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KeyBank Loudon Rd, Latham

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+1 518-785-4596
767 Loudon Rd, Latham, NY 12110, United States
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2.1 stars based on 10 reviews

  • K

    Kaitlyn Zakrzewski

    Worst bank I have ever dealt with. Ever. When I had first niagra I have never in my 4 years of having an account with them did I have any issues. Not one! Now that it is KeyBank I am getting all of these charges for everything! Over draft fees every 2 days because I'm not even negative in my account. Everything is over draft fees. 38$ every single time. And having to pay for ATM fees. I call and they claim my over draft is turned off that way I can't go into the negative. But yet I have all these over draft fees. Unbelievable. 4 years with a bank and I now have to switch to a better account else where.

    Response from the owner

    Hello Kay, You sound frustrated. If you would send an email to [email protected] including your contact info, I will give you a call and see if we can figure out what's going on with your account. ^KeyBank Customer Care

  • P

    Patricia Smith

    If I could give this "bank" zero stars I would. Since they took over First Niagra I have had nothing but problems, all of which Key bank has created .I am done wasting my time dealing with an outfit that clearly has no interest whatever in customer service unless they are dealing with a large business account. I am closing my account tomorrow . To anyone reading this, be warned: take your personal account elsewhere unless you want unending aggravation and complete indifference. When I closed my savings account with them last December, no one even asked me why I was doing so. That pretty much sums it up .

  • B

    Brendan Farrell

    They apparently have the right to give out peoples account info. if it's to resolve a debt for someone else. They cost us 276$ and have made it clear they have no intention of getting it back. If you are thinking of using First Niagara, please do yourself a favor and don't. This is only 1 of many problems we've had with this bank, and as of today we are closing our accounts and never going back. They don't care about their small customers, only the ones who bring in big money. If you aren't making them thousands or millions of dollars they don't give a $%!& about you.

  • M

    Miriam Miriam

    The bank is good when your not dealing with Latham , NY location, the customer service is horribly performed!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the Latham branch. Give you an example; my son and I share an account to pay bills. He went in to deposit his paycheck, no big deal. Once he signed the back of check, he told the lady which account to deposit it into. Then he asks for 100.00 back. Usually it's a normal transaction. They refused to give my son any cash back, mind you there was 300.00 in account . Then after he got the receipt for depositing his check. The lady tells him there's a hold on his check for 10 days. And he's not allowed to touch the bill account since he's a minor. My son is not a minor he's 21 years old. And he has permission to do whatever he wants to either account. There's no restrictions!!! After looking at the receipt my son was given he noticed she depisited his check into the wrong account. He proceeds to tell her about the mistake she did, but the teller tells my son he's got to live with it and have a nice day. My son was shocked with the reply and asked to speak to manager , there apparently was no one available. He gave his number for someone to give him a call back. No one called, two days later. I called the branch in my sons behalf , since we share the account. They basically cussed me out and said they are only doing their job and to just shut the blank up. And hung up on me. I then went down to the branch to confront them and the person I spoke to seemed nice at first but once you explain what someone else in their branch did to a customer, the roof caves in!!! They are on the defense and are rude! I had to call the customer service and make a complaint. Then I went to my branch to clear this whole mess up!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Miriam, we strive to deliver the very best in customer service, and when we hear of an opportunity to improve we always want to address it. Please send your full name and phone number to [email protected] ^PG

  • S

    S G P

    Oh man where do I even start!. Called the 800.number three times in the three last week and nobody knows what to do to unlock my account. Every time I try to do anything from money transfer to online access to ACH or even at the branch , it is just a nightmare. I feel like I am dealing with someone who doesn’t want to give my money back....Thieves or what??? Going to go in and close the account ASAP....

    Response from the owner

    Good Morning, I'm sorry that you're having so much trouble getting into your Online Banking. If you are still experiencing this, please send an email to [email protected] including your full name and phone number so I can give you a call and see if I can help. Please reference case #32484 ^LH

  • N

    Nine Lives

    Refused to cash EE savings bonds I have previously cashed without issue at another branch location. The notary I saw afterward was helpful and friendly but seemed confused that I was told they don't cash savings bonds. He was unaware of any policy changes forbidding the cashing of bonds. Do they cash them or not? I still have absolutely no idea, but this branch is pretty dismissive and unhelpful in comparison to others. They just wanted me to leave as soon as possible .

    Response from the owner

    Good Morning, I'm sorry you had this experience at the branch. We are able to cash in EE Savings Bonds except in the following circumstances: The bond is less than 12 months old, based on the issue date. The bond is issued in the name of a corporation, partnership, association, or other type of company or institution in its own right. The owner is requesting only partial payment of the redemption value. The bond is mutilated, altered, defaced, or irregular. If you have any questions or would like additional info, please send an email to [email protected] including your contact info and I will give you a call. Please reference case #24731 ^LH

  • M

    Matthew Holmes

    There are a few there that are pleasant people, however this is a small portion. Had a bad experience today, I asked for the manager but that was pointless because the employee I had a problem with dismissed her manager and simply repeated the same answer(which was wrong). I would take a star away if I could because the show(farce) they put on had bad and an unconvincing performance. In all seriousness poorly managed branch.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Matthew, I'm sorry you had this experience and hope going forward they will be better. Let us know if you ever have any questions/concerns, we're here to help. ^LH

  • M

    Mandi Brozowksi

    I've been with them for 13 years and this branch has the worst customer service ever wouldn't deposit 3rd party check inless the people were with me never had this issue before really thinking of switching banks

    Response from the owner

    Good Morning Mandi: This certainly is not the type of review we like to see. Please know that the branch does require all parties to be present when depositing a 3rd party check. If there is anything I can help you with, please send a email to [email protected] including your contact info and I'll be in touch. ^LH

  • J

    James scripps

    Great customer service been doing business w them for years, never any issues would definitely recommend.

    Response from the owner

    James -It's our pleasure to have you as our client. Thanks for the kudos have a wonderful weekend! ^CS

  • E


    horrid horrid no customer service will be withdrawing all my money and report to your corporate offices Thanks

    Response from the owner

    Hi Edward - Can you send us more information as to what is going on? Please reach out to us at [email protected] Thank you. ^JF