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KeyBank Mohawk St, Utica

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+1 315-792-9572
1125 Mohawk St, Utica, NY 13501, United States
  • Wednesday9AM–4PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM
  • SaturdayClosed
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  • Monday9AM–4PM
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3.2 stars based on 4 reviews

  • M

    Mike Jones

    This bank is a joke and the branch manager is a horrible representative. Apparently they do not want someone to have a life and travel outside of Utica. I have a problem when someone who holds a title “manager” doesn’t return calls when she says she would. Stay away from the bank and most importantly the employees. So many better options for your banking needs where customers are actual customers. They discriminate against successful white gay men.

  • M


    The tellers and personal bankers were very friendly and helpful to both me and my mom. I highly recommend this bank if you want fast and efficient services done right. 10/10.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review, DeAnna! We're glad to hear you enjoyed this KeyBank location. ^ JJ

  • P

    Phil Steppello

    KEYBANK MOHAWK st Utica ny My Mother has Parkinson's,.,. The ability to write has changed,,,and rarely can get out of the house,,, so she sends my sister to cash a check,,now bear in mind my entire family has an account here,,,not to mention my mother has been with them for a hundred years (kidding),well,,,they run her thru the mill,,,signature does not match etc. (my sister explains she has parkinsons) id's her to the max. (my sister even gives the manager my moms updated id for signature verification ). not enough,,,So they call my mother to verify check,,,My sister explains again she has not the ability to come in,,, finally .,.,all is well ,.,.,they cash the check,,,THEN THEY CHARGE my SISTER 7.50 to cash the check because she is cashing it and the reason is is that she has no account there..AND my sister explained to them that mom cannot get out.!!!! my mother works on a small amount of cash monthly and every penny counts,,,now bear in mind i do not disagree with the verification process,,,it was the insult of the 7.50 charge to cash check,,,the manager that was dealing with my sister SHOULD have had the decency to explain to my sister that it is time to add a person to the account for these simple reasons..etc etc (there is no book of life,,sadly my family is moving into this part of life) and when i called back,,,, the customer service was just as rude and condescending as i assumed it was when my sister went in,,, i know this bank and the representatives well!!!! (being sarcastic) really disappointed in this bank!!!!!customer service is atrocious!!!!!! PERIOD and this is just one of SEVERAL ISSUES ,,,,(I will not get into my ISSUES with this bank!!!!!) all i can say is seek another bank,,, as you can see with ALL THE OTHER reviews here!!!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Phil: I'm sorry to hear your experience with us has not been a great one. We appreciate your feedback. KeyBank is glad to render services to our customers – services they pay for through regular checking account service charges. We are just as glad to render these same services to those who are not yet our customers – we simply ask that they “pay as they go” for them. Checks cashed by those who are not our customers still require the same level of service, hence the fee. We also feel strongly that consumers should have the choice to either cash a check at KeyBank and pay the fee, or choose not to, and go to their own financial institution. That is why the teller informed your sister of the fee before she completed the transaction. Please be aware that KeyBank policies comply with the Uniform Commercial Code. Please let me know if there is anything further you would like to discuss in regards to this. You can send an email to [email protected] including your contact number and I'll be in touch! ^KeyBank Customer Care

  • R

    Ruhana Pashazade

    Such a ridicilous bank experience in my life!!! Never go there! If you will you gonna be in trouble trust me!!!🤮

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