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KeyBank S Main St, Evans Mills

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+1 315-629-5211
8489 S Main St, Evans Mills, NY 13637, United States
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3 stars based on 8 reviews

  • D

    Dillon P

    Worst experience I have ever had at a financial institution. All the staff were un helpful and rude. They have no relationship with their customers and assume everything is fraud. I would bank elsewhere.

    Response from the owner

    Hello, we would like to look into what happened for you. Please email details (no account numbers) to [email protected] and reference case# 75972. Thank you!^CH

  • D

    Debbie Call

    Update: Nicole reached out to me 2/25 very thankful for her do that and understanding the issue . I have been a long time customer of this bank. On 2/23 I came in to make a withdrawal one teller was wait on a customer so I was waiting when the teller to the far left ask if she could help me. I said yes I need to make a withdrawal. She immediately asked me to take it from the ATM. The reason I did not go to the ATM is the amount I needed I can't take out at the ATM plus I needed smaller bills. She was very insistent that I use the ATM and when I told her I needed it broke down she says take from the ATM and I can break it down I'm busy doing something else. If you were working on something else way ask if you can help me. I walked out.

    Response from the owner

    Good Morning Debbie, This certainly isn't the type of review we like to see but we do appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback. I will be forwarding this to our Branch Experience Team. Have a good weekend coming up.! ^LH

  • L

    Lisa S

    Poor excuse for a bank. Horrible customer service and relations. The older woman that works to the far right is ALWAYS rude and miserable. Never has a smile on her face and does the eye roll and acts like you're inconveniencing her if she has to wait on you. The new branch manager has a God complex with her new promotion and is trying to prove herself. She's also very rude. The only friendly teller there is the younger one that usually works in the middle. The other employees should really take lessons from her. Made a deposit on 8/6 tried to use my debit card for gas on 8/11 and it kept getting declined even though there were funds in there. Called the 800 number and was told that the Evans Mills branch froze my debit card when I made the deposit but yet neither the branch manager or teller informed me of this while I was there. No phone call or letter from them either. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and stay away from this place

    Response from the owner

    Hi Lisa - I'm truly sorry to hear about the experiences you have had at this branch. I will happily forward your concerns to the appropriate area for review. In regard to your debit card, if you would like us to take a look please send us a message to [email protected] with more information including your name and phone number. ^ JK

  • C

    Colleen Henderson

    The staff at this bank have been so incredibly nice and welcoming especially Nicole and Edria. I was new to this bank and they were very hometown and down to earth. Thanks for everything ladies.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you, for your branch employee experience feedback Colleen. ^JL

  • N

    Nylita Greathouse

    This bank is RACIST! My brother tried to PAY RENT, not even take money out, & they wouldn’t accept his money because he “didn’t look familiar”! A poor excuse for a bank!

    Response from the owner

    Nylita, please have your brother email us his full name with a contact phone number and zip code to [email protected] with any additional information, including your post. We would be happy to review his concerns. Thank you. ^JL

  • V

    Virginia Kellock

    Great small local bank-VERY Friendly knowledgeable staff !!!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Virginia, Thanks so much for taking the time to provide your feedback and 5* rating, it is much appreciated. I will be sure to forward this to the branch. ^LH

  • H

    Heather Hancock

    Staff is very rude, throws customers attitude. Very unwelcoming place. Staff always looks miserable, noone smiles.

    Response from the owner

    Good Morning Heather, I'm sorry that you had this experience but thank you for letting us know. I will forward this info to our Branch Experience team. Have a great week!! ^LH

  • j

    jesse murphy

    Looking for money from my united states federal savings bonds of Jesse E Meister, J.M, inc. by the local bank near me.

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