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CommonBond Broadway, New York

Financial institution
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+1 800-975-7812
524 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, United States
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3.3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • G

    Gabrielle Michel

    Customer service is non-existent past a 5 minute phone call. I was promised numerous follow-ups either through email or phone call that were never followed through on. When I followed up myself, I had re-explain my situation to a new person every time. The only people you can speak to are customer service representatives and they have no ability to communicate with other departments, so if you find yourself in any situation that's even remotely nuanced you're out of luck. This company's internal processes have so many layers of bureaucracy that even basic accommodations or empathy are impossible. It's no better than talking to an automated machine.

  • A

    Armando Jauregui

    I had asked the representative on the phone what it would take to change my payment date for my student loans. She told me that the only way to change it would be to put my loan in forbearance and then change the date. I told her explicitly NOT to do anything with the account and she went and put in a request for forbearance which got approved. I didn’t know about this but by the time I did it was too late to change anything without getting a late payment. That interest capitalized and now my monthly minimum is higher. This institution’s phone reps are terrible.

  • I


    Claims to have 'simple, smart' student loans, but beware because CommonBond is just as bad as any other loan company you could use. I dont even know where to start. First off: Their website is constantly down. They claim to have great devteam and technology but they can't even keep a simple site up to apply for loans. I had to constantly email very sensitive documentation through plain-text email for them to read on the other end, because their site was down or just straight up was not working. If you're a contractor, self-employed, or pretty much anyone that doesn't have a 'traditional job' stay away from these guys as well. They'll make you jump through 100 hoops before straight out denying you. And that process certainly was not simple. I wish they had said something before hitting my credit with a hard inquiry. At least their customer service was always nice , but you may as well use any other bank if you're just going to be doing the whole process through customer service anyway.

  • D

    Dylan Wells

    They overpaid on one of my old student loans and I have been asking them to correct the issue for months. I have called in three times and sent several emails. Meanwhile, they are continuing to charge interest on the inflated loan. They told me this would be corrected the last time I called, but that same representative has now been ignoring my emails for two weeks.

  • N

    Nick G

    This company raised my prechecked rate by three points AFTER a hard inquiry. I have practically 800 Fico. They also tried to make me refinance my consolidated federal loan into their product even though I only applied for my private loans. They can get lost. Why refi with such a dishonest company. I will take another hard inquiry and look elsewhere. I plan on a appeal to the credit bureaus regarding the dishonesty of this company.

  • C

    Chris Titmas

    I was able to refi my student loans with a co-signer. my payments went from $1,100 a month down to $590. My loan will be paid off faster and I will save over $7k. The process was easy for me and I got answers back via email usually within the same day. Highly recommend.

  • T

    Theresa Gilligan

    Commonbond was SO helpful with refinancing my student loans! My interest rate went down significantly--I'm actually making progress on paying them off now!! Everyone was super responsive and made it a very pleasant process (and I never thought refinancing student loan would be pleasant). I can't recommend them enough!!

  • L

    Lawrence King

    Their estimated rates were over 2 percenatage points higher than my next highest quote. Immediately bombarded with spam emails as soon as my info was entered. Junk mail is not needed if you offer a better product.

  • H

    Hui-Kee Wong

    worked for me, online interface is sufficient to setup or cancel auto-debit, as well as payoff can all be done online. decent rate and good online tools.

  • A

    Adam G

    Their communication is awful. Has nowhere to write comments on documents you supply. Unless you check it everyday for communication you might be in limbo for weeks. Calling them is no help either. Just a poorly setup business and tech system.

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