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Go Cap Advance Jericho Tpke, Syosset

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+1 516-342-4862
6901 Jericho Turnpike Suite 218, Syosset, NY 11791, United States
  • Wednesday8AM–8PM
  • Thursday8AM–8PM
  • Friday8AM–8PM
  • Saturday11AM–7PM
  • SundayClosed
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3.9 stars based on 10 reviews

  • M

    Mr. Peabody

    received several calls from multiple sales persons over several months. I always let them say their spiel to play let them know that I’m not looking for a cash advance or anything like that. I’ve told them to take me off their list. Calls continue. Just today : Them- "Hi, this is Bill with GoCap Advance." Me- "Hi Shane, I've received multiple calls from you folks. Don’t you keep notes or records before calling leads?.. Them: “ that’s not my question. i’m talking about right now if you need capital OR NOT?” . Me:...”no not right..... CLICK. They Hung up mid sentence-So rude. I’m so sick of these types of people. I called back and got someone on the phone but then he could not hear me stating his computer was not working or something. Terrible marketing and customer service.

    Response from the owner

    We are sorry for your displeasure but we do not have either a Bill or Shane that work here. We had a Shane work with us over half a year ago. Think you must have us mixed up.

  • R

    Rachel Hensen

    I’ll make it short and sweet I didn’t wind up doing business with these guys, but that’s because I dealt with somebody named Bobby who when an offer came Across the table and I was prepared to take it, he told me he did not like the terms of the deal and that it wasn’t something that was in my best interest. Every other company I’ve dealt with tried to ram their offers down my throat, he told me he would re-contact me in a few days if he could get a better offer. Unfortunately due to some things in my report he could not but still called back and gave me advice as to what to do to improve my situation. The most honorable sales person I think I’ve come across over the phone since I’ve been in business and I thought that he deserved credit. As a result I recommended to other individuals in his direction to which he was able to get the job done, and as soon as my situation improves I will be contacting him so he can do what he does best :)

  • C

    Chris Hershberg

    To be honest I don’t know much about this stuff. At the end of the day I was nervous simply because I don’t know what the right way to go is even if I saw it…Bobby at Go Cap took the time to really make me understand, and not only that make me feel like I had someone on my team. He got me multiple offers, and even stopped me from taking the first one, saying he could do better. He did. I left the situation with solutions, a plan, and someone to call…and also the money I needed. Tipping my hat to you Bobby, they are lucky to have you and wish you the best

  • V

    Victoria Abreu

    I had a great experience with Go cap advance. Kyle was extremely helpful. He made my experience so simple and easy. I definitely recommend working with him and go cap advance. Very genuine and honest during the process which I appreciated. Thank you for the experience!

  • R

    Randall Mendez

    I dealt with another company in 2018, it was a nightmare. Bobby was the guy that looked at my case with Go Cap and was nothing short of the best I’ve spoken to. A little curt sometimes yes, but at the end of the day it’s what I needed. What was important to me was important to him, and when he found the answer he helped me see the light. The guy literally helped me plan how to expand my company not just get me the money I needed, and from what I understand that’s not even his job, that’s the extra mile. Would have asked for his guidance over a beer whether he funded me or not, sharp as a tack and patient

  • C

    Chris Cloud

    After a long tedious process with many of these companies I got lucky with Bobby. He found a way to get done what no one else could, was upfront and to the point but got the job done like a true professional. When I really thought no one was going to be able to help me, there was GoCap and more importantly Bobby. Guy knows his stuff that much I can say. If your going to look into this stuff don’t waste your time unless you get ahold of this guy. A review is the least I can do.

  • R

    Roger David

    Bobby from go cap!! So I finally decided to see what Bobby was selling so I give all my info and bank statements, while giving the info Bobby claims “we will have an answer for you in a few minutes”. After running my credit (putting a hard inquiry on my credit report) I never heard back from ANYONE!! Not even a courtesy call to tell me I was not approved or even an email..literally no response whatsoever!! Now I have a hard inquiry on my credit report for absolutely no reason at all other than for this company to gather my information. I will be speaking with my lawyer about this to see if there is any sort of malicious intent with my information. Sent all my information in on the 16th of august and as of today still not a word!!!

  • A

    Alexis Abreu

    Kyle from Go Gap Advance was very helpful! He made this process very simple and fast and was also very honest through the whole process. I highly recommend working with him and this business.

  • J

    Justin Gregory

    I received 4 calls in 3 days from multiple sales persons, all of which I informed we are not in the market for a loan at this time. 2 agents became beligerant, to the point of harrasing. I simply requested to not be called again. Calls continued. The most recent call went like this: Them- "Hi, this is Shane with GoCap Advance." Me- "Hi Shane, I've received multiple calls and have, each time, requested to no longer receive"..*click*... That's right, he hung up while I was speaking. No apologies. No "thanks for your time." And, to add to the poor customer svc/sales call, he slammed the phone. *IF* I enter the market for aloan, busine OR personal, you have ensured I WILL NOT be doing business with GoCap.

    Response from the owner

    Hello Justin, Thank you for pointing out your situation. We will be looking into this. We stress customer satisfaction at Go Cap Advance. This will be taken care of.

  • M

    Matt Williams

    Bobby was so helpful. Sincere and followed through on everything he said he could do for me. I will be doing business again with not only the company but specifically Bobby.

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