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Rockland Employees Federal Credit Union E Central Ave, Spring Valley

Federal credit union
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+1 845-371-5804
170 E Central Ave, Spring Valley, NY 10977, United States
  • Thursday8AM–4PM
  • Friday8AM–4PM
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday8AM–4PM
  • Tuesday8AM–4PM
  • Wednesday8AM–4PM

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3.4 stars based on 10 reviews

  • T

    Tee Morris

    Their service is horrible! reading your comments makes me realized I'm not the only person who have experience very difficult issues with them. I tried calling to speak to a supervisor and even sent an email to the manager about their culture in that bank. I had a problem and tried to get it resolve, I began calling the bank at approximately 9:35 am till 4pm. I was on hold for most part of the day, finally I was transferred to a supposedly manager; I held on for 2hrs and 16 minutes and then the phone went dead at 4pm. The following day I called again, they assured me that my problem had been addressed. That was the farthest thing from the truth, I give up! and just decided to not bother anymore. I decided to take my business elsewhere. When I'm again able to make it to the bank I will CLOSE my account.

  • Y

    Young Balenci

    Worst customer service! If it wasn’t for the Auto Loan I swear I wouldn’t be dealing with these people. Went to sign up for a checkings account and forgot the referral paper my father filled out for me. When I went to get another before my appointment, the lady denied me and said my father can only take the referral sheet because I’m not a member. Went and got my father only for them to tell me I have to reschedule because it was 15 minutes passed my appointment and the lady that denied me the first time left. And that situation said everything I needed to know.

  • W

    Wayne Mitchell

    I have always had a pleasant experience with REFCU. The staff has always been professional, courteous and friendly.

  • P

    Paul Francis

    I had a six years auto loan in which I setup auto payment throughout the life of the loan. I paid off the loan and was charge $10 for closing my account. This is crazy and absurd. What make it worse, if this inactive account remains open I would be charge $2 a month while this account is open. This is not right for hard working citizens who paid their monthly bills on time.

  • D

    Donna Jean

    I miss the old Spring Valley Credit Union when things were simple and dealing with the nice, very professional, Indian gentleman. Now phones rarely get answered and when they do it's like dealing with 3 year olds trying to get results. No matter what your issue/problem is they have an excuse for everything. This is what happens when you fix something that wasn't broken. Such a disappointment.

  • E

    E. jones

    Been here since I was 18. I must admit. First and only place that didn't look at me weird when I asked for any money or credit...despite my credit. There intentions have been to help me no matter what any paper said negative. No one stood there looking at me for 10 seconds after they tell you your credit is bad like ALL banks do. As if your supposed to look back and poof...OK I magically fixed my credit. .can I get a loan now.

  • J

    Jenniffer Rosado

    The bank is open cause they’re “essential” with a full staff in the back but they won’t assist customers. The employees are telling you to call on the phone and denying assistance at the bank. I don’t see the point of them being in the office if they’re telling us to call.

  • T

    Thomas Ferrusi

    why can I not sign up for e statements. I've clicked the privacy statement box, but no check mark appears. so its not letting me continue.

  • P

    Patricia Ellison

    The staff is always kind, respectful and professional.

  • R

    R Gue

    No one ever answers the phone!

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