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Cooperative Federal (Westcott Street Office) Westcott St, Syracuse

Credit union
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+1 315-473-0270
723 Westcott St, Syracuse, NY 13210, United States
  • Monday10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday11AM–6PM
  • Thursday10AM–6PM
  • Friday10AM–6PM
  • Saturday10AM–1PM
  • SundayClosed

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4 stars based on 4 reviews

  • K

    Kyle M

    I was disappointed with the lack of professionalism at this institution. I was excited to get a credit union set up when I moved to Syracuse, but this place has a lot of growing to do before I would ever set something up with them. My experience was as followed: 1) When I was setting up my account, I was not invited to sit anywhere. Instead, I had to stand at the teller throughout the rather lengthy process. Meanwhile all the other clients coming in were tied up since I was taking the time of one of two tellers. Every other institution I have opened an account with, has brought me to a semi private place to do this. 2) They were going to charge me $10 for an ATM card. I have not even heard of this shenanigans from the big banks. 3) I was going to be charged $3.00 a month for the pleasure of holding onto my money. Further, I was not told this until I had already made my account. Seems like something you would tell clients before they spent an hour standing at a window. 4) I wrote a check for $500 but the teller put in $50 to my account. Seems like an honest mistake, but it was the cherry on top of the experience. I ultimately canceled my account that same day. I'm all for community development, but this place has a ways to go before I would ever use their services. They don't seem to be member focused as credit unions should be. I ended up opening an account with SEFCU which has been great so far.

  • O

    Olga's Treasures

    It is super hard trying to closed an account from then. Two years ago they make some internal change and my account no longer exists if I want to continue with them I have to change to a different number of account .I was not interesting so they closed the account , but I just has to pay the remained balance in the account; I was paying ,but 2 years later I went to pay in full every thing and finally finish with that and my surprise was when they told me "the account "never was closed. That day was a nightmares fix the account and closed it finally was a mess they finally gave me a letter with my request and 3month later I received a statement with a balance of 37 dollars and if I not pay my account will be report to the financial institution bla ,bla . What is that? nobody there knows how to do their job?. I will never recommend anybody to open a account with then .This situation was in the Credit Union on Westcott Syracuse, NY.I hope I could help; nobody has to past for this again.

  • S

    Stephannie Luevano

    This is a great credit union the staff are friendly and helpful. They are community oriented and offer a variety of consumer products and business loans. They really care about their members. Love this place.

  • W

    Will Juntunen

    Wow, these folks funded the new Mello Vello?

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