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First New York Federal Credit Union Central Ave, Albany

Credit union
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+1 800-734-7375
818 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12206, United States
  • Saturday9AM–1PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday9AM–5PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–6PM

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3.7 stars based on 7 reviews

  • R

    Rome B

    Well I hope somebody read this , specially the bank training department of customer service. I love this bank , they are great, but yesterday I call the service center as I had some questions and the customer service agent was super rude , may be she hates her job and getting her training from Tik Tok , she was incompetent in her work , rude and unprofessional and was unpleasant to be encountered with. I literally hung up on her as I was loosing my calm . I hope the bank manage to find this review and that agent (female) and train her properly or she should get a job that she will be happy with. Thanks

  • P

    Petko Bogdanov

    We had positive experience in the past with getting a loan for our first car. However, recently we applied for a loan for a new car which has added features for camping. They approved us at their lowest APR and we went through the whole process of opening accounts, adding them as lien-holders on the insurance, etc and in the last moment (the day of us closing the loan) they doubled the APR, because "the car having camping features makes it an RV". It would have been OK to tell us that on day 1, however, they disclosed this in the last moment in passing hoping we will not notice. After complaining, the regional manager, called me to explain that I am at fault instead of saying sorry for the mistake they made. I do not believe we will ever work with this CU.

  • M

    Marianna Achlaoug

    If I could give this place a negative star review I would. To protect the privacy of my mother I will be changing her name while I tell what happened to her today at this branch. She and I have different last names. My mother, Jane Smith, gets an annuity check every month from her husband's retirement account who passed away. The check comes in her married name which she has deposited over the years at First New York which she opened under her maiden name. To be clear, my mother has had a FNY account for about 10 years now and has NEVER had an issue depositing this money in her account. So today, as normal, she tried to deposit her check into her savings account at this branch and the bank teller was not sure what to do with it and called over her manager who then proceeded to ask my mother questions regarding the validity of her claim to depositing her check that has her then name and her current mailing address. She was asked if her husband had an account or why the last names were different. Then she was told that she had to go home find her old marriage license and bring it in to deposit her check to PROVE that she was in fact who the check belonged too. As I stated before, she has never had this problem and neither have I depositing it into her account on her behalf. There are bank statements dating years that have the exact amount posted that is on the check. 160. 98 cents This is not the 1950s and women do not need a husband's last name or bank account attachment to deposit money. That may come to a surprise to people working at this bank branch but there it is. Needless to say we are both closing our accounts as soon as possible and filling out a complaint against this branch. 160.98 cents, really ?

  • V

    Vennette Graham

    Post covid staff not as friendly as pre-covid staff. Good credit union overall

  • J

    Jens Kaufmann

    No words for this joke of a credit union. Take your money somewhere else!

  • Y

    YoYo Happy

    Always friendly. One of the better CUs

  • L

    Lavasha Woodard

    Just Always Good Wit any question

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