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ESL Federal Credit Union Canal View Blvd, Rochester

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+1 585-336-1000
100 Canal View Blvd, Rochester, NY 14623, United States
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3.7 stars based on 10 reviews

  • j

    jlo 5616

    Very disappointed in the Loan Payment Solutions department. My friend is a developmentally disabled adult and her mother recently passed away. Her late mother had put her daughter on her vehicle thinking her daughter would have an asset in the vehicle upon her death, but she passed away early in the loan leaving her daughter a car worth less than the loan amount. I contacted ESL on my friend's behalf to try to arrange a forbearance to allow time to try to sell the car to pay off the loan. ESL wouldn't allow any deferment or forbearance, wouldn't take less as a payoff amount, and wouldn't forgive any late fees. Their only "option" was to turn in the vehicle for repossession and in turn destroy a vulnerable person's credit. Payments were missed while the mother was in the ICU for 3 months, and ESL won't even waive those late fees or defer those payments. Over the past 6 months I repeatedly called ESL and left messages for "supervisors" in the LPS department to try to discuss things further, but my calls were not returned until I filed an NCUA complaint. I don't understand the point of a Loan Payment Solutions department if they literally have no payment solutions to offer struggling and vulnerable individuals, especially as the COVID pandemic is still affecting many people. They repossessed the car after threatening me for obstructing their right to repossess when all I wanted was a callback to discuss the options with a supervisor.

    Response from the owner

    Hello – we are so sorry to hear about your loss and for this experience in settling affairs on behalf of your friend's mother. We strive to provide superior service to all our customers and sincerely apologize that we did not meet that expectation in this case. I have alerted our Loan Payment Solutions managers regarding your concerns. Please feel welcome to contact us at 585.336.1125 so we can route your call to one of our managers and assist further.

  • K

    K C

    Overall I've had really good customer service over the years at ESL and have been pretty happy. Since I moved though, this one has been the nearest to me so this review is specifically for this location and not ESL as a whole. The last 5 or 6 visits I have been met with rude tellers. If it happens once or twice at a place, I tend to forgive. I know people have bad days. I know I sure do. But I cant handle consistent attitudes/rudeness. I dont care if you're not a ray of sunshine but literally rolling your eyes at me when I ask a question or dont fill something out correctly is a bit much. Even my boyfriend has noticed the last few times I've been in. It's to the point where I really dread going every month. I'm probably switching banks soon because of it.

  • A


    Stay away from this bank. If you have money in your account. They will sent TAX form 1099 end of the year. MR/MS I’m not your employee. You don’t need to send me TAX form 1099. You have to tell everything to customers. If you open account with us. We will send you 1099 TAX. There are lot bank.

    Response from the owner

    Good morning, all financial institutions are required to provide a yearly 1099 to all customers to show interest income earned on accounts during the prior year. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 585.336.1000.

  • H

    Happy Mia

    Generally speaking, Credit Unions are better then banks; They are owned by the members and therefore there are not fees and hidden costs involved. However, as a member stand-up to your Credit Union for the information to follow. Let's talk about Home Equity Loans or Refinancing your Mortgage. ESL has a policy to have an assessor to come INTO your house, inspect and take pictures. Here are very practical reasons this is a horrible idea and the cost to your far exceed the value of doing business with any bank and/or Credit Union that insist on such a practice. --> Crime has become new age with technology; do you really want a blue print of your house including the exact place where your valuable may be in a computer base somewhere? I know, they tell you firewalls, safety bla, bla, what about the billions stolen by hackers just last year, suppose those companies said they had cheap non-effective firewalls? No one wants breeches, but it is a reality of modern day computer technology. --> The appraiser may appraise your house higher then your municipality (town, city) which could then be used to increase your taxes. We all know municipalities NEVER want to increase the assessment on your home to get more taxes :-/ ??? --> It is your right legally to refuse the assessor for your municipality INTO your home, but the bank/credit union wants more legal rights then the government allows for your town? --> Does anyone, especially in New York State, need an appraisal that is going to increase your property and school taxes. How many times have you been told, not to worry and the exact thing you were reassured could not happen, does? --> How do municipalities, and sites like Zillow come up with values for your home? They are NOT walking through and take pictures. --> Think of the type of people drawn to certain jobs, those who are child predators, find jobs working with children (how many times have you seen that on the news, they have clean records until they are caught for the first time); those who would like white collar crimes of easy robbery what better job. It is far more difficult to connect a string on home invasions with a Credit Union. Who would look for that connection? If I can think of it, a non-criminal, what of a criminal? Certainly, it is not every appraiser, not even the majority, but is it worth the risk to YOU, if you happen to get the "one"? What of the pictures and information that goes into a "secure" data base? --> There have been television News reports/specials about Real Estate and those who walk through homes stealing what is not nailed down, inviting any stranger into your home to take pictures of your valuables, exactly where they are located; to then upload into a data base, is just a BAD idea. --> Looking at it from the other side /the big picture, when all is said and done, if the credit union/ bank attempts to foreclose on a bad loan, what is to stop someone from trashing the very house that was in good shape years prior; or the house that looked good years prior, from having damages, post inspection? Would someone report to a Credit Union, such issues? --> Are assessors Handy Men and really know what to look for or general Real Estate people who only see the surface? There are entire site devoted to making your house more appealing. Smell is the strongest sense, simply pouring pine cleaner in drains, gives the illusion your house is cleaner. --> Ask yourself, is this a cost-effective practice for your benefit, including: safety, privacy? Is it really necessary (it does cost directly or indirectly), municipalities and others can assess your house without walking through and TAKING PICTURES? --> It is BAD practice, Let your Credit Union know!

  • B

    Billie Carroll

    Terrible the manger is disrespectful.She was yelling at me and ignoring my questions. They take fraud as a joke. Hold your money when you were a victim. And try to push you away. Stay far away. I asked to close my account they refused. Stay clear from this joke of a company.

  • D

    Dan Seefeldt

    Great banking... when they're open. Easily 5 stars if they were open even until 6pm... With that out of the way, much better than m & fee (m&t)

  • T

    T B

    I've never had this hard of a time trying to pay a loan or bill.

    Response from the owner

    Hello, we are very sorry to hear about the difficulties you're experiencing in paying your loan. So we can look into this case further, can you please contact us at 585.336.1000? We would be happy to assist you and work towards a proper resolution.

  • G

    Georgie Moore

    Always helpful, always friendly. And, I appreciate the Saturday hours!! Thank you, Brighton Office. :)

  • C

    Catherine Carter

    Always friendly staff and good customer service

  • J

    John King

    I've had nothing but outstanding experiences with this branch.