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Hudson Valley Credit Union Lloyds Ln, Middletown

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+1 845-463-3011
40 Lloyds Ln, Middletown, NY 10940, United States
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3.3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • R

    Rjbm Solutions

    I’ve had issues with them since I opened a business account 3 months ago. I told the first bank teller at the middletown branch that I didn’t want a business checking account unless I could open a line of credit. She proceeded to open this account knowing this information just to tell me I couldn’t even apply for a line of credit. Told her I wanted to cancel because I didn’t need it then and told me I couldn’t close the account. Since I was stuck with the account I proceeded to use the account. Any check deposit more than $1000 gets a hold. Hvsend is terrible can only send $1000 a day. They don’t offer zelle. I don’t recommend using this bank for any business. The people are nice and cordial but the systems are terrible.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for letting us know about your experience with the credit union and our systems. We apologize that your experience has not been to your satisfaction and that you have encountered holds on your funds and limitations on the amount you needed to send through HV$end. We have provided your feedback to the management team at this location so that they can address the noted service issues with our staff. Our understanding is that you spoke with the Branch Manager of this branch, and she was able to offer you some assistance with what you note above. Please let us know if you'd like her to reach out again for any other outstanding issues you may not have discussed with her already.

  • I

    Iris D

    I used to love ❤️ coming here. However, it’s a Friday with only 2 tellers. How’s that possible? I get it we are all short staff, but this is a constant issue. I’m a business account holder, and to get coin 🪙 the transaction process is a bit more excessive in time. There’s plenty of staff sitting around- not sure what’s the issue but it’s definitely a deal breaker for me.

  • k

    kareem Cowart

    The nicest staff possible!! Friendliest best staff. The WORST MORTGAGE DEPT POSSIBLE. With no exaggeration I have have been dealing with the fact the can’t get direct deposit out of my account for a over 2 years!! At first my wife and I found it comical but after 2 years of constantly having to call and have the late fees waived it is beyond a headache. That’s just 1 of the issues with the mortgage dept. There are several! It’s not the branch staffs fault because the mortgage dept is not on premises! Like I said the staff on premises is beyond amazing and friendly. But to get to the mortgage dept you need to constantly call and wait, leave messages etc!! We actually refinanced our home out of that bank just to avoid dealing with them with our mortgage on 1 of our properties. I honestly suggest and highly recommend dealing with the bank on an everyday level for deposit etc, but as far a getting a mortgage dealing with person to person...beware!!! Absolutely a nightmare

  • R

    RG Jones

    Great customer service and my money is safe here.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you very much for leaving us a review, RG.

  • J

    Jessica Wilson

    I've had my mortgage and car loan through them for two years, payments on time and over paid. I contact them for a pre approval to purchase a different car, goes through fine, decent rates. The dealership tells me the loan is kicked back because the rate is wrong. Contact credit union for a correction of their issue, told I never applied through them though I have a confirmation number, then told I did get a pre approval but the rate was for a new car though I specified on the phone the type of car I was planning to buy. Was told a manager would return my call by a specific time. Called back after that time and was told he left for the day. Waited on hold another half hour for a new manager to review the recording of my call to be told that the rate will not be adjusted, even though I did specify a used car, because the rate was not disclosed to me until after I was approved. Due to delay in their response, I was unable to change my financing as title was already written with them as lien holder. Sad to say I will not be using them for any further loans due to their inability to follow through on their promises. Poor business practice!! See response message below...5 days ago I have not been contacted by anyone from the bank and was wondering how they would contact me as there is no contact info listed in this review....... Just another false truth from this credit union!!

    Response from the owner

    Hi Jessica, Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and we apologize for the issues you encountered with your car loan. We can't discuss account details at length in a public forum, so someone from our lending staff is going to reach out to you to discuss things further. Thank you again for letting us know about your experience.

  • C

    Carol Stinson

    Ms. Morel was very pleasant and and thorough and when I go back to open an account for my grandkids I will request to see her again. She was so nice she made the experience a pleasure and made my day so much better. I told my family members about my experience with her at your bank and they will be opening an account next week.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for your review, Carol, and thank you for letting us know about your experience with our staff. We will be sure to pass this feedback on to Ms. Morel's managers. Thank you as well for spreading the word about the credit union!

  • J

    Jehan Ansar

    Excellent bank to be apart with, very good customer service and people there are very helpful. I’ve been banking with HVFCU for years and didn't have any issues with them until.... the year 2019 came along and I have now noticed the credit union is struggling to keep up with higher customer demands. you will have to wait in a long line to get your tasks done during rush hours, ATM machines are usually down at least 2-3 times a week, you are most likely to get declined for an auto loan (The worst part is that you get your declined notification by mail one week after you apply, I went to MHVFCU next door and got my auto loan approved at a great low APR rate the SAME DAY!). Despite all this I'm giving HVFCU 5 stars because I have been with them for the past 6 years now and I have a special relationship with this place

  • S

    Shani X

    I went there today to open an account. Ms Francis M she was so pleasant and helpful. I’m going back to open an account for my babies as well. Also they have a coin machine which is very helpful.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for opening an account, Shani and thank you for passing on this feedback about Shani! We'll pass this on to her managers.

  • M

    M3 Drewskie e46

    Absolutely horrible banking experience. Online banking app dose not work, always a long wait in the branch. When dealong with issues in the branch or over the phone, you will never be able to get the same person that you have dealt with be for who would already know your situation. When on the phone you will never have anyone who know how to handle a customers issue without having to call a supervisor who is either on the phone or away from their desk. When told that you will get a call back, they never call you back. In my personal situation they had made a mistake on my auto loan that I had already paid off 5 months prior in which they did not have the correct balance posted. As a result, they 'reopend my auto loan without notifying me and began drawing rounds out of my account. To make matters worse, since it was a auto loan that I had paid off, i had since then removed full coverage auto loan on the vehicle which aloud them to place CPI on to the loan costing me an access of $5,000. DO NOT bank here, you will regret it!

  • S

    Scott Rizzo (Scott)

    19 year customer with this bank. Had numerous loans. Never once late with a payment. Always had auto pay. Applied for small personal loan declined. Thanks HVFCU. Update to post. Hvfcu posted 6 days ago someone would reach out to me. I included emails with phone number and still no response.

    Response from the owner

    If you would like, we can have a member of our management team reach out to you to discuss this further.

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