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Challenger Check Cashing Ralph Ave, Brooklyn

Check cash
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+1 718-209-4789
1772 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236, United States
  • Thursday7:30AM–7:30PM
  • Friday7:30AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday7:30AM–5:30PM
  • Sunday9:30AM–2:30PM
  • Monday7:30AM–7:30PM
  • Tuesday7:30AM–7:30PM
  • Wednesday7:30AM–7:30PM


  • Bill Paying
  • Direct Deposits
  • Money Transfers
  • Atm Services
  • Bills Paid
  • Cell Phone Cards
  • Financial Services
  • Lottery Services
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Phone Cards

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2.6 stars based on 10 reviews

  • K

    Kea Coleman

    Absolutely disgusting.... went there today at approximately 1:30 on Wednesday april 9, the two girls that was working there was very rude. Me and mother went up to the cashier (big girl) to use western union and she told us that we had the wrong information. So me and my mom called up my family member who was supposed to send money and he provided us with the information we needed. As soon as we get back on the line the girl rudely say she is closed, walked away. So we go to the next cashier Id del operator 079 and said that the girl was very rude and for some odd reason she caught an attitude with me and mom saying things under her breath like “because she had to go to the bathroom.” So me and my mom said they need to learn customer service, the girl rudely rolls her eyes!!! When she handed my mom the money she throws it down and continue rolling her eyes. I loudly say “thank you and have a good day” she you’re welcome! I said no that’s is what you’re suppose to say!! Kill people with kindness and never stoop to ignorance!! The girls that was working on this day need to grow up and learn how to treat customers!!

  • m

    micaela rose

    A disturbingly rude teller who did not understand that she was not being challenged, only inquired of because customers look to employees for guidance/assistance. The young woman was defensive, impatient and misread my motives. I could identify her but this is not my intent however I strongly suggest customer service training! Blacks in public service need to be more respectful of Black customers. If this young woman were working in a white community, I could almost guarantee that she would have been patient and polite (even if she were upset). Charity/respect begins at home - in the community.

  • L

    Love Tatyanna

    Went in to cash a check that I just received from my job and the guy (with dreads) told me that I couldn’t cash my check because it’s been 7 days. It’s a pandemic going on and your telling me I can’t cash a check that I got 7 days ago !! He didn’t even bother to give me a number. There was a woman ahead of me that also got frustrated and LEFT. Very unprofessional won’t be going back in there. The worker didn’t even have on the proper apparel. Good luck to anyone that goes there while he’s there

    Response from the owner

    Sorry you had trouble, he doesn’t represent the mindset of the entire store.

  • A

    Aaliyah Fairweather

    This place has ideal work ethic. The lines move quickly, the tellers have exceptional understanding of all transactions, and the manager is very capable of diffusing any escalating situations. Will continuously do business here and recommend this place to anyone.

  • G

    Giana Castellanos

    Wonderful atmosphere with great wings. I definitely recommend the bbq and sriracha honey with chives. The onion rings are to die for. Even the sprite is bubbly and the best I’ve ever drank before.

  • A

    Atif Younas

    A’lot of things in one place. Friendly staff work very efficiently they make the line moves pretty fast.Great workers 👌🏻If any issue look for manager she will surely help you out. I like this place already !!

  • D

    Dionnie Henry

    I will never come back to this check cashing . The employee there are very rude. The African American guy with the dreads is extremely disrespectful.

  • M

    Mel Graves

    Long lines but go pretty quickly. Parking and other stores next door. Keyfood, Pizza, dollar store so it's convenient to run multiple errands.

  • Q

    Qyesha Smith

    A bit ghetto in here but I never have an issue with money transfers. They move pretty fast which keeps the line moving.

  • م

    منوعات جديدة

    You can’t believe how rude was the ladies who work behind the glass very very nasty won’t let my wife send money because she said I send money already why she care about it and I can’t understand the reason to do that for I won’t never over go back there anymore

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