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+1 845-692-3555
731 NY-211 E, Middletown, NY 10941, United States
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3.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • H

    Helix Malrixs

    I had decided to give it a go, and try to apply for a personal loan, to see if I was approved. I didn’t finish my online application on purpose. I received a call from a woman from this location, asking if I wanted to proceed further, and go through with the processes, for said loan. At first, the individual was nice. But after I had said no to a loan, (My car is worth way more than a $4,000 loan.) and tried discussing my options for an unsecured loan, the customer service representative’s tonality changed completely. Then she didn’t care about the loan, became a bit rude, then, hung up after I said no to the loan. For this short interaction on a two minute call that I had with them; I feel this place is a mess, with representatives that will flip tones quickly. I should also add that I have relatives, who had tried years back to get a personal loan from this place too. However, I didn’t want to initially base my review, on that experience alone. It turns out my experience didn’t differ much from their own. The online reviews for this particular company are spotty. I would truly avoid this place, and look at HVFCU, and so forth if possible for a loan.

  • L

    Lesile Cohen

    Seems like Peter and Ian are in the wrong field, they are extremely unprofessional and dismissive. I was pre approved to discover I was not and I consulted with Peter whom was so disgustingly rude. Peter may need to find some happiness within hisself so he can work better for the business. As a new business owner, having someone like Peter and Ian represent my business will destroy my establishment. Please one main re-evaluate your employees so you can improve your customer experience.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Leslie, please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, and Google username if you would like a member of our customer care team to reach out to you. -CK

  • Y

    Youuu mad Or nahh

    I was pre approved for a loan. I have a 741 credit score and always paid my debt on time. I called to speak to someone and he was very dismissive and rude, horrible customer service skills. He then told me that he couldn’t give me the loan because I didn’t have a car to be put on collateral which is fair. But now I have a hard inquiry on my credit report for this company for 2 years which is making it hard for me to seek a loan else where, this company didn’t even lend me the money that I need and yet the hard inquiry is still on my credit report. This place is horrible.

    Response from the owner

    We apologize that OneMain did not meet your expectations. We ask for additional verifications when we need to confirm identity, employment and income, among other factors. We'd be happy to send you a written statement of specific reasons that the request was not fulfilled, just call 855-663-6246 and have the reference number from your decision letter handy. Have a wonderful day. -AS

  • J

    Jessica M

    After being told that I was fully approved over the phone, being given a monthly payment and interest rate, made an appointment to come down to the branch to close things up. I get here. They have no record of my appointment. The ladies acted like I was an inconvenience. I got to see someone and after about 30 minutes of them discussing things, was told they can't approve me because I just meet the "threshold." This was after waiting for them to figure out a browser on their own computer for 10 minutes. I get it. You can't approve everyone but don't tell me I'm approved over the phone and give me figures only to have me come down in person and waste time to be told no.

  • S

    San Niko

    I was pre-approved for a loan and decided to try to go through with it. I needed a few pieces of verification so I called in to see what was acceptable and not. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIABLE. The lady named Michelle was the worst customer service I have gotten in a long time. She ends up connecting Me to her supervisor(which I never even asked for)she just lost her patience because I didn’t understand what she was saying AT ALL do to her horrible customer service. Her supervisor was much more helpful and definitely had more patience, but when I had brought up Michelle’s customer service he seemed to not care at all.(HES A SUPERVISOR) what he ends up telling me is I’m sorry you feel that way. You’d think he’d want to know what happened and he had no care in the world of how she represented the company. HORRIABLE!!

  • C

    C “Just a honest guy” H

    I used them before I had a good experience. As of recent some young lady named Sarah was very disrespectful. I was asked if I rent or owned and I responded lease. She says "I think we have a bad connection I asked if you rented or owned." I was like excuse me? Then I ended the conversation before I got mad.I never need anything that bad to where I get treated like that. Then I called back and asked for a manager she said he out sick til June 1st!!! It was like wow out sick til June 1st. You know how long he will be sick for... Look I had great service in the past but this woman has issues! I wonder how they will respond in person.

  • A

    Amanda Santiago

    Please be advised, you must use your owned car as collateral, you can not be in the middle of financing your vehicle it has to be owned by you and worth the amount of the loan. The fine print just states they will use your car as collateral. So if you’re still financing your vehicle don’t lose points off your credit to apply because that’s all your doing. They provide you specifics after they’re in your credit report , bank account and mess up your credit score. Please don’t leave me a generic sorry! You guys are crooks it seems as though y’all get paid off of credit inquiries.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for contacting us. Dependent on the type of loan, decisions are made based on a variety of factors including credit history, income, and expenses. Not all loans require collateral, but those that do also take into account the value of that collateral. Please contact your local branch specialist to review your loan options: Have a great day. -AS

  • N

    Nicole Walters

    I have dealt with One Main before and worked with Michelle who was a pleasure. We all know their interest is through the roof but I applied for a $2,000 loan to consolidation my credit (small amt considering others). They actually wanted to secure my Jeep which is under 5% interest for $2,000 which I thought was hilarious. Anyway, Ian is rude and pretty much is like well that's what it is, do what you want it's your decision. Thanks Ian, I will. Take my business elsewhere. People don't be fools....they will take you for whatever you have. Oh and mind you I had a loan with them last year that was paid in full loooooong before the end date.

  • E

    Eddie Gonzales

    If I could rate zero stars I would. Very unprofessional, they made a mistake on my account instead of taking responsibility and fixing their mistake they get nasty attitudes and harass me about paying on an account not in my name but still hold a lien on a car in my name due to their mistakes never do business with Pete or Ian they are crooks and need to be fired

    Response from the owner

    We'd like to learn more about this situation. Please email: [email protected] with your phone number, zip code, and Google username if you would like a member of our customer care team to reach out to you. -AS

  • D

    Daniel B

    Best loan closing experience I've had. No hassles, no unduly amount of paperwork, no hidden fine print and no surprises. A very friendly customer-focused surrounding. The new touch screens for signatures also made it a pleasant experience.

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