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Citizens Bank Supermarket Branch NY, Cortland

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+1 607-756-2436
3932 NY-281, Cortland, NY 13045, United States
  • Tuesday10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday10AM–5PM
  • Thursday10AM–5PM
  • Friday10AM–5PM
  • Saturday10AM–3PM
  • SundayClosed
  • Monday10AM–5PM

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3.3 stars based on 7 reviews

  • T

    Timothy Dampier

    Honestly, my experience from the inception of my account has been superb! Very helpful tellers. They go above and beyond. I don't forsee any problems as they recognize me after just 1 visit! The teller who helped me most recent was not there when I opened my account and she asked a "security question" even after being presented with my debit card, which made me feel safe about my privacy!

  • J

    Jamal Wilson (BSX)

    DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNT AT THIS BANK. They will pay you $300 to but you wont receive it for 6 months and in the meantime, they will find ways to chip away at that $300. Debits will disappear and show back up when you have a zero balance, costing you a $40 overdraft fee. They seem to manipulate account this way when you have overdraft "protection" even if you pay for it that day, you will still get charged. They will attempt to blame it on the vendor instead of whatever is wrong with their system. I have had no less than 6 overdraft charges reversed due to this. I placed an order on Amazon on a Friday, the money was taken as soon as I placed the order and the money was taken from my account, the item was shipped the same day. Amazon takes your money no later than shipping time. My item arrived that next Monday. On Wednesday, the record of the purchase was moved from Friday to Wednesday causing an overdraft in my account due to my account being less than my Amazon purchase, although the item was already paid for, shipped and received. Anyone with an account at this bank will tell you the same. 10 people that I work with have had similar issues. It has become such a problem at the Cortland TOPS branch that the bank manager is no longer allowed to reverse the charges. They will now direct you to some corporate manager and they will send you an email denying you your reversal, after they go into your account and arrange things to their favor. They also charge you $10 for bank CFCU they are free, and Ive never had any issues at CFCU nor any other bank of this nature before, it seems to be specific to Citizens bank. Also, you are frequently locked out of your account for unknown reasons, the mobile app never works, and there is only one ATM and being that TOPS closes at 8pm now, you will have to pay to get $$$ form any other machine, unless you can wait till 6am...the people are nice tho.

  • p

    petrov simon

    There was a guy named Matt who works there was incredibly rude and citizen bank is poorer with him there

  • D


    Super nice folks, open weekends and until 7pm..what more do you need!?

  • C

    Cross nyan

    Guy named Ricard their one of the rudest humans I've ever met never returning to this bank.

  • E

    Elaine Foster

    Loved the service! Friendly and helpful!

  • J

    Joe Frenia

    Love the bank, but their hours used to be much better, only open for the unemployed. Used to have long Saturday and Sunday hours.