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Debt Reduction Services Veterans Memorial Hwy, Bohemia

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+1 631-473-7500
4170 Veterans Memorial Hwy Suite 203, Bohemia, NY 11716, United States
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  • Bankruptcy Counseling
  • Business Credit Services
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Management Counseling
  • Financial Education
  • Home Purchase Counseling
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Bad Credit
  • Budget Counseling
  • Budgeting Assistance
  • Budgeting Education
  • Car Loans

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4.6 stars based on 8 reviews

  • a

    a b

    I had no idea what I was doing when searching for someone like Debt Reduction Services. I didnt know what to expect but was so pleasantly surprised to find them to be not only legit but professional to the core. My special thanks go out to my manager Pete Dunbar who not only was professional but sympathetic caring and just a great human being knowing the stress I was going through and not judging or passing me off as just another client. He truly cares about his clients and earned my trust and loyalty. My situation was very unique and Pete and other departments I had to deal with were very patient and understanding.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for your review!

  • J

    Joshua W

    So many great things to say about this company. They truly care about each and every client they have, and are always willing to go above and beyond to help you get your debt or student loans back on track. I tried using another service and got nowhere fast, but with Peter and this company I was able to get my student loans out of default and back on track. They took care of 90% of all the paperwork and working with the government so that I didn't have to, and the knowledge that they had on the inner workings was amazing. I highly recommend to anyone needing help with student loans to go with this company, because they can and will get the job done for you.

    Response from the owner

    Thank you for your review and comments Joshua!

  • C

    Charlotte Topaz

    I will not be returning to Debt Reduction Services Prior to a hospitalization, which left me gravely ill and prompting my manager to send me home. Having worked there only 6 weeks and not wanting to lose my job I came in the next day. Clearly still sick, I was called into the managers office only to be "unofficially" written up for not sending an email letting everybody know that he had sent me home the previous day. I worked my full shift and went home. The following day, I called to say that I was going to the doctor. I was crying my eyes out that morning when I spoke to the manager and assistant manager terrified because I am still in the probationary period of employment and not allowed any absences. I didn't want to be fired from a job that took so long to get and enjoyed so much. I was admitted to the hospital that night. It took 3 days to stabilize me, Each day, I did my due diligence and called my manager still genuinely concerned about my job. I was discharged after 6 days. When I came into work the following day, feeling better than I had in YEARS. I was taken into an office and asked for my note I said I had accidentally forgotten it and I would bring it in the following day, I then went back to my desk and prepared to start my shift happy and excited about a fresh start at a new job. I was again taken into the office and was told to go home because I didn't have the note with me. I started crying and asked "Are you upset with me for being sick?" My manager refused to discuss it and dismissed me. These conversations took less than 2 minutes combined. I am genuinely distressed about the lack of sympathy over what I had been through. I know that I was one of the newest employees and there is no real time invested in my employment, I didn't want any bells or whistles, but a "Good to see you upright" would have been nice. I am relieved that this happened when it did. It would have been a real shame if I had invested MY time working for a company that cares so little for those that hold them up. I am not angry. Anger is a punishment we give ourselves, for someone else's mistake.

  • L

    Lucinda Oviatt

    I was in a little bit of a mess with my finances and wasn't sure what to do. I first thought about bankruptcy but I really couldn't even afford that.As I was looking on the internet, I saw Debt Reduction Services. I called, spoke with a gentleman, Pete Dunbar. Mr. Dunbar explained everything to me about the program in a way I could understand. With his help, I decided to go ahead and let DRS help. What a load was taken off my mind.Very helpful, answered all my questions. I would recommend DRS to anyone who needs help with debt. Thank you Mr.Dunbar, Looking forward to working with you on my situation until it is resolved! Lucinda Oviatt...

    Response from the owner

    Hi Lucinda, thank you so much for your comment! We're glad you found Mr. Dunbar so helpful! We look forward to working with you.

  • E

    Emily Kumosz

    While I ultimately ended up going another route, I really had a great experience with DRS. Meghan Moran was very helpful with all of the information she supplied, as well as answering all of my questions. Her response time was very quick, which I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend DRS services.

  • I

    Ismael Garcia

    I start with the National Debt Relief and I want on with them and then my wife text me on my phone and show the bad reviews and my wife and I decided to canceled with them and they gave me a hard to canceled and the transfer me to ten different people canceled there program I wont recommended National Debt Relief to anyone there no good so I went to call Debt Reduction Services and called them and spoke wth with the guy and help us and was friendly to us and he took the time and explained everything we needed to know and what to expected and he told us I came to right place and I Appreciated for him helping us we are satisfied with their service and program and they helped us relieved our stress and keep us calm and not to worry to much and every will be well taking care of in baby step and will be debt free and start over and fresh again I want say thank you for supporting us and everything I will recommended Debt Reduction Services to everyone because the care thank you ISMAEL & SHANNON GARCIA

  • J

    Jen Candisa

    Very happy with my service. Guy was very informative and helpful throughout the entire process. He made sure I understood everything clearly, and always had an answer when I didn't understand something.

  • J

    Jeannette-Nichole Caquias

    I was very satisfied with the services provided. Anna was very polite and helpful!