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1196 Deer Park Ave #6327, North Babylon, NY 11703, United States
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5 stars based on 7 reviews

  • I

    Isaac Diaz

    I met Glen with a 520 credit score 16 inquiries 2 collections. Glen and his wife Danielle helped me tremendously they love what they do and will always call or text me to keep me updated with the process. Today my score is a 748 and i have all the cards that I would only dream of having. Recently i bought a new car with a 4.2 apr all thanks to Glen. Thank you Glen and Danielle.

  • A

    Aaron Brody

    After having my credit hit to the tune of more than 50 hard inquiries thanks to local car dealerships, Glen and his team were able to remove them all in a matter of 24 hours! A lot of companies claim they can do this, but Glen has proven not only his knowledge, but also his understanding, as well as eagerness to help with a frustrating situation. I will most definitely be using him again!

  • n

    nicole migliore

    Glen and Danielle are absolutely amazing at what they do!! After working with them I was able to get my credit score up 60+ points!! I am so excited to announce I am closing on my new home and my rate is amazing. I owe it all to them. they truly know this business like no other!

  • T

    Tony Davis

    Glenn and his team did an amazing job. They removed 5 inquiries from my Experian credit file and my score went up 10 points. I highly recommend their credit improvement service.

  • L

    Lou Ramirez

    I am very happy I hired them 6 months ago to help repair my credit as well as my wife. Professional and knowledgeable! They explained the entire process thoroughly and made me feel 100% secure. Both our credit scores have gone up and we are finally ready to refinance our home! Hire them you won’t regret it!!

  • G

    G Money

    I have worked with extremely overpriced & substantially under qualified credit repair companies that did not get the job done. Since then I have tried over and over to fix my own credit unsuccessfully each and every time. I lost all confidence Infixing my credit either myself or by hiring a professional on my behalf, I thought I was destined to have bad credit for the rest of my life. When Lost all those disputes all the Dispute Letters i found online were free templates that DONT WORK every one I sent out was denied I lost every single dispute & my credit score was lower each time. Then one day I was scrolling thru a friend of a friends feed on Facebook aka FB stalking lol & I don’t know how or why but I got extremely lucky & found Credit Score Doctor on complete accident accident & it wasn’t a add it was in a post saying how the person fixed their credit using their hand written dispute letters and it was like OMG what I been wishing for every single time I tried to fix my credit actually existed & from there I did some more FB creeping this time on CREDIT SCORE DOCTOR on their Facebook page from there I visited their website did some reading and within a few minutes I signed up and downloaded the first of many dispute letters that actually got the job done and helped restore my credit. The sign up was fast and easy, as for choosing the right letter I thought to myself how am I going to know which letter is the letter I need???but I guess they already knew that people were going to need help so they set up a fool proof system that makes it impossible to select the wrong letter. Matter of fact it was the best letter I could have chosen and the first of many successful dispute I actually won. All I had to do is figure out which account t from my credit reports I was going to dispute after that they have every thing separated in simple categories the first category is what type of account your planning on disputing EASY then next category is basically what are you basing your dispute on like is it fraud, wrong information, verification, etc. AGAIN EASY So all I had to do was choose from the steps above which for my first letter I was disputing the first category was “collections” next  I chose “validate this account” (round 1) from there I selected the letter & downloaded it. Once I downloaded the letter I printed it and every thing was perfect. All of my information along with whom and where I was sending the letter to automatically goes exactly where it is supposed to go on each letter. It is amazing. From there all that I was left to do is go to the post office and send the letter certified because it’s important to have a record of when letter is received. So I sent out 5 letters the first round and 3 of those letters got what I wanted off first round I was pleasantly shocked. As far as the other 2 items as of today they are both off of all of my Credit reports but they took 3 & 5 months to get removed but each and every round i received a response letter I sent back the right letter & won in the end. As of this post I am currently disputing the last remaining negative items on my reports & I have already removed 8 items from Each of my reports and have 4 left to go. 24 total removals!!!! My FICO score is up 112 points to a all time personal record 668 & I got approved for my first unsecured credit card in years and next on the list is buying a house once I am in the 720 + club, which I really believe will be before years end. So if you have any credit issues what so ever and you want to save time and more importantly money. Don’t be like me and waste your time hiring some idiots to do it for you use instead do it your self with CREDIT SCORE DOCTOR they are legit👍👍

    Response from the owner

    Thank you it was our pleasure

  • j

    jesus chico

    Been using their DIY membership and I have been able to remove negative things on my credit report. They are always available to consult with and 100% professional. Thank you the Credit Score Doctor!