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Davids Check Cashing Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn

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+1 718-366-2780
1534 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States
  • Sunday9AM–5PM
  • Monday8:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–8PM
  • Friday8:30AM–8PM
  • Saturday9AM–5PM


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2.5 stars based on 10 reviews

  • D

    Da Wa

    The employees are rude. The manager needs to take account for what she's doing. She is so slow on her work and the other employee gave me a look, a threatening one. This Check Cashing Inc needs to hire better workers and replace the manager. I can't stand their incompetence.

  • j

    jessy rosario

    The girls who work at this check cashing place are more helpful than employees of MetaBank and Netspend. I just spent 3 hours dealing with a huge Netspend mess and the girls have been nothing but a pleasure, they helped me get results fast. Kudos. Appreciate your help!

  • K

    Karen Williams

    I had the pleasure of stopping into this cashing place, and someone by the name of Mariam took care of me. I must say she's very respectful, attentive, and took care of me very well. In which from walking in for the first time, just upon looking all the ladies look very pleasant and nice! She made it clear to me, that she looks forward to seeing me again ! And I look forward to stopping in again.

  • b

    brenda Oquendo

    The worker's here are very welcoming to the customers but the place is horrible there is no automatic door service for the wheelchair customers you have to struggle to open the door and there is no air conditioning it's so hot in there by the time you get to a window you're so upset at least put a fan or open the doors it was horrible

  • T

    Travis Rance

    I went there to exchange coins for currency. I have about 400$ in change. The machine got stuck. So I went to ask for help. Rebecca asked what the machine read. I told her I don't read Spanish. That was the beginning of her being rude. She asked why I hit the Spanish button. I said it was not marked. She told me it was marked. Again rude, I am a customer. She got the machine unstuck and asked me why I put so many coins in the tray. I told her I filled the tray. She then told I had to empty out the tray of reject coins. So I asked about the coins at the bottom of the tray. She got real snotty and told me if I where here 10 mins ago. I would have heard her tell another some the same thing. The machine jammed again. Another customer complained about how rude she towards me. I asked her for help again and she refused. Told me I was rude and something to effect of my reading Spanish. She finay came out again was rude some more. In front of her teller window it reads customers service. Clearly this women. Nose nothing about customer service.

  • A


    ***Under investigation*** My parents purchased a money order from this location and when they tried to deposit the money in their account, they were told that the money order had already been cashed. We are tracing the check to see where it was deposited but the only ones that had the check information were the workers in this cashier 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • J

    Jonally Rivas

    I known them practically for years when they worked on central i never had a problem with them they always sweet and kind to me i try always to tip them because their job is not easy i understand them thats why their are my number 1 best cashier!!!

  • R

    Roslyn Villanueva

    I just went this morning and the lady gave me an attitude right away i got called to the window and this is not my first time i think they should hire more professional people that can be more polite to there customers and i hope they do because she gave me a very bad attitude

  • A

    A D (AD)

    Terrible customer service... they laugh in your face and give you the run around to cash a check wish I could give them a -5 🌟

  • M

    Michael Amaro

    All employees are polite & have a positive energy everyday. Any problems are always cleared up, Rebecca is my favorite😂🙇🏻

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