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Pawn Boss Main St, Cortland

Pawn shop
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+1 607-662-4052
16 Main St, Cortland, NY 13045, United States
  • SaturdayClosed
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday10:30AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday10:30AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday10:30AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday10:30AM–5:30PM
  • Friday10:30AM–5:30PM

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3.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • L

    Lauren Simmons

    It was a great experience the women that owns it is very nice..i would for sure go back and give her my business and I well be telling all my friends...

  • M

    Mason Rum

    The worst ever to go and sell gold highway robbery with prices they should do more research on how the prices work for gold and silver

  • T

    Tammy Ciotti

    Walking into the Pawn Boss in Cortland was definitely on my to do this . If you are a collector of artifacts . Def a must see ! Greeted with welcoming bright smiles very inviting and extremely clean . So much to look at didn’t know where to begin. The prices are by far MORE comparable than others. From stepping out of my car door right to the store clean inviting atmosphere . Small home town feel !

  • W

    William Weaver

    Don't listen to the reviews, go try it for yourself. Reviews on directions (a review of an ATTEMPT? That had me laughing...) or poor people buying DVDs is null and invalid (so apparently I'm poor? I had no idea) such a horrible way to judge a place. To each their own, if you did have a bad experience, give them another shot. If I stopped going to every place that gave me a bad first experience, come on now... where would I shop? Well it's not the case here... Reviews are more than rants when your pissy, try to show you have some education. Remember you can't just expect a place to be perfect and do everything you want it to. show some courtesy or go open your own store.

  • G

    Gillian Prorok

    I absolutely love pawn boss. Everyone who works there is my favorite. They may be a little rough at first but look at what they do for a living they have to be that way. I've warmed up to the staff and have a great experience every time I go in! Great prices on electronics! I love Pawn Boss!

  • R

    Robert Moore

    Really low ball offers and charges retail for most things. But if you need quick loan/cash only place to go for now. DVDs are dirt cheap. Update: Does offer cash discount if you are willing to haggle and use actual cash. I've been able to do a few pawn loans here at a decent price. Better try here first than going out of town.

  • K

    Ken Ellis

    Well, I disliked my ATTEMPT to check it out this last President's Day. The website looks very nice and welcoming, so I decided to make the half-hour trek down from Syracuse Monday to DVD shop. I am very familiar with the Route 281 corridor on the 'edge' of Cortland, but NOT it's little downtown. Still, the map looked simple enough......exit 11 to Route 11, then a right on Main St. and there it is. Unfortunately for me, Main St. at Route 11 is ONE-WAY the other way, so I couldn't make my right turn there. I continued on Route 11 to try and circle around, but an odd series of roads frustrated my attempts. It's NOT a big city, so how hard could it be? Back and forth I went with no luck. Watching the road and cars around you, while looking for a shop sign, is difficult, at best. I finally pulled over and called, since the website warned me "don't get lost", which I was. The fellow who answered the phone admitted he "wasn't from around here", so he had no idea how the landmarks I was naming right around me related to the pawn shop. Between us, he and I had no idea where I was. After a bit more floundering around Cortland proper, I bailed, and found my way to good old Route 281 for a bit of shopping. In short, I'm NOT saying Pawn Boss is a bad store at all..........I never got a chance to check them out......I'm simply saying that you'll want to really prepare your journey route ahead of time, OR bring a native Cortlander with you, to find the elusive Cortland Pawn Boss!

  • K

    Karter Lorows

    I love this place so much it’s like home to me they have cheap TVs that work really great and I just love going to that place they ps4 for cheap they work great too definitely come here

  • m

    mm hmm who knew

    i went to sell my snowboard there and before i could even touch the door i was denied of pawning it AND it clearly says “we buy anything” on the door. that is false and the man there was rude about going about it and this isnt the only time iv had problems with pawn boss almost everything that i have taken there i have been told they dont buy my items but yet they sell the same items that i tried selling soo my opinion is i WILL NOT go there again ,,!,,

  • C

    Chloe Williams

    Horrible… don’t get much money for things that are worth over $100 rip off…

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