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Elmira Savings Bank E Water St, Elmira

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+1 607-734-3374
333 E Water St # 1, Elmira, NY 14901, United States
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2.4 stars based on 10 reviews

  • J

    Joseph Holley

    I've only been with this bank for 2 weeks and already I'm having issues.. So far employee professionalism seems to be very poor. I called the main office today to see why my bank account wasn't reflecting my deposits... I was getting weird totals that weren't consistent with anything. With a very rude and crass demeanor I was told that their system often does that and it lags behind....How can I accurately take care of finances with unreliable and inaccurate account information, I said. I was told just to call the bank every time I want to make a transaction. That has to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I was told rather rudely that community bank is taking over the company and she hopes that they do better for me... I do sincerely hope so!!!

  • B

    Bill Rossey

    Worst bank ever!!! Charge $39 fee for small bounced check. Had plenty of cash in my savings account which they moved into checking to cover the bounced check. Most banks might charge a couple dollars, if anything, for this. Another time I had an appointment to discuss a home mortgage loan and they scheduled my appointment for 5 PM. When I arrived at 5 PM the front door was locked but several employees were standing inside with their coats on chatting. I knocked on the door and explained I had an appointment to discuss a home mortgage loan and they all stood there with the deer in the head lights look for several seconds before one of them said Sorry I forgot all about your appointment. What a waste of my valuable time!

  • B

    Bill Goodson

    They stole $500. From me. Racked update charges without telling me. Am in contact with the BBB And the federal reserve oversight committee. Beware!

  • D

    Daniel Krall

    Plain and simple, my advice is bank anywhere but here. Compared to any other financial institution I've ever delt with, It's always drama with ESB to get anything corrected on their end. They are behind the times and they act like technology hasn't evolved or being Covid safe and skipping a in person visit is a good idea. On top of that I always get conflicting answers on matters and some of the staff are very condescending when you talk to them.

  • J

    Joseph Whitaker

    I wouldn't even rate Elmira Savings Bank 1 star. They are the worst bank I have ever banked with or worked for. I would highly recommend going some where else. Their management team sucks, and they have no sense of customer service. They are all about what's best for ESB and not what's best for the customer, employee, or the community. In the end it's what is going to make them profitable while they nickle and dime their customers.

  • J

    Joyce Winton

    I have some CDs here and am very satisfied with customer service. I dislike paying $7 for my monthly statement for my checking account. I was called with an offer to change my account to anaccount with a $3 monthly fee. I am very pleased.They responded to my review.

  • E

    Ethelyn Smith

    I have dementia and forgot my password three times yesterday and my line shut down, Not because I forgot my password but because someone tried to get me to buy insurance to protect myself from scam artist. This person had the ability to help me but I felt threatened a wondered if she was not a scam artist, she stated I had the insurance for two years but it had lapsed. Coincidentally I started having trouble getting on line with my account. It was a lady and it was Saturday afternoon-evening. We argued because I do not know her and would not give her the information she needed to enroll me in the insurance program. I did not know if she was working for the bank or herself. She got angry because I did not trust her. I was angry because she scared me. So she said, "You know you called three times and I am angry and I am going to shut your account down, Now if I had given her my personal information would she have not shut me down or maybe robbed me. Which job was she on selling insurance or helping people whom for got their password, now I have no way of getting gas, groceries, or medication till Monday When I will have to come down and get this straightened out and change my Password. Thank you whomever gets this message - I am hurt and angry. I can not remember especially new things like new passwords. I was alright till yesterday and she was unprofessional. She probably told me her name but being in the fearful state I was in I did not retain due to the dementia stress interferes with my memory I have banked here for years and probably will condtinue mostly because of Kim Elliott and I hope to go to Southport tomorrow to see if I can speak with her. I am a strong faithful person. I am having problems with memory and I apologise. It is new to me and I am trying to adjust.

  • C

    Charlotte Dumas

    I have banked here for many years and never had a problem. Everyone is always friendly and professional. My money transactions have always been processed correctly.

  • M

    Maddie Mapes

    I have a car loan through this bank and I put more than enough money on my loan and they are trying to repo it because the lady decided that 3 grand didn’t count as a monthly payment after she was told to put 310 towards the monthly payment and the rest on the loan this place is trash❤️✨and if you call Friday so set things straight they’ll tell you to call Monday because they can’t help me 💥

  • A

    Alysha Boney

    Back again to let y’all know they are still garbage and there’s no purpose in banking here when Corning Credit Union EXISTS! yes ma’am & no they do not hold your money!!!! :)

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