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CFCU Community Credit Union - Mortgage Office Craft Rd, Ithaca

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+1 607-257-8500
1050 Craft Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850, United States
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2.3 stars based on 10 reviews

  • B

    Becky Chilson

    This is probably the worst place that I have ever banked. I spoke to a lady today about paying my loan and she was very rude and made me feel like I was not intellectual because I was asked if I had any co signers on my loan. It's a typical question when I always pay my loan. I told her I do not and she proceeded to tell me that yes you do and it's a red flag on their end. I apologized in confusion because I am the co signer! I wouldn't recommend this bank as it seems that they don't care about the common people and lack training!

  • H

    Henry Johnson

    CFCU does some things well, especially loans. Other things, such as digital banking, are an exercise in frustration. One thing that bugs me to no end is that they consistently treat Android users as second-class citizens. They have had Apple Pay functionality with their debit card for years now, and all that time their website has claimed that they are currently working on getting Samsung Pay and/or Google Pay platforms to work as well. However, when asked directly, their representatives admit there are no plans at all to add the options for Android users - but only that the more people request it, the more likely they will eventually look into it "sometime in the future." There was a time when CFCU offered the best no-fee checking account options in the area, but now other banks have passed them in this category.

  • M

    M Bardom

    This institution employs some of the most combative, aggressive customer service representatives I have ever encountered, particularly Calista. The bank will charge you overdraft fees before they will deposit a check that is delivered & waiting in their system. The customer service representatives will then reprimand you for not knowing the bank’s arbitrary and ridiculous tendency to hold a deposit after declaring it has been ‘delivered’ (seemingly designed to maximize profit from customer fees). After a good scolding, you will be informed that a note is being put on your file by the customer service representative who has just behaved like a juvenile. Terrible!

  • J

    Jeff Claus

    We've been banking at CFCU for over 20 years. We've had our house mortgage with them as well as a number of accounts, including a business account. We've been very happy with their service overall and their willingness to work with us on specific questions and needs.

  • T

    Ted Crane

    Although CFCU has one of my longest-running accounts --since 1976-- I generally avoid the institution. Pluses: in a period of /falling/ interest rates, this may be the place to put your money. They only update rates every month so, two weeks out of four, CFCU is likely to have higher rates than other institutions. In addition,, uh, hmm, no more pluses. Minuses: as noted by other reviewers, personnel are not always the most friendly in town. Frequent wait for service. Inconsistent application of rules. Yes, they make mistakes, perhaps more frequently than other institutions, but not too many (unless you're of the mind that one is too many). Rates are generally not exciting. "Gotchas" giving you a good rate if you keep a big balance in a non-interest-bearing account (overall result: lower rate than the competition). Oh, here's a plus: once a year CFCU sponsors a loud concert on the Ithaca Commons. Loud isn't always good...but...they give away free T-shirts to customers!

  • B

    Bruce Cota

    I have been a CFCU member for 11 years and have managed several different accounts there -- personal, business, trust, etc. For Loans: 5 stars This is the only reason to use CFCU. Customer Service: 5 stars IF YOU CAN GET SOMEBODY ON THE PHONE (which can be shockingly difficult) Technology (online Banking, etc): 0.5 stars. Every few years they change systems and it's always a train wreck. They lose data, people get locked out of their accounts, etc. The systems are never easy to use, and some of the previous editions have had really serious security problems. For the last reason, I tend to keep minimal amounts of money in my CFCU accounts.

  • L

    Linda Glover

    My experience with CFCU has been nothing but positive. For me, it's very accessible both physically and digitally, they offer a wide range of services and options, are much more customer focused than traditional banks. It's a refreshing alternative to for-profit corporate banks.

  • R

    Robert Keefe

    This should be ZERO stars because you guys are AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!!! I've been trying to get OFF of e-statements for four months now and have my statements mailed to me. I have been misdirected by your more-than-deficient call center at least four times. They are totally useless. Your on line banking site is awful. Today I tried sending an email instead of going public with my rant, but the email button does not work on on the on-line banking form. I have been a customer for 32 years and this is by far the WORST banking experience. I will be transferring ALL my money to M&T beginning September 1st. Please note that this rant is for the MAIN OFFICE only and not any of the branch locations. UPDATE: As of yesterday (8--2-19) the email on my account to contact you is not working. Tech department = Idiots Deluxe.

  • M

    Monika Crosby

    I am really quite surprised to see these poor reviews. I recently moved into the Ithaca area and was really impressed with CFCUs community outreach & summer concert series. Opening up a checking and savings account was very quick, easy and their customer service is great every time I go in.

  • A

    Ashley Pittman

    The worst bank to finance your vehicle through!! Their customer service doesn’t have the same answers (for example: one says no late fees, another says there are late fees, one says they can’t deposit a check and to send a new check- send a new check and they deposit both checks) never would I ever encourage any of my friends or family to work with the worst credit union with poor customer service! It’s a joke! You can’t log onto your account (says ssn is not valid), you can’t make a credit card payment online or over the phone without a ridiculous fee, and even better, they’ll send you payment statements via mail.... then stop sending them out of nowhere. They’ll stop sending you emails, then claim your email isn’t on file!! You request statements and they can’t deliver. They’ll just take your money! Thank god the car is almost paid off! The bank is a joke, finance elsewhere!!

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