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Regional Acceptance Corporation Willowbrook Office Park, Fairport

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+1 866-495-7570
500 Willowbrook Office Park #575, Fairport, NY 14450, United States

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1.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • g

    gary scales

    Horrible money hungry company. After getting into an accident they refused to handle any of the GAP claiming I didn't have it then Yolanda decided to give me multiple fake numbers for "other departments" that could help with this. They then refused to return calls or they would end the call after telling me I had to pay in full the remainder of the balance. After a year of dealing with this nonsense and my credit going down the drain with late fees stacking up I contacted the New York State Financial Department and lets just say within a couple I had a letter saying that they were so very sorry for this and would you believe it Yolanda handled my GAP claim! Yes that's right the person who told me numerous times she had nothing to do with it and that their company doesn't handle that ended up being the person that had to handle it. So, thanks Yolanda for finally doing your job 100% would not recommend ever dealing with this company or letting your loan be sold to them.

  • K

    Krystle Grounds

    We traded in a vehicle that we were curently financing through RAC. 2 months later and they are saying they never got a check from the dealership that bought the car off of us as a trade in and are saying we will be sent to collections and have our car repo. My husband keeps telling them there will be no car to repo because we dont have it anymore! The dealership we used to trade it in says they got the first check, RAC says no. So they cancel the first check and overnight another check. RAC deposits this check and still says they have not recieved any money! And it is still our issue. Like this is CRAZY! FIX THIS ISSUE RAC!

  • J

    Jacob Cox

    Hi, I need to talk with you about confidential documents stolen by a recovery service one of your branches contracts.

  • J

    Jen Pal

    I have tried to get ahold of a representative for almost a month and have never gotten anything back. Their phone line for a customers also does not let you speak to a human representative-therefore if you have a particular problem you cannot be help there is no one to speak to.

  • k

    kyle fejko

    Biggest joke firm ever . have a balance of 4800 left and they told me before the new year don't worry about a payment until we receive the money to lower the balance ,then I get a statement in the mail stating that I owe 1100 by February 8

  • S

    Shady Ames

    We are financing a truck through them and this is the second time they have pulled the truck payment out twice a month. When you call they will tell you that they can’t do anything to help for at least a week. There a joke use a different company

  • L

    Lisa Sciacchitano

    They call my boyfriend and his job multiple times a day and we can never actually get in touch with anyone he pays his bill every month how does anyone actually get in touch with anyone?!?!

  • B

    Brittnee Crow

    Absolute worst customer service. Have screwed me and my family over multiple times. Take your business elsewhere. I do not recommend them to anyone.

  • T

    Tommy Leshadone

    I have tried to get in contact multiple times their phone line keeps sending me to a robot and there is no way of contacting a human being to ask questions so therefore they have poor management and very poor customer service

  • M

    Mike Nobody

    Loans for all , great customer service!

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