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NYU Federal Credit Union Broadway, New York

Federal credit union
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+1 212-995-3171
726 Broadway #110, New York, NY 10003, United States
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3.5 stars based on 10 reviews

  • A

    Alicia Williams

    Horrible customer service, they never answer calls, and when they do they are rude and not helpful, monopolize conversations and act like you don’t have something to complain about. Just recently opened an account and about to close it and do a regular savings at chase where it’s a real bank without these issues.

  • J

    John Adragna

    Began applying fees to my account. Staff would not answer phone. Would not return voicemails. Emails resulted in delay warnings and bounce backs. Eventually received instructions to prevent further fees and followed them. No confirmation. Same communication issues. Closed my account after racking up fees. CS acknowledged long history of emails on their side, and communication issues, but refused to refund fees even though they admit NY State recommended refund. Predatory outdated fee structure. Poor customer service. Unreliable staff and communication. Bank elsewhere.

  • P

    Paul Caesar von Chamier

    Balance update was delayed (it took them longer to register checks then it was supposed to take, it happens) and when this led to going minimally below zero they started slapping penalties one over the other. I restored the balance immediately but they did not want to even hear about canceling those penalties even though they acknowledged they erroneously applied them multiple times and delayed the balance update. Customer service was really unpleasant. They lost a member that day. If you are looking for a credit union that does not deploy predatory practices, I recommend to look elsewhere.

  • M

    Michael Masters

    I’ve been a member for 10 years here, and truly miss the old staff. Everyone used to care and knew your name now it's changing faces and grimaces when you expect the good ole days back. I’ve noticed that the newer office makes it quite difficult to access your funds as needed, outside of the odd business hours, and the bank’s managerial staff are distant to say the least when you need actual assistance. I would complain further about how the online banking took 2 weeks to set up properly and cost me bank fees for negligence performed on behalf of the bank, BUT it won't ever get me the money back or the respect a truly loyal member unless if you complain about the lack of all of the core values posted on the wall when you walk in the door. Run for the hills and just a fat cat banker, it's literally the same difference... This Credit Union is just rust and paint. Run for the hills while you still can.

    Response from the owner

    Dear Michael, Thank you for your comments and we are working on improving this experience. We do allow 24 hour access to over 30,000 ATMs surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, ATMs on the NYU campus, as well as ATMs in Citibank branches available to our members for free.

  • T

    Thomas Bricco

    I am very pleased with the overall services that the credit union provides. I went there last year to obtain a loan and was approved within 48 hours and was able to meet one-on-one with staff to discuss the terms. The credit union definitely feels very membership oriented/driven. In addition, I am very pleased with the new website!

  • S

    Sam Hollenshead

    I had an excellent experience securing a PPP Covid-19 business loan with the NYU Federal Credit Union. Their staff was extremely helpful, responsive and quick in submitting my loan application. The loan is very important to my small, photography business and I was approved in 24 hours. Thank you NYU Federal Credit Union!!!

  • A

    ArtichokeHeartShop Etsy

    They were efficient and responsive for processing my application for a PPP loan. From initial contact to funding, was only a week. I tried to contact Citibank first, but they were impossible to reach, so tried here instead. It was a pleasure.

  • F

    Fábio Dias

    For the foreigners who are not used to this system: This is NOT a bank. A Credit Union seems like a bank, appears to provide most of the services of a bank, but it isn't and it doesn't. The staff is nice, so I suffered their incompetence and limited service for almost one year. My card took forever to arrive, got lost twice. One time, a card I didn't ask for arrived out of the blue. I had to carry 3 cards so maybe one of them would work. Every single time I was out of the US, it got blocked (they were duly warned beforehand of the travel), while someone used its info to buy tires in Philly (a place I never been). Since it is a small operation, my card got blocked on a Friday, I couldn't do anything until Monday. I needed to wire money to Canada, they simply didn't manage to do it. Even a domestic wire was a pain, so instead I ended up closing the account. A CU might have its uses, but for "bank use" go to a actual bank. Most banks don't charge you if you have 100-200 in the checking account. I changed to TD and I only regret not doing it sooner...

  • K

    Kevin Finlay

    It is sad that a company that has a limited number of ATM's (also with limited opening hours) would charge for ATM withdrawals at other CO-OP network ATM's. I have been a member of the NYUFCU for many years and like the fact that I can withdraw money from most McDonald's, Citibank and 7 Eleven ATM's. I recently checked my bill and saw several $1 charges for withdrawals from ATM's I have been using for years. I called NYUFCU and spoke to a representative who said that after 6 ATM withdrawals I would be charged for each additional withdrawal. I see numerous places on the website that advertise the 30,000 "surcharge free" CO-OP ATM's and no mention about the 6 withdrawal limit before I would be charged. It is sad my bank would charge me for something the owner of the ATM does not especially as NYUFCU only have 15 ATM's 4 of which are in Brooklyn and 11 in Manhattan. I spoke to the representative who gave me the usual "its in the contract" excuse. Im sure it is (as are many other gotchas). I will make adjustments accordingly but, Buyer Beware. You cannot use this as a regular debit card for withdrawals unless you plan to pay a fee after 6 withdrawals in a given month.

  • N

    Nadra Lee

    Waited over an hour to apply for a secured card/loan. The CEO was out and never showed. Staff did not even try to contact her and seemed confused to where she might be. I waited because I am not available during business hours per school, work, and internship. I was on campus for orientation. I had personal questions to ask before applying online and was told that only the CEO could answer them.

    Response from the owner

    The credit card and loans applications are all available and accepted online. We recommend scheduling an appointment in advance with our CEO as she has a full meeting schedule, may be out of the office on business and as such can not accommodate walk in appointments at times. When you were in the branch earlier this afternoon, our member service representatives attempted to assist you but in order to meet with our CEO simply waiting without an appointment does not guarantee availability. Please note services and products are available only to NYU FCU members.

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