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Regina Check Cashing 1/2 Palisade Ave, Yonkers

Check cash
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+1 914-963-6555
13 1/2 Palisade Ave, Yonkers, NY 10701, United States
  • Wednesday7:30AM–6PM
  • Thursday7:30AM–7:30PM
  • Friday7:30AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday8:30AM–5PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday7:30AM–6PM
  • Tuesday7:30AM–6PM

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3.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • R

    Raychelle Tull

    Yesterday I was accused of taking a snapshot of my check I cashed on 3/25 because I came to cash my check from work. They took my check & just gave me the fees… like 13 dollars. That Caucasian or Spanish woman teller with long blonde curly hair had the audacity to accuse me of having multiple accounts just because my job pay well. She is very disrespectful and discriminating. Thank GOD my job helped me. Never going back there again!

  • S

    Sabrina Arroyo

    If I could rate it 0 stars I would. I needed a copy of my transactions there and I had went 5 times because they told me I needed a manager. Where is the manager ? All he kept telling me was he’s the manager I don’t know he’s late and practically kept laughing in my face. Do you know how stressful it is when they aren’t attending to you AND then being rude. This is the last time I cash my check here. They don’t care about customer service at all.

  • E


    Who ever leaves derogatory reviews are probably ex employees. This place is always rock'n and the tellers are always polite 99.9% of the time. Why would the typical wait time be 15 min this part is inaccurate. Typical wait time is more like 5 min who ever says different is not human. Everyone here is always working fast especially management. They always greet with a smile. One of the best check casher's around for sure! A lot of other places are so miserable. Oh one last factor, the place is dirty/smells? Because of people surrounding us, there's always staff cleaning.

  • J

    Jana Price

    I agree with the Google user. Tried to cash a check and they refused even though I had letters sent to me at the address on the check with me and id. They wanted a con Edison bill. I'm like seriously? They were very unsympathetic about it. They probably lose so much customers that way. It's a stupid policy!! And other check cashing places don't make it that inconvenient to cash a check!

  • S

    Super San

    It is a ok place but it can get crowded and the area where the customers wait to be served is awful. You have too many Western Union /MoneyGram transactions which is ok if the person has all the correct info which a lot of the clientele do not! Some of the staff are great and some are unprofessional, petty and childish and argue with the customers.

  • K

    Klatoya Whitehurst

    One day I was having a real hard day and they worked with me and help me it really meant a lot He saved my housing thank u Eric and they do a lot of community work we love them ❤

  • K

    Katie Caraballo

    Didn’t want to cash my check saying that I need to sign in front of them and then they said that the check needs to be made 5 days ago, so if I don’t check my mail for a week I’m screwed ? Poor service from management do your job ! Don’t come here plus it stinks not sure if it’s coming from the employees or the place.

  • A

    Arthur Nyack

    Annoyed, after I called asking for the fee for the amount I need cashed they wouldn't cash my check and they said I need to sign the check in front of them. My signature is on my ID, credit cards and I can sign any blank paper with the same signature.

  • s

    sonof amun

    The worst business around that location they sell metro cards to poor people and charge them 4 dollars because they refuse to have the system to charge debit cards like other businesses around them . Aka a slick way to take advantage of the poors .Shame on you

  • F

    Frances Bannister

    Always professional and with a smile when visiting this business. The managers Eric/Denise are always willing to help, as well as the other employees. LOL! Thanks Frances

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