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CFSC Checks Cashed 231st W 231st St, Bronx

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+1 718-796-0631
189 W 231st St, Bronx, NY 10463, United States
  • Sunday8:30AM–6:30PM
  • Monday8:30AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday8:30AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday8:30AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday8:30AM–9:30PM
  • Friday8:30AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday8:30AM–8:30PM


  • Business Check Cashing
  • Money Transfers
  • Coin Services
  • Financial Service
  • Lottery Services
  • Prepaid Cellular Phone Services

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3.4 stars based on 9 reviews

  • R

    Rob Smith

    Been coming here forna few years have never had any issues. Always good service

    Response from the owner

    Hi Rob Smith. Thank you so much for visiting CFSC and for sharing your experience with us. We value your business and appreciate you as a CFSC customer. I'm glad we are able to meet your expectations and look forward to serving you again!

  • T

    Thurayya T

    So I went into one of your New York locations actually the Riverdale location in the Bronx and I stood in line and waited like everyone else. I was tired and in my uniform from work which showed I worked in a financial institution as well. I watched and waited as 3 other customers got their money orders with no problems. When it was my turn to get a my transaction done I ran into a problem. I went to the window and asked for a 5 dollar money order. I was asked a question I have never been asked in my life and I used to work in a check cashing place myself. She asked me for documentation for why I needed a 5 dollar money order, not $1000 but a $5 dollar money order. I then proceeded to ask her why when the 3 other customers that happened to speak Spanish as well ask for money orders they did not get the same treatment I was getting. She asked me not to make it a racial thing when it was because I then asked her what was the reason for asking me for documentation and she said that she had no answer for me. I was so embarrassed and felt so uncomfortable after leaving that place. I was just getting a five dollar money order for my elderly mom that needed to pay her landlord for a new mailbox key. I showed her what I needed the money order for and asked her why didn’t she do this with all the other customers and she was quiet. She ignored my question and after I asked multiple times she finally told me she did not have a reason for doing what she did. As a black working woman, I feel so humiliated by what happened this evening. She even called someone to get a “second opinion” about whether or not documentation was needed for a money order. I know from working in a financial institution for many many years that is not in the policy to ask for documentation for a $5 dollar money order. She was discriminated and that is unacceptable. I will never be returning to that location again. My mom has been going there for years and I will make sure she no longer does business there.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Thurayya, Since providing your feedback here, I am aware that our Director of Operations has spoken with you and as well has spoken with the staff at this location to improve upon all customer's experiences going forward. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication here and we have worked to correct this. We look forward to serving you again soon and earning a 5-star review next time! We thank you and your mom for your continued business.

  • C

    Crystal Romero

    they need 2 people in the mornings at 10am this line way to long all im here for is to get a check. slow service, lady here doesnt have any sense of urgency with speed. maybe its one of those days but for my 1st time here i would expect some speed and the fact there is one person doesnt help with people with longer issues that take time.

    Response from the owner

    Crystal Romero, we are so sorry we did not meet your expectations. We appreciate you sharing your experience and will use your feedback to make changes where possible. Thank you! We hope to see you again soon and make your next experience a better one.

  • M

    Michael DeJesus

    This afternoon I visited the location. It is a nice location but the employees are rude, impolite and bad-mannered demeanor. The employees has unapologetic behavior. she so unprofessional and does not how to deal/treat customers. She needs a refresher course how to treat a customer. Customers don't leave bad companies, they leave bad management.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Michael DeJesus. I am troubled to read your review. Please feel free to visit our website at and submit your contact information privately. Someone will contact you to discuss this situation and address what we can to support your needs as our customer.

  • M

    Ms. Jolley

    Took less than 20 min. for services to be completed. Which Wink check cash located @ 499A South Broadway in Yonkers, NY.10705 Couldn't cash less than hours before CFSC location cashed the same check with over the phone verification (though I was told at WINK phone verification could not be done). Thank you to all those with Knowledge of their JOBS. WINK'S MANAGER WAS SCARED TO TAKE A LOSS BECAUSE HE IS USED TO BAD CHECKS.....(though those are the checks he does Cash.

    Response from the owner

    Ms. Jolley we are so happy you had a positive experience with our team! We value your business and appreciate your feedback. If there is anything else we can do to assist, please let us know. Thank you so very much!

  • m

    mary mcevoy

    I went there Saturday, I cashed in some coins I had in the coin cashing machine they have there! I figured I’d hold the ticket til the next day, cause The line was very long with only one cashier As usual, they never have enough cashiers! I went the next day and the girl wouldn’t cash my coin ticket for $17! She said I had to do it the same day i bought the coins in ! I told her where does it say that? There are no signs that state that anywhere! As far as I’m concerned this place just stole $17 from me!! I’ve cashed coin tickets many times there and it never was the same day! They are sneaky thieves! I’m going to send this same report to the better business bureau as well!

  • A

    Art Olsen

    This lady didn’t let me cash my check talking about she has to verify it lol it has my name and address on it and no other place said this

    Response from the owner

    Art Olsen, we are so sorry we did not meet your expectations. Please understand that for the safety of our customers, many of our transactions require verification. We are happy to discuss this with you further and see if we can accommodate your request more effectively. Please visit our website at and submit your contact information privately. Someone in management will contact you to discuss this situation privately and provide a quick resolution for you as quickly as possible. Thank you.

  • C

    Carlos Perez

    Good costumer service, nice and clean location.

  • K

    Katty Reynoso

    Excellent service, they are all very kind and the one who gave me a lot of attention went from being kind to Oscarly Rivas 👏🏻👏🏻 Very good job deserves all the stars ⭐️

    Response from the owner

    ¡Muchas gracias por ser un cliente de CFSC y por su revisión de 5 estrellas! ¡Nos encanta trabajar con clientes y esperamos volver a verte pronto! ¡Ten un día maravilloso!

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