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Delavan Check Cashing E Delavan Ave, Buffalo

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+1 716-896-4149
1287 E Delavan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215, United States
  • Monday9:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9:30AM–5PM
  • Wednesday9:30AM–5PM
  • Thursday9:30AM–5:30PM
  • Friday9:30AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday9:30AM–3PM
  • SundayClosed

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3.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • S

    Senitra Whitfield

    All I wanted to do was send a fax off but I asked the guy are you ok today after he told me fax was $2 because he’s snappy no eye contact and his mouth poking out not to mention no greeting upon entry. He then ask are you, I said yea I came in dancing but you don’t seem so well he then tell me the fax machine is down I said huh he said yea we don’t fax anymore. Just sad and pathetic and I hope that place loses business because I honestly can’t think of why he had an attitude besides we were in there alone with no one to witness his hate and he doesn’t have a love or like for the community or black peoples but just there money.

    Response from the owner

    We are sorry that we were unable to satisfy your needs. We look forward to serving you in the future.

  • D

    Derrick Anderson

    It was a easy process. The teller was very nice, and I was able to have my check paid in a certain way because I like a mix of bills. I recommend this place.

  • A

    Angel Tonight

    Gave it a five star so this can be at the top. WORST experience ever! This is probably one of the most unprofessional places I went to. I’m not sure how there’s such great reviews on here. I went here to cash a refund check and the guy had me sign it at the counter. After seeing it was a few months old, although I have a year to cash it, he told me he wasn’t able to do it because it was a few months old. Now I’m having the problem of cashing my check because no one will cash a refund check that’s already signed. These people screwed me over. I have a year to cash this check but you wouldn’t take it because it was a few months old? I will not recommend going here at all. I’m surprised they are still in business.

    Response from the owner

    Sorry for your experience. However, here is a link to your review on another check cashing facility saying you signed it when you received it and never got around to cashing it. We would be glad to assist with a complaint, however you should not make false claims. We have screenshot-ed your reviews and reported it to google. Please consider deleting your review for it is a false claim. Unfortunately we have polices and procedures we must abide by. We look forward to servicing your check cashing needs in the future.

  • A

    Ashley Washington

    Life Saver!!!! All my cash on the spot for my TAX RETURN!! So after 5 year bank relationship, my bank decided to drop my account without explaining why. I got my large tax return check that a desperately needed and didn't know what to do. I find Delavan Check Cashing on google, head there and it was sooooo easy!!! All there fee's are clearly posted on the wall "no hidden fee's like the my bank", instant cash, professional service with a smile. I highly recommend this place to any and everyone who needs to cash there check. This is defiantly my go to stop here on out!

  • J

    James Calhoun

    Best place to cash YOUR STIMULUS CHECK!! Instant cash for a very reasonable fee, and now that I'm enrolled with them I never need to show my ID. Hand's down professional and clean! Can't wait to get my tax return check because I'm gong straight to Delavan Check Cashing.

  • M

    Michael Koester

    Delavan Check Cashing, I found it very easy to cash my checks. Not busy while I was there. Excellent customer service. Informed me of some stuff I didn't know! Tank You Guys Again, Will Recommend to my friends and family!

  • M

    Marquette Durar

    I noticed this month that they are charging an extra .85 cents on top of the $1.00 the ATM charges. The machine does not notify you of the extra charge! I checked my mothers account history and it was there! They are taking advantage of the stimulus aid payments! I will never go there again! Beware!

    Response from the owner

    I am sorry Marquette, however you are mistaken unfortunately. The machine will always and only charge you $1.00. Although the machine charges you only $1.00 per transaction, your card/bank may have a ATM usage fee associated with it. Please refer back to your card/bank ATM fee's. However if you indeed have sufficient evidence that are machine has overcharged you, please submit to management and we will refund you 100% along with our $1.00 fee as a added convenience if such occurred. Thank you management!

  • D

    Donna Sommer

    They are very friendly and professional despite it being located in the "hood". I have a problem that makes it impossible to open a bank account so having this place makes things easier for me. They do charge a little more than I would like, but that's the price you pay for the convenience. Once you are in their system you never even have to show them ID anymore, this is helpful down the road if you've lost your licence. They also offer FREE money orders and fax services, which is super cool!

  • r

    robert oliver

    After 4 days they won't cash your check . If you try to cash your check else where first, they won't cash your check. If you sign your check before .you get to the window they won't cash your check. You would they have that post somewhere when you walk through the door. So I did what any other red blooded American would do, .Went to a regular Bank. It ain't worth the hassles andbi'a paying you to cash my hard earned money. Never going back !

    Response from the owner

    We apologize for your inconvenience Mr. Oliver, unfortunately we have policy and procedures we must abide by. We are hopeful to service you in the near future.

  • E

    E H

    Be polite and professional with them, and they'll be polite and professional with you. I had no problems with them. They were able to cash my friends check but not my own, which is my own fault since I had tried at Tops before. Overall a pleasant experience, and I would go back again!

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