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NetSpend William Floyd Pkwy, Shirley

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+1 866-387-7363
441 William Floyd Pkwy, Shirley, NY 11967, United States
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2 stars based on 4 reviews

  • D

    Donna Higinbotham

    SSA made a mistake, big one had me as deceased. They are doing everything they can to rectify this. They faxed a Form/letter explaining it was an error. Netspend commented didn't have to but they go by and wait for something else. Probably the same alert that said I died. Netspend is the only one I am having this problem with. In fact I have a saving acct/debit card at another bank and they have received nothing stating I died. As I said they Netspend are the only ones. They closed my acct., bank atm took my card, I have no way to get to my money. And told my stimulus benefit went to Netspend just yesterday and I'm told they returned it. Knowing that I have pretty much called daily and SSA is trying to resolve their error. Very unhappy, in fact mad as h×**. Netspend has made it quite obvious that my having no way to get my money, my SSI will be also returned leaving me no way to pay my bills or even buy food. I suffer severe anxiety and severe depression. Netspend has my anxiety through the roof and just sitting in room crying all the time. Not a good place to be. In fact dark and they seem not to care or want to resolve this anytime soon. Therefore I see no way to pull myself out of this. Cant and/or won't call them anymore it causes my heart to race and feel almost like I'm crawling out of my skin. This is not right. I now wish I never got a Netspend acct.

  • N

    Natoya Henderson

    The number provided always experiencing high call volumes and most of the time hangs up and says sorry for any inconvenience.. Not to mention the couple of times I stayed on hold for over an hour and finally hung up because of life. I can't be on the phone for that long. As for online goes it's impossible to provide information for a crad that's not in my possession for the app or website. I've been calling/emailing/doing chats since the end of April with NO RESPONSE. I just need netspend to refund me my money they keep charging me while my card is lost/stolen and waiting on a new one. How do I transfer the money to the new card when I get it? This was my wages I put on this card to order necessitates I can't find in stores now THIS SMH. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER with a reloadable card..

  • K

    Kimola Walcott

    I bought a card not knowing that I couldn't use the card onlinebecauae I dont have a son when I tried to get my money back they would no expedite my money when I told them Ieaving the country before the check arrive so I agreed for the check to me mailed to .e when I was getting close the date for me to leave which is a month later no check now when I calling to find out ab ok ur my $190 I cant get pass the automated machine to find out about my money

  • j

    justin mac

    Horrible never trust there 3 employees bacon Emily and the one they steal your money and offer nothing but resistance after the facts it's funny how your employees steal from me........super pissed and I'm making a lawsuit against them