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Roadrunner Financial W 32nd St, New York

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+1 646-370-5471
116 W 32nd St 9th floor, New York, NY 10001, United States
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3.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • A

    ApRiL MtZ

    I was approved for a loan for my Mazda within minutes. My last lender dropped me & repoed my car but Roadrunner with the guidance of my car dealership got me back into my car in less than 24 hours. My first payment was super easy & my csr Erika is so sweet and very understanding we had a great conversation while my payment processed. Thanks to Roadrunner I still have my car and with less than perfect credit!!!

  • R

    Ron Murphy

    I financed my Can Am SPYDER with Road Runner financial. I got behind on payments by 71 days due to the illness of my wife and the current economy. Im on a fixed income and receive a check once per month. I am able to become current with my account in 8 days. This company would not accept a payment arrangement 8 days away. They have put out an order for repossession and will not rescind it until payment is posted to the account. 8 days and they would not work with me. They have terrible customer service and DO NOT bend to help their customers. Stay away. Avoid them if at all possible. I have applied for a refinance from another company to get away from Road Runner Financial.

    Response from the owner

    Dear Mr. Murphy, Thank you for speaking with our agent regarding this complaint and providing valuable feedback. We regret that you had a negative experience with our company. However, as a lender, we have policies in place that guide our actions. Those policies ensure uniform and fair treatment of our customers within regulatory and industry guidelines, while also allowing us to operate within certain risk tolerances. As with all lenders, there is a point at which we lose options for flexibility. We know this can be disappointing and can feel like we don’t care when we actually do. That is why we reach out to our customers by written communication and by telephone at the first sign of a problem, so it can be resolved early on. Our goal is always to provide the highest levels of service in any circumstance and hope to be able to assist to the best of our ability in the future. Know that we sincerely appreciate your business and if we may be of further assistance to you, you can contact us at 833-288-1367 or email us at [email protected] Best regards, Roadrunner Account Services Customer Service

  • D

    Dakota Smith

    Horrible company. I refinanced my powersport with my union within 1 month of opening the account with roadrunner and got a 2% interest rate and after it was finalized roadrunner would not stop calling me asking for payment even though they were no longer the lien holder since my union paid them in full. They even went as far to issue a repossession on a powersport that wasn't even roadrunners anymore. I would not do business with them at all if you need financing.

  • J

    Jessica Babb

    After getting approved for a loan and never being late, try having financial difficulties and you ask for help and they say No because your credit is not the same as it was when you first got financed. I don't know what company goes off of credit to help with financial hardship but when you have a customer that's NEVER late you should be willing to help them no matter what their credit is.

    Response from the owner

    Dear Ms. Babb, we are sad to hear that you are unhappy with the experience you had with our company. When extending credit, which includes providing extensions of our current customer’s contractual obligations we are bound to specific guidelines. If a customer does not meet those guidelines, we are unable to grant an extension of their credit obligations. The use of credit data is common in the finance industry when determining extension of credit, which includes hardship extensions. We are here to assist you in however else we can and would invite you to speak with one of our agents to see if there are other options that can assist with your current situation. Know that we sincerely appreciate your business and if we may be of further assistance to you, you can contact us at 833-288-1367 or email us at [email protected] Please ask for the Training Manager and reference your Google Review. Very truly yours, Roadrunner Account Services Customer Service.

  • X


    Been with them for almost 2 years. Got approved for a loan this feb-March for a motorcycle. Last month I was rear ended at a light and my bike got totaled out. They got their payoff money due to the accident, went to put in another application and they approved it for not even half of what I requested or half of what I even got for my last loan 7 months ago lol. Never been late on a payment, I always payed more then what I was supposed to monthly and I’m in no debt. Don’t ever go to roadrunner for financial needs. Their are other company’s with more integrity and better ratings. Look at their reviews and ratings.

  • K

    Kenneth Rosario

    Runaway from Roadrunner Financial as fast as you can. This lender as fast as you can I recently took a loan from this company and they gave me my first payment due date but no option to make a payment. VERY FRUSTRATED WITH THIS FIRM ! There is not a way to talk to an actual person about the situation so I’m leaving this review and hoping THE OWNER will respond like he has been in other poor reviews. I do not recommend this firm to anyone.

  • J

    Johnny sands (Johnny Rottin)

    After paying off a loan through the company I have now been waiting over 4 months to receive a title or application to even attempt to obtain a title. I’ve called multiple times and every single time I get the same answer, either “it takes up to 90 days” or that “it’s been processed and should arrive soon”.. this is absolutely ridiculous. These finance companies are quick to charge you a late fee or report to your credit a late or missed payment but can take their time and blow smoke up your rear when it comes time for them to do what they need to do. First and absolute last experience with this company.

    Response from the owner

    Dear Mr. Sands, We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with obtaining the title to your vehicle. We take your complaint very seriously and investigated the matter thoroughly to identify the issue. We have identified the issue and can assist you in obtaining your title. Please feel free to contact us so that we can walk you through the process that needs to be completed. We can be reached at (833) 288-1367 or you can email our title department at [email protected] Thank you. Roadrunner Account Services

  • J

    Jesus Rodriguez

    DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT! Do business with this financial firm. They do not help their clients at ALL. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND PURCHASE YOUR MOTORCYCLE OUT RIGHT AND DO NOT DEAL WITH COMPANIES LIKE THESE. They have no options for late payments other than "promise to pay". If you no longer wish to keep your vehicle you can choose to voluntarily surrender it then they send it off to auction and the keep the profits and you still pay for the full amount of your loan. Other companies auction your vehicle off and you only pay the difference of what they made off of it.... TOTAL SCAM!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Jay, We apologize that you were not satisfied with your customer service experience. We would very much like the opportunity to investigate and address your concerns, but without more information regarding your account it is impossible to do so. Please allow us the opportunity to review the matter with you directly, by contacting us at 833-288-1367 or email us at [email protected] Please ask for the Site Leader and reference your google review. We take all reviews very seriously and hope to resolve this matter with you in the near future. Very truly yours, Roadrunner Account Services Customer Service.

  • a

    ana gutierrez

    By far the worst customer service I have ever encountered! I paid off my motorcycle three months ago and I have yet to receive my title. I’ve called multiple times and all they can say is they mailed it and if I didn’t receive it- it’s on me!! They told me to go to a TX title location to request a copy as they won’t bother to check what happened to my title!! I wish I read reviews before doing business with this company! Save yourself a headache!

    Response from the owner

    Dear Ana, Thank you for taking time to discuss the matter with our staff over the phone allowing us to further review and remediate your concern. We apologize that you experienced a delay in receiving your title. As discussed, we originally submitted our release request to the state on 4/28/2020, to the address you provided. On 4/29/2020, the state confirmed that they received the release request and that they were processing the paper title. Many states had experienced delays in processing title paperwork due to COVID-19, however when you spoke with our team on 7/8/2020 about not yet receiving it, we escalated to the state for more information. On 7/9/2020, we confirmed that it was a state processing error to the incorrect address. Unfortunately, since the lien was removed, we no longer had the power to request a duplicate title. Our team spoke with you the same day and provided you with further details on the situation and offered our assistance in requesting a duplicate title. We followed up with an email providing further instructions and links to the forms required. We sincerely hope that after allowing us to investigate the delay, that we were able to address and remediate your concerns to your highest satisfaction. If we may be of further assistance to you, you can contact us at 833-288-1367 or email us at [email protected] Please ask for the Remarketing Manager and reference your Trust Pilot Review. We appreciate your business. Very truly yours, Roadrunner Account Services Customer Service.

  • J

    Joe Signs

    As a Lawn and Garden dealer, Very disappointed in this companies service to its dealers. Very hard to get the answers you need.

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