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KeyBank Dolson Ave, Middletown

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(845) 343-1433
101 Dolson Ave, Middletown, NY 10940
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1.9 stars based on 10 reviews

  • Y

    Yahaira De La Mora Gome

    There is one Spanish lady that sits in the cube who is terrible. The other day she saw me changing my check with an employee and tells me to come make an account with her the next payroll. So 2 weeks later I come in to change my check again and calls me out on how I had made a bank account with someone else at a different location. The worst thing is that she gets upset! First of all I had an account open months ago before to make my check changing easier , regardless she had no right to get upset. Today I went to withdraw money from my account. I had to go inside to do it because I was trying to pay my rent. ATM only allows me to get $300. I get there at 12:00 on the dot and the doors are locked . So someone is walking out and they open the first door since there are 2 glass doors. That Spanish lady tells me she can't help me because it's past 12:00 pm . Let me remind you it's at this point 12:01 almost 12:02 pm. I explained I had to withdraw $800 for my rent. She still said no. She definitely could have cut me a break since it was 12:01 pm and she needs to stop locking the doors in earlier than they are suppose to . If that Spanish lady wants to go home maybe she should just not come to work at all .

    Response from the owner

    Hello Yahaira, thank you for getting in touch. For security reasons we do not allow clients to enter the branch after the closing time. This process is in place to protect both our clients and employees and can't be circumvented. We apologize for any inconvenience. As far as the other situation you have described is concerned: We would be happy to look into what happened and make sure it gets addressed if necessary. Please send an email with your full name, billing ZIP code and phone number (not the account number) to [email protected] and reference case# 25622. We'll call to get details. Thank you.^CH

  • N

    Nicholas Klupacs

    Online Hours say this branch closes at 5. Drove 20 minutes out of my way to cash a check and they closed at 4. If you’re going to change your hours, at least update them… This is the only bank I know that does not have regular 9am-5pm banking hours. Major inconvenience to people with a job. Would’ve rated 0/5; if possible.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Nicholas- Thanks for reaching out to us. We do have different hours based on the day, you can check your local branch's hours of operation here: If there is anything more we can assist with, please reach out to us at [email protected] Hope this helps ^KC

  • T

    Tiffany Thomesen-Hasbrouck

    Went in to open an acct and had a fantastic experience! They are taking the Covid percussions and only allow a certain amount people in. Sat with the Branch Manager herself and went through a Financial Wellness check and goal planning. This was a very nice service that really lays out where you could be in 1-5-10+ years. Happy with all this bank nd branch have to offer!

    Response from the owner

    Good Morning Tiffany, Thanks so much for the 5* rating and review. So happy that you had such a wonderful experience. I will definitely be forwarding this to the branch. ^LH

  • J

    Joseph Alexander

    I tried to refinance my car. I was working with Eric Malave, who told me they could help me. I emailed all of my information. I waited and waited. I had to reach out to him several times with no luck. I was told he was with another customer, but he was just avoiding me with no common decency to get back to me and explain to me why they couldn’t help me. I’ve been with key bank for about five years.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Joseph, This certainly isn't the type of service we strive to provide our clients. I will forward this to our Branch Experience team for their review. Have a good day!! ^LH

  • J

    John Anthony

    I had a very unpleasant experience at that branch. Elba Mariana Alvez is a racist. My wife and I went there to open an account. And for a second form of ID this Woman asked me for a benefit card! How dare she ask me such a question. My wife and I are black and we both felt degraded by this Woman. I hope she gets fired and this makes it to management. All blacks should boycott this bank. I will be closing my account.

    Response from the owner

    Hi John - that's totally unacceptable. Please email us the full name on your account and contact info at [email protected] when you can and we'll give you a call. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. ^LH

  • A

    Amin Thomas

    Went to open a small business checking. Was told to see Elba. She looked me up and down in disbelief and told me i needed to bring extra documentation. I asked if she had wifi so I can send to her now. She said no . Ok. So I asked her if she could tell me more about the accounts so I can can decide . She told me until I have more documents , she could not. So I drove back to my business to print papers. Came back to key bank and sat to wait for her. Decided to see if they had wifi so I asked the teller. He said yes they do.............logged on and look at the reviews and saw that Elba was mentioned in a negative review. While I looked up she came out with an attitude and said if you can just give me ten minutes and i can help. All i did was ask the teller about the wifi .....horrible experience. I guess she saw the color or my skin or appearance and couldnt believe i was a business ower......

    Response from the owner

    Amin, I understand your frustration. This is certainly not the experience we want our clients to have. If you would like to email us your name with a contact phone number and zip code to [email protected] so your concerns can be addressed. Thank you. ^JL

  • R

    Rebecca Wood

    This bank is horrible.i have written countless emails and have made countless phone calls regarding the outrageous fees that I keep occurring. I finally dep money and now new fees are coming up days after the fact. I am a single mother with 5 kids and has had to pay more in fees then have been available in my acct. Do not use this bank it is horrible.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Rebecca - That is definitely not how we want you to feel while banking with us. Is there anything we can help with? Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] with additional details. Thank you. ^JF

  • N

    Nitza Ramirez

    How dare you say that the employees are unprofessional..they are great, give great advise, this branch have Spanish speaking employees also..if you dont like it gclose your acc. Go take your BUSINESS anywhere else

    Response from the owner

    Thank you, for your feedback, Nitza. ^JL

  • V

    Victoria Murphy

    Very pleased with my experience with this specific bank! Very easy process to make an account and they explained everything in detail when I first arrived there. Very kind staff, I will always come back :-)

    Response from the owner

    Hi Victoria, thank you, for your Middletown Branch employee experience feedback! Use the red key! ^JL

  • D

    Dan Freeman

    Very unprofessional service at the drive Thur takes them 20 mins to do one deposit

    Response from the owner

    Good Afternoon Dan, we are sorry to hear about your experience. We understand that having to wait can be frustrating? Have you considered using our 24/7 ATM or mobile banking options instead? You can even remotely deposit a check from the comfort of your own home. No need to go anywhere and wait. Hope this helps. Thank you!^CH

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