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M&T Bank Mechanic St, Springville

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+1 716-592-2822
22 Mechanic St, Springville, NY 14141, United States
  • Saturday9AM–12PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–4PM
  • Tuesday9AM–4PM
  • Wednesday9AM–4PM
  • Thursday9AM–4PM
  • Friday9AM–6PM

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2.7 stars based on 6 reviews

  • M

    Mike Gardner

    TLDR; M&T doesn't give non-M&T ATM cards back even if it's their fault. Used their ATM at 8 AM on a weekday and it rebooted after I inserted my card (wasn't even able to put my PIN in). Called them at noon on my lunch and was told I could get my card back with photo ID. Went down to get it and they looked at the card and since I wasn't an M&T card, they couldn't give it back. They said it was "captured"... I informed them their ATM rebooted with my card in it. They didn't care the reason why. One bank worker had the M&T policy in their hand they said they could return my card as long I had photo ID (which I did) but another woman (very unfriendly) who wanted to call Corporate to verify since my card was "captured" (which i again pointed out it wasn't "captured"). Corporate said no and since I had already contacted my bank and my bank manager said if they don't give it back, make sure you see them cut it up, I told them to cut it up. The unfriendly woman told me if I had a M&T checking account this wouldn't have happened... I told her I can guarantee there is no chance of me ever having an account there.

  • E

    Eileen Glaus

    I went in with a check from M&T and had a question. The bank teller was very rude to me and talked down to me. She was so rude I had to say" I am sorry I did not know that that's why I came to the bank you dont have to be rude to me." I have never had a positive experience at this M&T branch.

  • T

    Thomas Morris

    Horrible customer service I had a teller shame me Because I have COPD But yet I wore a mask and yet mine was not good enough, yet you can wear a bandana or holy shirt and that's good enough, he made may be used to drive-through Saying the drive threw is for people with medical conditions And then explain to me that my mask must be made of plastic Thank you for singling me out in front of the people inside the branch never again will I come here you've lost my business I hope corporate gets this

  • d

    darius evertsz

    not professional to order dinner on company time and tell patrons to wait, then get upset when they sit in your cubicle. Sorry you were upset I overheard your order.

  • E

    Eva Stiny

    This is the best M&T in the area. Always nice and respectful.

  • D

    Dave Cottom

    These people are nice i do odd transactions here all the time and i dont even have an account here

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