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East Coast Funding Group Inc Northern Blvd, Great Neck

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+1 516-829-7570
277 Northern Blvd Suite 200, Great Neck, NY 11021, United States

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2.3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • R

    Ramin Baratian

    Interest rates are not low comparing to banks. If you have credit blemishes and want to repair your credit and can not get financing from banks then they are a good source. Make your payments on time and don't give them a reason to chase you for payments.

  • H

    Hugh Jinvaney

    If you have a loan through this company, then that means you REALLY screwed up your credit. These guys are literally the last hope before you have to take the bus. No one forced you to agree to the high interest rates! Just make your payments on time and you’ll be fine.

  • r

    robert dart

    I have financed 2 vehicles with this bank and have been very satisfied with their operation. They always answer my questions when I call. They Will contact you aggressively when you’re late on payments. In a way, I can relate to their aggression since they are working with none prime credits. I was late a few times on my payments and received lots of calls to the degree that my wife was calling me to tell me why payments have not been made.

  • F

    Faith Empowered Ministries

    Chris who claims to be the VP of the company is very nasty and unprofessional. He doesn't value business or customers. Very sarcastic and not a friendly person. Chris will lie, you make a payment on time, and your payments are showing late for no apparent reason just for late fees. My payment has never been late. However it shows late fees.

  • m

    mike walsh

    I can't see this guy Chris being around much longer , Also what dealers really work with him. He is a scam artist and a POS. You don't have to be to smart to keep customers coming back. He talks a good game until you meet him in person. He turns into a slug. He will talk down to his customers. I really don't see him getting a customers that will come back.....LOSER

  • C

    Community Outreach Consulting Firm

    Jason is Great. Chris on the other hand is very unprofessional and hate dealing with him. Very sarcastic and not a friendly person. Chris will lie threaten and even bully you for no apparent reason... like chill Bro my payment is not going in your pocket it can be late that's what the late fee is for right??

  • S

    Slices of Life None

    Obvious scammers. I get calls repeatedly from them every day asking me if I can money for a business loan, even though i dont own a business! Oh, and If you call them they go by the company name "Wisdom Funding". A company with two names? I wonder why?

  • T

    Tamika Johnson

    These people will rob you with NO GUN!!!!!!! Please DO NOT ever get a car loan through these people. You will regret it!!!! That's why their in court now they have many lawsuits pending against them. Contact the BBB for more info on them.

  • R

    Ryan Fenik

    Robocaller spoofing local numbers. If you block the phone number, they call will you from a different number. If you are on the national "do not call list", they will call you anyway. I never asked for their services but for some reason they keep calling me.

  • A


    This gentleman is so rude disrespectful don’t want to hear nothing you have to say. Love the talk over you just like to hear his self talk. All him do is yell and scream down your throat unprofessional don’t do business with them.

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