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Empower Federal Credit Union W Taft Rd, Liverpool

Federal credit union
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+1 800-462-5000
5112 W Taft Rd B, Liverpool, NY 13088, United States
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  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday9AM–5PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM

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2.9 stars based on 10 reviews

  • S

    Scott Vezer

    15 minutes just for someone to say one word through the drive through only to be rude to the customer. Legitimately pathetic

  • J

    James Toscano

    Amazing service! I was shopping around for an auto loan and they welcomed me in to sit with their advisor without being a current member!! They helped run me through auto loan several scenarios and to find out how much vehicle I could afford without pulling my credit a single time! They have great options for their auto loans that I had, very heavily, considered. I did not take the loan through Empower, but actually had a great time discussing loans with several of their employees. Great customer service Empower! Thank you!!

  • L

    Lil Durk

    Just lies upon lies. First off, I opened my account because my new job doesn't offer direct deposit. I was told that $25 is needed to open the account but that I could transfer that money into my checking account. Cool. So a few days I try to initialize the transfer, and uh oh! Nope. You have to keep it in there for the duration of your account with Nopower fcu. Fine. So I was also told during signing up that if I wanted to apply for a loan, do it within thirty days so they don't pull another hard credit check. OK. So I call customer service to do so, and he asked for my SSN. I said "is this going to be a hard credit check" to which he rudely said "yes. You're applying for credit so we're going to need to do a credit check". Great customer service. And the latest BS is me depositing my payroll check via ATM BEFORE 2:30 pm on a Thursday. The next day (Friday) it didn't post so I called customer service. They said it would be available on Saturday (today) I check my account, and it says posted but not available! So I call customer service again and what do you know! They're closed this Saturday AND Monday for the holiday. So basically I have no money from last Thursday to this Tuesday (hopefully) my rent is now late. I have no groceries. I have a half a tank of gas that I need so I can slave at this pos job, and have 5 available to spend. But if I were to apply for food stamps because my job sucks, society would look at me as a freeloader! Thanks a lot empower! I wanted to support locally owned banks but I see that that was a huge mistake. Thankfully I have a rich sugar daddy who can help me pay my bills. Oh wait. No I don't. So now I'm screwed until Tuesday!

  • K

    Karen Mansour

    Just about every single time I or my husband go to this ATM, it "cannot dispense cash". This is a bank and We pay fees, I'm not understanding how that can happen. Annoyed and a waste of time coming here.

  • A

    Anthony Monteleone

    The best bank I’ve ever went to. Great people, informative, exactly what I love! Keep it up!

  • C

    C J

    Called 4 days ago inquiring about first time homebuyer program. Was told I would recieve a phone call. Never received the call.

  • L

    Laurie Isgro

    They are all very helpful. I've never had a problem and I've been a member for many years.

  • L


    Take 1 hour to get in to service window on drive through. Can you believe that. Every time .

  • J

    Joseph Nappi

    Very slow drive thru! Sat in line for 20 minutes with only two cars in front of me.

  • A

    Allysa Curtis

    Nice people but a drive up should not take 15 minutes.

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