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Pawn Starz E Main St, Fredonia

Pawn shop
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+1 716-952-9501
3491 E Main St, Fredonia, NY 14063, United States
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday9AM–5PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM
  • Saturday10AM–2PM

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1.9 stars based on 10 reviews

  • J

    Jimmy Davids

    I thought the place was great. Guy has almost anything you can think of. If you plan to go make sure you have a little bit of time to kill because the place is massive and its full! Also be prepared to haggle for the price that's right i think that's part of his "charm". Go back and forth about the price and you might find the owner likes you a little and then tells you friendlier prices. Sort of like a game. Anyhow, enjoy the adventure good luck.

  • C

    Casey Anderson

    Be careful just walking into this dudes place, cops constantly watching this known coke freak, buys mostly stolen items, and then it's on you. Retail prices for used junk. Guy is a joke and his habits shine bright. Wouldn't give the asshat 1 star if I didn't have to. Seriously, Be careful.

  • R

    Review Man

    Went here once, regretted it. The guy was rude and treated us like we were stupid. His prices were outrageous and when I went to ask a question about an item he just got mad.

  • R

    Rachel Jackson

    He is not even worth the one star. He stole 6 guitars from my bf . Ripped off 60,000 dollar in concert masonry work in his new house the he got from having a friend burn down his last sum bag for shur worst place ever . He went to jail for stealling tvs anstuff from walmart to sell at his shop ..They offer 1% of what ur item is worth . For real not kidding round . Beware of this slum lord/pawnshop thief low life lying degenerate

  • S

    Stephane Anderson

    This scum owns JIMS RV RENTAL and is a total scum and scam artist that preys on the weak! Rented a old dangerous rv that broke down as soon as we got on the freeway. Returned and we were given a 1998 rv that the owner tried to say was a 2008. We refused to put our family in something so old and go cross country so when we asked for our $8,000 back that we paid in cash "big mistake" we were given the run around and are dealing with it in court. Anyone else ripped off by this guy contact me and I'll try to help you get ur money back because it's not right!

  • t

    terry scott

    I had a great experience here. I came in right before closing and the owner said come in and look around. He was very pleasant and the items were fairly priced.

  • T

    Thomas Ossoff

    Guys a reel dirt bag. He promised me he wouldn't sell my fishing reel and big surprise he sold it. I'll never go there again.

  • R

    Robin Fries

    THIEF! DO NOT SHOP HERE, HIS JEWELRY IS FAKE, and regardless what this thief says, he knows it. HE doesn't deserve this star, I just have to give it to him to make the post. STAY OUT OF THIS STORE!

  • M


    Owner sold my grandsons tv.who was diagnosed witl aml lecumia at the end of daughter needed the money for gas to get him to children's hospital..he gave her 30$ for a n and new 47 inch tv..after leaving many messages..owner just ignored..sold tv..made a big profit off of a little boy with cancer..shame on him and his business..never everybody deal with this bad man..

  • A


    Ripped off Pawned my TV for a week went multiple times to pick it up he was never there then finally got ahold of this douchebag and he wouldn't return my property This guy is the definition of scum

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