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Quicksilver Capital S Franklin Ave, Valley Stream

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+1 866-629-4464
181 S Franklin Ave, Valley Stream, NY 11581, United States
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4 stars based on 10 reviews

  • B

    Bob Ross

    We paid our position off early and they placed a default on our file. Now if we look for funding we get a worse rates and offers because of their bogus default. They would do nothing to help resolve their mistake and wouldn't even answer our calls to discuss it, they just kept hanging up. They ruined our credit and walked away. Not reputable or trustworthy. There are hundreds of lenders so keep looking, Quicksilver will ruin your business.

  • D

    Daniel DiRienzo

    During these uncertain times due to the pandemic, Kevin at quicksilver was very quick to reach out to me and accommodate my financial situation. I have been doing business with Kevin and Quicksilver for over 5 years. They were able to modify my existing payments to little or no payments at all while I got my business back up and running. There are a lot of lenders out there that say they want to help you but in my experiences the only one willing to go the extra mile and stand by their words was Quicksilver. Excellent company and great people. Would recommend them to everyone looking for capital.

  • L

    Lou G Siegel

    My company could not have grown without the help of Quicksilver Capital. They funded my business within 2 days and there wasn't so much paperwork to do. They were very professional and the entire process was simple and easy. I have suggested many of my friends and family to them and they all had the same experience. Thank you for helping me grow and continue to be able to be to support my family.

  • N

    Norm Palmer

    We at Modern Crane Technologies would like to give a big thank you to Ivan Quezada at Quicksilver. He went above and beyond in helping us with a problem we had today. We will recommend Quicksilver to everyone for their funding needs. Again thank you and everyone be safe and stay well.

  • c

    christina bowery

    I purchased leads from dealstruck portfolio from Anthony Porrata Ivan sells me applications from ISO's submitting to QuickSilver The owner Mike is such a fool for trusting Ivan and Anthony Do Not Submit any deals to this place

  • N

    Noura Skaf

    Been working with the Quicksilver Capital team for over 5 years . They are excellent with customer service and are always there to help. Kevin has been on point with helping us get through this pandemic. I will always recommend them.

  • T

    The Pom People

    I had a customer that hadn't paid me in awhile that really hurt my cash flow. I was searching and dealing with a broker who sent my file to Quicksilver Capital. I couldn't believe at what a great offer they made. I sent them everything they asked me for and within one day I was funded and able to operate my business. I invested in online marketing tools and with their help I was able to grow my business and take it to the next level. Thank you Quicksilver Capital for all that you have done for me!

  • A

    Alexandra Montilla

    Frank Rizzo is very professional, friendly and very patient with me. He treats me like family and always calls me to check up on me. I wish everyone a deal with was a great is Frank. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

  • R

    Randy Hanson

    This company is corrupt to its core. Avoid it all costs. We had a need for quick capital and went through a group we had worked with before. He obtained the funds needed. Contracts were signed and money sent. At the same time the funding we had been waiting on came in, so we contacted Quicksilver Risk management and explained we did not need the funds and were returning the money in full. The woman on the phone looked up the account and gave us the exact amount of what was needed to be sent and a cashiers check was obtained. I called her back and she then gave the address to which we needed to FedEx it. Both the amount and that specific address could not have been obtained except through Quicksilver. The money was sent back in full and was received by Quicksilver and deposited into their account. As soon as the money was returned and deposited, they have a couple of folks in that office that got on the phone and started calling us and our wives making these threats of how we had defaulted on the loan and they were coming after us. I made a call up there thinking this was a common sense issue to resolve and maybe they have a collection dept. with ultra aggressive tactics based on their threats. Instead of resolving it, I got this New York tough guy act from a John McCormick about how tough they are and they would destroy us. Fortunately this particular conversation was on our recorded line. I was taken aback a little bit listening to this. I'm thinking maybe this guy doesn't realize that all the money was returned and and already deposited. He carries the title of head of the legal dept, head of Risk Management, and general manager. Obviously nothing resolved off this conversation. Then we heard from a Kadine Lyons who identified or strongly implied she was the attorney in their legal dept. She acted as though she wanted to help resolve this'd we provided her the copy of the cashiers check showing it deposited. We provided the phone records showing all our conversation times with Quicksilver. We had one call made from the bank to get the cashiers check prepared and then a call 5 minutes before we put the check into FedEx hands. All these were provided. After a couple conversations with her I point blank asked her if she was an attorney and she said that she worked directly for the attorney. Her email shoes her to be at a processing firm. Then we learn that they went to a judge in New York and with rubber stamped names of a judge and Quicksilver folks. Quicksilver went to a court and got a judge to sign a bank account freeze to one of our accounts. Chase Bank notified us of the frozen account. They put a freeze on our account for 59,000 and basically stole 1800 out of the account and has it showing a negative 57k balance, so even though they have 100% of the funds back and deposited, they have advised a court to freeze the account for 59k that they say is owed them. At this point we saw this was going to cost us legal fee's but we took all the paperwork and the emails, phone records, copies of the cancelled check and showing it deposited to our congressman's office. They were shocked that this had actually happened. As a result of this, we got is a direct meeting with the local FBI office in Tyler and they did some checking and then asked for all our paperwork and are opening an investigation to it. We also have an appointment set with the legal dept of the Texas Attorney Generals office and they already have a great interest in these type of companies. The fact we returned all the money and paid the fee's and they still had a judgement served on one of our accounts even after they were paid in full raised their interest level. Our law firm has now been officially engaged and the suit has been filed along with SEC complaints. We will be updating this issue as it progresses, but I would run away from these folks.

  • J

    Joshua Muniz

    Love this company!! Great costomer service. I had multiple positions and was suffering from these daily payments. Quicksilver came and help me consolidate my balances and netted me some additional funding. Will definitely recommend them to other business owners.

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