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ESL Federal Credit Union (Headquarters) Chestnut St, Rochester

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+1 585-336-1000
225 Chestnut St, Rochester, NY 14604, United States
  • Tuesday9AM–4PM
  • Wednesday9AM–4PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–6PM
  • Saturday9AM–1:30PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday9AM–5PM

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4.1 stars based on 10 reviews

  • T

    Thebe Bashaleebee

    Customer service is horrible especially when one has no other choice but to call on a weekend for a lost credit/debit card. I provided my name several times and spelled it three times. I provided my SSN. She kept placing me on hold to find my account. I got concerned and thought I had called a scammer number. I had to ask if I was speaking with ESL because for a few moments I seriously thought the number on their site was a scam. It took 30 minutes to report a lost credit/debit card. It's not over - I have to call back after the Monday Holiday to the bank to have a new one sent. I should be able to do this online.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Thebe, we're very sorry to hear about your lost card and experience having a new card issued. Please know we'll be sharing this feedback with the appropriate teams to ensure that your voice is heard.

  • E

    Eric the creative Genius

    After a bad experience during tough times, someone reached out and not only fixed my issue, but went above and beyond. She provided an experience that was not only personalized, but made me feel soooooo valued!!!! She acknowledged some personal things I had going on and I really felt she cared!! I’mt truly grateful!!!! God Bless her!

  • I

    Islah Munirah

    The only branch I try to come to as long as I am near the area. This is the best one, as long as you don't come here on Thursdays or Fridays after 4pm. It's really busy. You can get in and out the drive through pretty quickly any other day. I try to do most of my banking in the morning as well. Also, the staff here are always helpful.

  • H

    Heidi Larsson

    I am going through a very intense and difficult change in career paths at the moment and had to bite the bullet this morning and call for help about how to handle it. They were more than just professional, they are kind, and well versed in how their procedures can work to help YOU! Thank you Raquel (I hope I got your name right) and Kyle, and the rest of the associates I've had the privilige of meeting over the past 10+ years.

    Response from the owner

    We are pleased to be able to help you in this difficult time, Heidi. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and please don't hesitate to reach out to our teams if you need any further assistance. We will be sure to pass along your sentiments to the appropriate teams to ensure they are properly recognized.

  • Z

    Zoe B

    I always have and always will love ESL! Not only do they treat their employees with great respect, but also their members. Every day, I see employees trying to do their best to go above and beyond to serve the members in their community. An amazing credit union that I would recommend to anyone!!

    Response from the owner

    Thank you so much for the kind words, Zoe! We sincerely appreciate it.

  • M

    Maria Melnik

    This review is for ESL Signature Credit Card. On two different occasions, months apart, I called ESL to transfer my CU Rewards Points towards my balance due on the card and both times, I was not able to. They keep transferring from one department to another, kept asking me to confirm this, that and the other, but no one was able to do it. On the first occasion, after I talked to several different people, they told me to go on line and do it myself as they were not going to do it. I did go on line, but I could not transfer it. Instructions on the bill just say go to While I could see my card and balances, I could not transfer it. So months later, I called again. Now, they can’t find my card. They used my name, address, Ss#, last four of my card #, asked for my zip code twice, but could find it. Then, I was asked for the name of the banking institution that was listed on my statement. I have a great standing account with ESL. In my opinion only, they are specifically trained to point people to self-serve on line and will not go an inch out to help. And now, during Covid-19 situation, where I could really use the rewards that are clearly listed on my ESL Bank Statement, I was not able to.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Maria, we are very sorry about this experience redeeming your credit card rewards. We strive to deliver a superior experience for all our members and apologize that we didn't deliver on that for you in redeeming your card points. I will pass this feedback on about our Credit Card to the appropriate managers and ensure your voice is heard. I will also have someone from our team reach out to you to assist with redeeming to your reward funds.

  • C

    City Chick

    Very positive experience today! I called on Monday to renew a CD and spoke with a CS Rep named Ryan who was extremely professional and friendly. Not only did he take care of my request--which could not be done until today--he called me at work to let me know it was completed. That is excellent customer service.

  • W

    Widrick Services

    Was an excellent bank some years, consistently was getting different explanations and customer service for a matter of months. As a business owner we do not have time we call, and wait for a bank manager consistently. Sad to have to leave and take our banking elsewhere.

    Response from the owner

    We are terribly sorry about this experience, as it certainly doesn’t live up the level we hold ourselves to. I will forward this along to our team so your voice is heard. If we can be of assistance, please call us at 585-336-1000 and we’ll be happy to help.

  • B

    Bryan Phillips

    I decided to go with ESL for my mortgage due to all the great reviews I have seen. What I received was two months straight of mixed messages, unnecessary delays, and added fees. The underwriter I dealt with had no idea what type of repairs were important and tried to halt the process several times over trivial repairs while taking weeks to give us answers which ultimately pushed us past our rate lock date and costing me an additional $400. Conditions were vague and my questions commonly went unanswered for days if not weeks. Processors repeatedly asked for documents that had already been provided and made me feel like it was my fault that the process was delayed. I rose these concerns with management and they did nothing. Maybe the general banking services are good with ESL, but their loan departments are terrible and I will never deal with them again.

  • B

    Bks Kassahun

    Hello ESL, my number one choice for banking. But this week, I had to use the drive through to get some service due to the pandemic, it was really really slow and took me over 2 hours to receive the service. I am not even exaggerating. I hope this changes. Thank you.

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