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Pawn shop
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+1 845-928-4653
280 NY-211 East, Middletown, NY 10940, United States
  • Saturday10AM–4PM
  • Sunday10AM–4PM
  • Monday10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday10AM–6PM
  • Thursday10AM–6PM
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3.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • J

    Jerred Letto

    They say they can't buy your craftsman tools but they sell the old garbage ones for a high price. I bought a hatchet there for the same price it was at home depo for n mine had a small chip in the blade. They told me it was on sale at home depo n it was not. How can u sell used items at a retail price . With it being a pawn shop nothing should be at a retail price. I had a milwaukee drill set with batteries brand new in the package n they offered me fourth dollars. Its $179 brand new n they only wanted to give me $40. I would have sold it for $80 n they could sell it for $130 n make money.

  • T

    The Kitty Channel

    Says you guys close at 6pm, I show up at 5:50, and y'all are closed. Bunch of lies. No thanks.

  • t

    that ek dude

    If I could pick 0 stars I would. Went there with a nice amount of gold. Guy tells me all of my jewelry consisting of 10,14&18k is fake. Went somewhere else and was paid for my stuff no problem. Don't go here these guys are a joke.

  • C

    Christine Anderson

    They got stars because of the nice employees they HAD!! They would have gotten more if they didn't close down their store and without permission sold all of my stuff off to another pawn shop without informing or asking me. Dirtbags

    Response from the owner

    Sorry you feel that way unfortunately we went through a very very hard time a pandemic! the economy is just horrible for this industry out of 200 loans this is the only complaint that we received everybody else understood that we could not survive we apologize but we had no choice and we hope you will understand. Dirtbags? That’s harsh…

  • B

    Brenda Bauer

    Good place to do business with. Nice people, professional. Brought some things in & I think I got a Good price for my items. Will go back again if need & would Love to look around & buy some stuff. Good Luck to all of you who work there. It was a pleasure doing business with you & getting to know some new nice people since I am new to the area. Thanks Again, Brenda Bauer

  • G

    Group W Bench (The Group Dub-Ya Bench)

    I went to the Nanuet store to sell various pieces of gold and silver jewelry and had them look at a Rolex for me as well. The guys there were great and took the time to explain exactly how they arrive at their prices and so on. Personally, I found it to be a very pleasant experience and I was treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. I read a couple of negative reviews from some people on here and now having met the folks there in person, I think it's clear what happened to those few individuals. My guess is that a lot of people go in with the thought that they are going to get back what they paid for their items or even close to what they paid but that is truly an unrealistic expectation. The service that a pawn shop offers - whether buying your items or giving you a loan is to allow you to get quick cash while they cover their investment with the collateral or leave enough of . margain to make a profit. They are not a charitable organization and they need to make a profit on what they purchase in order to maintain the business model and keep the lights on. Further, you have to consider that they aren't going to turn your item over immediately which means that it has to sit on their shelves for however long and during that time it isn't making them anything. I think that it's important for people to understand all the factors involved before they take their items in to be appraised for purchase or pawn. No - the price they are going to offer you is not the max that the item can sell for on the retail market. If they paid you retail they would lose money on every transaction. So with all that said, I feel that if you understand the process before going in and have realistic expectation, you'll have the same experience that I did which was excellent. BTW - Today was the first time I have ever been to any of their stores and the first time that I ever met any of the owners or employees so this is just about the most unbiased review that one can give - for what that's worth.

  • J

    James Mowat

    Tried to tell me the diamonds on my ring were fake after I went to five different Jewelers and they all told me they were real. They also gave me $30 for a $250 Coach bag. I would be careful going there they try to rip you off and give you the lowest price possible. I would not recommend this pawn store for anyone

    Response from the owner

    Mr Mowat ...Sorry you feel that way the diamond that you brought into us was tested and in our opinion did not test as real we didn’t buy it from you so we don’t understand how we tried to rip you far as the coach bag yes when it was brand new it was worth 250. used and in that condition it is only worth 75.00 that is why we paid you 30.00 we feel from the research that we did that we gave you a fair offer that you could have refused but you chose to except.we appreciate your business and hope you change your opinion of us we have many satisfied customers and hope you will be one in the future....Stop by and let’s talk.

  • C

    Christopher Jackson

    Nice people and easy to work with. Great prices on gently used tools. I picked up a Husqvarna backpack leaf blower at a great price. They almost got me on a Ridgid tool box system and Ridgid pancake compressor as impulse buys. Like I said, gently used and good prices. Check them out on Facebook Marketplace. Thanks!

    Response from the owner

    Thanks for the 5 stars

  • J

    John Popovics

    I bought a welder and helmet from this location and the employees were great help and very nice people. The machine worked great and was priced very fair. Great store. I highly recommend Fort knox pawn shop in Middletown. Thanks again Anthony.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks John... thanks for the 5 stars

  • R

    Reeshie Parmesar

    The staff especially Vinny very friendly helpfull their product works great

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