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First Source Federal Credit Union Black River Blvd, Rome

Federal credit union
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+1 315-735-8571
1822 Black River Blvd, Rome, NY 13440, United States
  • Wednesday9AM–5PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM
  • Saturday9AM–12PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM

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4 stars based on 10 reviews

  • T

    The Luckiski

    I've been in the drive thru for 45 minutes waiting in line. They must be making the paper that prints the money. What on earth could possibly be taking this long? I only have one more loan left here and first thing next year I'll be moving it to my other credit union. I've never had to wait this long before. Very disappointing because I was supposed to deposit my daughter's check into her account in another credit union. Not gonna happen. Thanks first source.

  • D

    David Hayes

    I've always heard really positive things about First Source as a bank and a lender but I've always been too lazy to go through the process of switching banks. Anyways, we were looking to buy a second vehicle for my girlfriend as one car to share hasn't been working out lately. Russell Hayes hooked us up with some awesome deals as part of our auto loan. When discussing loan options with Russell, he surprised us with gap coverage with deductible reimbursement, a "life insurance" policy as part of the gap insurance, and much more; specifically a VERY low interest rate. The best part is we had everything taken care of within an hour or two, and we will now be driving our BMW home later today. I've done business with quite a few banks but I've never been so impressed by such great features, low rates, quick approval and most of all this man's pride in his job. He loves what he does and he makes it known. He absolutely stands by First Source and what they're all about, and it's for a good reason. They REALLY are a fantastic bank. I recommend them to anybody in the market for an auto loan even if you don't have the best credit, they'll work with you. Thank you Mr. Hayes for hooking us up with such a great deal. You've earned our business 110% and you will be seeing us back in the future :)

  • R

    Rick Seifert

    I just received a thank you note thanking me for choosing First Source! I have had MANY loans over the years and I have NEVER had a lender thank me...EVER! I am truly impressed that this note was hand written and signed by those in the lending department! Kudos to you all

    Response from the owner

    Thanks Rick! We're so happy you're happy!

  • T

    Thomas Nitti (Tommy)

    I have been a First Source FCU member for over five years, and can honestly say that this financial institution is by far the most professional, dedicated, honest business that I've ever been affiliated with. Deb , Russ, Jenn, and the tellers are incredible. Russ is an absolute class act. He explains every detail of your loan, questions and concerns, and makes you feel like a person rather than a number. I've referred family and friends to First Source, and everyone raves about the experience that they had. If you have a low credit score, high interest car loan, or mortgage, First Source will attempt to work with you on improving your credit and qualifying you for a better rate. They educate you on what you need to do to achieve this. I highly recommend this credit union.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you. We appreciate your membership.

  • H

    Holly Suits

    We have gotten 3 auto loans and now a personal loan with First Source! They are by far the best credit union we have ever dealt with. The staff in the Rome branch are always smiling and a pleasant to deal with. Thank you First Source for all you have done for us..we look forward to many years to come!

    Response from the owner

    Thank you. We're so happy that you're happy.

  • D

    Dulcey Przylucki

    The worst credit union I have EVER been with. They are a bank in disguise. You have to jump through hoops to get anything accomplished. I will be moving my loans elsewhere and never doing business with them again. I advise everyone to do the same and find a better credit union.

  • M

    Mercedes Moore

    This bank help me with my first auto loan they are wonderful no hidden fees, wonderful customer service, and if I had to recommend any bank for an auto loan it would be this one.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks so much for the kind words Mercedes!!

  • N

    Nate Drummond

    I would have to agree with Mike. I have been with the credit union for several years and normally have been satisfied with the service. In the last year or a bit more I have had several completely unpleasant banking experiences. Most recently I was completely lied to by a rep, then had the second rep tell me the first rep was wrong but he was going to do all he could to fix the issue and not do so, resulting in the third rep telling me that neither of the first two did what they could have to resolve the issue as quickly as it could have been. In the end when I asked what reason I had to stay with the credit union I was told they had no answer for me. It's an unfortunate reality that they just don't care if they have your business because your business is only pennies to their bottom line. I too am looking forward to paying off my loan and finding somewhere where customer service means something.

    Response from the owner

    We’re sorry to hear you feel this way Nate. It appears that as a long time member you’ve been very satisfied in the past. We hope to be able to rectify your current situation and put you back at ease with our service.

  • W

    William Franchell

    I have been dealing with first source for roughly 2 to 3 years now and with in the last 6 to 9 months the customer service has completely taken a dive. They used to be so easy to deal with now it's like pulling teeth to get a call back or to get an answer within a reasonable amount of time. Very disappointing another great small town bank that is turning into a major bank who doesn't care for customer satisfaction any longer. Just the money.

    Response from the owner

    William, we are very sorry to hear of your more recent dissatisfaction with our service. This is not the normal way in which we operate. Your concerns have been relayed to our sales and service management team and someone will be reaching out to you if they have not done so already.

  • K


    I love every single staff member, especially Mr. Russ! And also everything the bank has done for me, and still continues to offer me on a daily basis!!! They actually help you with all your banking needs, instead of getting yourself further into debt! I would recommend this bank to EVERYONE!!!

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