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Municipal Credit Union Lafayette St, New York

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(212) 693-4900
2 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10007
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2.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • l

    lorenzo bancos

    Harlem branch is under served and under staffed for decades now. The branch is about maybe 1000 square feet. Mean while at the branch on Lafayette things are just the opposite, over staffed and over served (customer service providers always out number the customers). Mean while in Harlem there is always over crowding with lines many times extending outside the door. Secondly there is no direct contact info to the mortgage escrow department or automated information regarding escrow transactions. I have been a MCU member for twenty-five years, and have two mortgages with them. Big mistake. Stick with the commercial banks. They are better equipped to provide customer service that is more aligned with a big city like NYC, NOT MCU. Sixty plus minutes wait time to speak to a phone representative who most likely can not assist you. You've been fully warned!

  • M

    Milagros Muniz

    If I could give 0 stars I would. HORRIBLE!!! limited branches, no one can ever answer the phone and if you do get someone they cant help you..... The app is completely out dated.... dont even waste your time with their business.

  • R

    Roe Hob

    Customers should be allowed inside the bank when they need teller services. Why are we standing on line in the ATM area? The line is disrupting the flow of people coming in and out just to use the ATM. There is more than enough room inside the bank to stand 6 feet apart. There are other banks that allow customers inside as long as masks are on. This needs to change and soon.

  • L

    Lilach Man

    when I first became a city employee, I was told that banking with MCU provided many perks. Direct deposit is processed sooner, interest is great, and you have access to good loans. Direct deposit is definitely processed sooner. I guess if you are living paycheck to paycheck that is a perk. interest is a joke. so is customer care. for months the website had a bug that did not allow me to register or access my account online. the branches are few and in between and due to the nature of my title, I never could make it in. Months after opening The account, i was finally able to access the online features ( aka view my balance without paying a fee). P.S. the mobile app AND mobile banking are still both bugged and dont work for me. phone support is also horrendous. There is an automated line which allows you to access a very bare menu of options but nothing helpful such as transferring money or stopping deductions. I discovered after a fee was taken out of my account that there was a minimum balance of $500 required after one year of opening the account. This had never been explained to me in the past. This was the last straw for me. I discovered that you cannot close the account online or via phone so I walked 20 minutes during work to try and talk to someone. The bank was in the style of a DMV. i spoke to a clerk and was told to grab a ticket. The queue was posted on TV screens. Finally when I was called I was told I would have to wait 6 weeks for deductions to stop before I needed to come back in person and close the account. TL;DR: MCU is inconsiderate, inconvenient, and offers little to no benefits for NYC employees. I was truly shocked to discover a credit union servicing so many people for so long could be so horrible. STAY AWAY!!!!

  • S

    Swaby Projects

    Where do I begin? $32 fee for $2 transaction. I wasn’t aware of I was being charged for certain transactions. My experience has been ok with MCU. I’ll be using a different bank soon. I asked to have some fees removed because it added up to $200 and they are not covering the transaction, they are just charging me additional fees. Seems like it’s making me more in debt than resolving the situation. I reported my card being lost months ago and unauthorized transaction, never received a follow up.

  • D


    Horrible service one or two tellers with super long line..evertime i go i feel like im getting a panic attack. Just plain horrible!!

  • T

    Tiffany Smith

    I hope someone from corporate office reads this review or someone who can better guide me. As Ive already notified a member via the 212 number that MCU has for assistance. One day back in October 2020, I called MCU to find out if I needed a appointment to come into a branch to deposit a check because due to covid 19 I have had to schedule appointments whenever I had a check to deposit due to a last name change. I could not simply put it into the machine(ATM). After that call to MCU I noticed that my card had declined the next day. I called to find out why because I have money in my account. The customer service representative told me I had been entering the wrong pin. I was confused because my pin had been the same since I had MCU for 16 years. I had to go into a branch to change my pin a week later. Fast forward to this month here April2021 I noticed a transaction that was unfamiliar to me, I immediately called MCU and asked what it was but the teller said it was a automatic withdrawal and I dont have any automatic payments coming out of my account. I told her to stop the charge and tell me if any other charges as such had took place. She noticed this very same charge had been taking place since october( remember this is when I spoke with the teller about depositing the check) no coincidence there. I believe that the representative that I spoke with is the person that is stealing from my account or who is committing fraud. Why because after that particular call is when everything started. I was even notified that my email was changed which would have allowed this person to see all of my transactions (learn patterns) and see when I have certain amounts of money in my account. I hope someone reads this and can start an investigation into that rep because if it was done to me it is being done to so many others. I urge everyone to check their account statements and look out for something that says equity. Also check your email to ensure youre getting them because that is how this MCU crook rep managed to steal from me by seeing my activity. I have never had a problem with MCU until now and this is disgusting. I want this person arrested if it is in fact the one who did it. It has to be a inside job to change certain details about my account.

  • M

    Marsha Young

    I paid off a loan on time-since we the poor class who paid off through deposits. And the 3 points score I receive was a detrimental to me. I requested a another loan only $2,000 was turn down for credits scores even though I paid off through deposit 😢 . It’s sad they don’t work with everyone. And calls service poor. Just run by the government it’s sad.

  • A

    Adrien beeatingpeaches

    New ATMs are horrible. They don’t let you choose what account to withdraw from even when you click “More”. They just give you a receipt and say you have insufficient funds. Me and 4 others were unable to make withdrawals and ended up just leaving. There’s no signs to show how to use these new machines and their customer support is useless.

  • G

    Germs Pointy

    Meh. Limited locations. Horrible customer service. Td bank just as good.

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