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88 Sunnyside Blvd, Plainview, NY 11803, United States
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2.3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • C

    Chris Constant

    I received mail marketing addressed to a previous owner of my home, so I called to remove my address from the mailing list. The marketing letter legitimately looked like a check. I guess some people may try to cash it or something. The guy on the phone was very short with me even though I was being very polite. He tried to forcefully sell a business loan to me. He said he would take me off the mailing list but I hadn't given him any information yet, except for my first name. He said he did have my information, then said my phone number. He was getting annoyed and strangely insisted that he wasn't mentally disabled and he did in fact know what I wanted from him. I had to keep asking because clearly he didn't care and just wanted to move on to harassing someone else. I asked how he would take me off the mailing list if he didn't have my mailing address. He gave one final short, mean comment, then hung up. This business is clearly up to some shady stuff and definitely don't want to be interrupted by anyone, so they can get back to ripping people off or whatever. Within 30 minutes of talking to him, I had received 2 suspicious marketing calls to the phone I called them on. In conclusion, I politely called Money Tree to have them remove me from their mailing list, and instead of being helpful or simply ignoring me, they not only did not remove my home address from their marketing list but apparently added my phone number! What the heck!?! This company needs to be investigated!!

  • J

    Jeffrey Goldberg

    Hank Kaplan and Money Tree have been my source for expansion capital for several years. They have provided the funding for my growth from one office to three and allowed me to double my revenues over the last three years. Their assistance has been consistently at the highest professional level, thorough and insightful, with an emphasis on the timing and principle amounts needed to make a real difference in the business on terms that were affordable and competitive. Hank and his company get my highest recommendation.

  • D

    Debbie Gale

    Constantly receive unsolicited offers in the form of phony checks for $68,000 being sent me at work (federal courthouse). I'm on a Do Not Mail list with FCC so I hope someone from Money Tree Merchant Services reads this and takes my name off their junk mail list.

  • R

    Rowena Beef

    My Funding was required in a time when my Business just started booming and I have just in 6 months created the wealth I needed to continously function by Utilizing Money Tree's Services!!!! Thank God for Jerry, Paul & Christian they are very PROFESSIONAL , friendly and super Realistic Id reccomend them to anyone !Thanks again Money Tree!!!!

  • E

    Express Wholesale

    STAY AWAY!..... They offer a loan, yes they find money but interest is crazy , too late; they already run your credit and you gave your all information after all, they are trying to charge a lots of fees, they know your bank accounts. Don’t be late, be safe with your bank.

  • W

    William Hyams

    Just like to say that Money Tree has my endorsement as to how hard they worked to secure funding for my client. Henry Kaplan not only was very professorial, he is funny and personable .I would give them 5 stars

  • G

    Gary Koslov

    Received solicitation connecting my name and name of a commercial concern for which there is no connection. Called Money Tree and spoke with a very rude gentleman named "Paul." Was hung up on twice. This is some sort of a scam arrangement. Beware!

  • D

    Darya Lenkou

    besides that this is kind of scam. Also the people who work there are extremely rude and unprofessional .NEVER deal with them! NEVER listen to them!The guy who was offering me loan over the phone after my rejection became mad and started yelling on me using words as sh..t and etc. It is bad that he was not on recording line.

  • S

    Savannah Fox

    Very shadey marketing . If my family were dying, and the only way to save them was by getting a loan from Money Tree Merchant Services, I would let them die. I would NEVER use this company.

  • S

    Shaun Wiseman

    Hank Kaplan and Moneytree has always been there when my business needed extra capital.

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