the royal crown, you won't be disappointed!! ☺️

  • a

    anthony mastrodonato

    Royal crown was a great experience. I needed a high dollar loan, and I was able to get the cash I needed fast, and with no hassle. Customer service was exceptional, and the atmosphere was very comforting. I felt safe doing a high cash transaction. I will do business with Royal crown in the future, and I recommend them to anybody looking to get a cash loan.

  • J

    James Hailey

    Me and my wife ran into a situation where we had to pawn my wife wedding ring. Stopped at a few differnt pawn shops and felt most comfortable with Royal Crown from the safe area it is in to the cleanliness of the store! As soon as we walked in we felt very comfortable. They explained everything to the T! i highly recommend Royal Crown Pawn!

  • r


    Owner is one of the best in the business, straight up good guy. Stop going to these other pawn shops getting robbed. If u are in need of a few extra dollars go here. Friendly , no judgement , quick and if need be discreet.

  • s


    After I paid in full, I was kicked out of the store (without giving me my receipt)and then the proprietor called me on a restricted number 3 times to call me a name I will not type here and to challenge or, I suppose, dare me to return to his shop.Of course there is more to the story. Go ask him. I am sure he will be more than happy to say what a rotten, unfair person I careful here. There are other places to go. This is a follow-up post one day later, 12/14/16. By now the proprietor has called me 15 times and hung up. Four of the calls came at 2:12 in the morning. Obviously,this is harassment. If I get so much as one more call, I will get the police involved. Again, he was paid in full, cash- before all of this began. Beware. He presents as a nice guy. This is a false impression. He is not what he seems. 12/15/16 Those special calls just keep on coming. Up to twenty harassment/hang-up calls in total now. Maybe I'll send him a Christmas card. By the way, I did give him one star only because my post would not happen until I highlighted at least one star. He does not deserve the one he got.

  • J

    Jeavanna Lanza

    HIGHLY recommend! Great experience, amazing customer service. They were really fast & efficient and were extremely fair and reasonable with their offers. If I need assistance in the future I will definitely make my way back to Royal Crown.

  • A

    Ashley Vertino

    The service has been absolutely fantastic! I had gotten make up from there I've always gotten a great price and its real! The other prices like my watch I got from there was amazing and such a great price! The services is fantastic:)

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