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Horizons Federal Credit Union Main St, Binghamton

Credit union
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+1 607-724-5876
120 Main St, Binghamton, NY 13905, United States
  • Saturday9AM–12PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday9AM–5PM
  • Thursday9AM–5:30PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM

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2.8 stars based on 10 reviews

  • B

    Brenda Karika

    So unhappy with their merging with Empower. Calling Empower or Horizon is a very long wait so use a landline. If you don't have an email on file you have to physically go there with ID and your first born or they can get permission from a supervisor to mail you a form. Don't forget your 4 digit passcode or they hang up on you.

  • M

    Marvin Greene

    Online banking is a joke I tried to deposit my check though my empower banking app on 11/23 & its not going to be cleared until 11/29 that is very unacceptable I have a family & can't even provide for Thanksgiving because my check is not cleared... u heard visions is better.

  • T

    The Cyrcle

    Find someone better, these people are inexperienced and give bad service and don't even know what an IBAN is.

  • K

    Kelly Galus

    This Credit Union is implorable! They do not care about their members or the positions that they put them in. I've never seen business practices condoned like this place! I was approved for a loan to have some home improvement work done I hired the contractors they started the work.. I went to pick up the checks.. And they told me the loan was denied. What? Now I'm being sued by the contract is because I can't pay them. Horizons could care less! They have no explanations for their behaviorist Mission Point thanks Horizons! Do not do business with these people! You will be sorry

  • L

    Leslie Woodward

    Only giving one star because you can not post otherwise. I would give zero stars. The staff that I have dealt with at Horizons Federal Credit Union have been very rude and have no empathy. I will be refinancing my car loan ASAP!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

  • C

    Curtis Johnson

    Don’t ever do business with dumb people to merge it does nothing but penalize you for you being a customer for years treat it with no respect as I try to get an answer come back for the third time even everything you send me online doesn’t go through More than 13 years of business I’m done I would never do business with them again I’m a piece of shit for trying to get answers to lady running the show what even look at me and I she kept trying to get me an altercation finally she post to write boy and I just said listen mess I can’t even get you to recognize my new address I got all my information the old account number my picture ID Social Security number everything that she need and I can’t get you to simply put my new address on the account from my word Other customers in line I know nobody wanted to be whatever but there was not any head in agreement I asked her for the paperwork and I will continue this on a different time this is like the third time I’ve been to that place I am being penalized because for a week or so there was merging that means they charge me for using my money I asked for my card back which she was trying to tell me I had to wait for I told her no give me my car back please I didn’t occurs I had the same tone and was just as direct as she was but I got out of there before she threaten to call the cops or trust pass me a something you know whatever’s I never screen is not like that in my life And now ever since you go there there’s always a line out the door you don’t know my direct deposit was stopped my payments were stopped everything that they send me online is BS I cannot get on my online account whatsoever so for the next probably month or so I’m rolling the dice soon what can I do best thing to do is just shut it all down

  • L

    Larry Mahoney

    Trying to load the app and its very frustrating. Went in and got my temporary password and set up my username with the bank. Came home to set it up and the website kept taking in circles back to the login page. asked security question i never set up. Got to a site that asked for info to set up a new password. It asked several questions including my SSN. Then it locked me out. Guess I don't need the mobile app that bad. I got other banks and their apps were not this difficult to set up.

  • a


    Yoooooo, no joke at all here. To enroll in online banking, you need to mail them a form with your choice of an user name and all your personal information. Like WHAT!? In what universe is that secure!? What if what name I choose is taken!???!! Do you have to mail me back a letter saying “sorry that is taken” please mail us another form? I hope they know that they are getting the most profane username from me I can think of.

  • N

    Null Null

    This credit union won't exchange bills for rolled coins, for instance, to do laundry at the laundromat, unless you have an account with them. Sorry, but that alone is reason for me not wanting to open an account with a financial institution. Be a part of the community, including those who are not your customers. It's not like you're losing money on the transaction. M&T Bank, only a few blocks away, was happy to sell me rolls of quarters despite not having an account with them.

  • S

    Sara B

    As much I would like to support local and credit unions, I urge you to go with a real bank and not to become a member with Horizons. The user interface on their website is outdated. There is no customer service after hours as with a real bank where you have a 24 hour number. You cannot see pending transactions on your online account. Most seriously, they will not protect your funds if you experience fraudulent charges and in fact will charge you and treat you rudely. The customer service is terrible and down right mean spirited.