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EZ Check Cashing Connecticut St, Buffalo

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+1 716-881-7070
372 Connecticut St, Buffalo, NY 14213, United States
  • Tuesday9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday9AM–9PM
  • Thursday9AM–9PM
  • Friday9AM–9PM
  • Saturday9AM–9PM
  • Sunday9AM–9PM
  • Monday9AM–9PM


  • Bill Paying
  • Business Check Cashing
  • Cashier 39 S Checks
  • Direct Deposits
  • Government Benefits Check Cashing
  • Money Orders
  • Money Transfers
  • Payroll Check Cashing
  • Personal Check Cashing
  • Student Loan Check Cashing
  • Tax Refund Check Cashing
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3.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • A

    Angel Tonight

    Gave it five star so it can be at the top. Probably one of the WORST customer service. I had called this place to cash a refund check, I told them that I signed my check when I got it and that I was ready to cash it out now. He mentioned that he wasn’t able to cash the check because it’s already signed. I explained to him that I signed it when I received it but never got around to it till now. The only reason it’s a few months old is because it took months just to get here. I received it last month and found the time to cash it. The check says I have up to a year to cash it so I wasn’t worried about it. My problem is that they weren’t able to cash it because it was already signed. He mentioned it had something to do with the system. When I asked him to explain the system to me, he hung up on me. Wouldn’t I have to sign the check when I get there either way? Really unprofessional and I’m surprised this place is still in business.

  • S

    Sue Sauer

    I first went to Bailey Check Cashing and got the runaround. So I called EZ Check Cashing and they took care of me and cash my check within 30 minutes not like the other place that I would still be waiting for their okay. Thank you EZ Check Cashing for your excellent and friendly service... I would highly recommend you.

  • J

    Josh Lowe

    Tops for some reason would not cash my check so I was forced to go here. I had a great experience, there was one gentleman working and he took great care of me. They do charge 2% to cash the check which is more than Tops ($1) however after how quick and easy it was to cash my check here I will now be a returning customer. Thanks for the great service EX check cashing. I give you guys 2 thumbs up. Happy customer Josh

  • F

    Fun with Rafael

    they are nice people, fair enough when it comes to check cashing fee. They are considerate too. I will recommend them. And they deserve an honest good review. Its my first time to cash check in that place and as i said, fair enough andconsiderate people.

  • J

    Jillian Pingrey

    Easy to cash paychecks, money orders, hand written checks, and reload your prepaid card too! with a low percent check cashing fee. Also, the best fried chicken tenders around! Also very nice & friendly & honest staff. I bought 2 movies one day & didn't realize I'd accidentally left them in the baskets waiting for my chicken {lmao} until I'd gotten home.. I called and they were still there! The gentleman on the phone was so awesome he agreed to put my name on it and hold it behind the counter until my daughter picked it up the next day. I just love this store I wish it was closer to my home so I could go more often lol, that's how awesome the people here are.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you !

  • J

    Joey D

    Amazing place, and everyone is incredibly helpful!

  • J

    Jay Cameron

    This place is the best. No matter how bad my days going i walk in and A man named Tony made my day. Once you walk in you dont become a customer you are now a friend of his. Makes you feel special and worth something. Who ever is paying him needs to pay him more lol. Thanks man. On my way there now see ya soon. Excellent service by the way

    Response from the owner

    Thank you!

  • D

    Da Shaun Baldwin

    Very disappointed. Went here after calling to make sure I had everything I needed. To arrive and find that they were not able to cash a check from Nexus Management Corporation a company that serves all NYSOH employees from Albany NY. They said the company wasn't their system. I feel like this is a bunch of crap. I think the company is choosing what checks they will and will not cash because it's not your typical McDonald's or Family Dollar. Very Corney operation will never come here again. Plus they initialed on my check like they were going to cash didn't and marked my check all up!!! What a bunch of unprofessional!

  • A

    Anthony gee

    Wish I could give this place a 0 star rating. The owner of this place told me to come there becuse they are open until 10 to cash my check and then left 5 HOURS EARLY. When i asked if any of the other employees could cash my check for me. I guess they train nobody else to do anything there to do anything besides how to be incompetent and how to lie to customers. Do yourself a favor and go in with inconcievably low expectations.

  • J

    John Doe

    REPULSIVE STAFF, ETERNAL WAIT, TREMENDOUS FEE'S, HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. I was truly stunned at the incompetence of this company's employees. It takes an average of 40 mins per customer (yes, to cash a check) and I assure you this is NO exaggeration nor is this based off just a couple experiences. They are not upfront about fee's or policies. You will be required to provide them with your social security number (which is spoken through a glass window in line), date of birth, address, phone number etc... then you are asked to download an app and verify your e-mail in store on the spot. I had even brought a check in that I had previously cashed in this place and was denied cashing it on another occasion (a certified bank check) simply because it was "complicated" after I spoke with the owner and he approved the transaction I was told "my boss can't control my decisions I'm not cashing it." As a business owner I was appalled at this behavior so I began investigating their activity to see how legitimate they really were...... My third visit there I witnessed an employee take checks that they had cashed and dispose of them in a traditional garbage bag just sitting outside the store. They are required by law to shred these documents as they contain account numbers & other very sensitive information.

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