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CFCU Community Credit Union - Meadow Street Branch N Meadow St, Ithaca

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+1 607-257-8500
409 N Meadow St, Ithaca, NY 14850, United States
  • Monday9AM–5PM
  • Tuesday9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday9AM–5PM
  • Thursday9AM–5PM
  • Friday9AM–5PM
  • Saturday9AM–12PM
  • SundayClosed


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  • Savings
  • Money Market
  • Certificates
  • Credit Card
  • Consumer Loans
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  • Mortgage Loans
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  • L Loans
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2.4 stars based on 10 reviews

  • B

    Brandi Pompey

    What kind of bank isn’t open on Monday? I get they’re open for a few hours on Saturday but it makes much more sense to be open on business days. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Also very slow each time whether it be going through the drive through or popping in be prepared for a wait

    Response from the owner

    Hi Brandi. Apologies, this past Monday June 20th, Our offices were closed in observance of Juneteenth.

  • S

    Scott Howard

    I bought a car while I was studying at Cornell from a local dealership. I'm convinced that this bank relies on getting strictly local business from unsuspecting customer by offering great interest rates. That's how they roped me in. They're certainly making up for their low rates by collecting all of the late fees they get by making transferring money and submitting payments as difficult as possible. They're behind the times with regards to technology. If you think you're going to be able to set up an easy, quick money transfer between whatever bank you bank with and CFCU, guess again. The only option is to set up a bill payment through the mail. On top of this, they tried to change the terms of my loan by increasing my payment amount, which then through off my schedule bill payment mailed check, which they gladly slapped another late payment fee on to. I then had to spend 45 minutes on the phone while listening to the slowest loan officer imaginable do the math as to why my loan was being charged late fees. After giving me 3 different incorrect diagnoses, she finally figured out what the issue was and reimbursed me the late fees. If not for that local dealership working with CFCU, I never would have gotten an account with them and I'd recommend staying as far away from them as possible.

  • V


    System upgrade happened days ago and no one I know is able to get into their accounts and I haven't been able to get anyone from CFCU on the phone at all this week. It's ridiculous. Do better guys.

  • E

    Elsie Dedrick

    I had to use this bank for a loan on my car I bought about a year ago. This is the worst bank I have ever had to deal with. Their website is impossible to navigate, they often “update” their account portals so I can never get on my account to view how much money I owe. They NEVER answer the phone when I call and when I actually do get in touch with someone, they are rude. Avoid them as much as possible, it’s not worth the frustration and interest rates.

  • J

    Jacob Burgess

    Bought a car from a local dealer and this was the bank they use. Literally the worst experience with a bank I’ve ever had. Super long wait times on the phone. They charge a fee to pay my bill online or by phone. Terrible customer service and to boot they basically lost my online account to pay the bill when they switched their provider. Will never be using them again.

  • G

    Greg Tumbarello

    Customer Service is terrible, provided absolutely no support and has been charging me for years on an account that had been closed out. Dishonest company, should not be allowed to use the word Community in their name as they don't care about their members.

  • J

    Johannes Mathieu

    Gave my money away! Had some small amount of money in an old account with them. Now all of a sudden it's been seized by the state because of supposedly being "abandoned". Called and they claim they tried to reach me. Not true. Got regular account summaries the whole time, but was never informed about this. Both the address they had on file (as evidenced by the account summaries) and the phone number are still valid. I can only assume they were either too lazy or too stingy to do do what they are supposed to. Easier for them to have people trying to get their money back from the feds than actually do their job right. Didn't offer help in getting the money back when contacted about this either. So be aware, if you entrust this "bank" with your money you might be up for a surprise some day. Just glad I had only small change with them and went with a real bank for the important stuff.

  • R

    Richard Eaton

    You would think a local credit union would be centered on customer service but this place is the worst. I've been a customer for 30 years. They used to be better, but they become a bunch of money gubbing weenies. I'll be taking my business to Alternatives. The latest annoyance was their refusal to cash a NYS property tax relief check, because it was 180 days old. The check is good according to NYS, but it is the banks policy not to accept it. A 30 year customer and a NYS check and that's not good enough for them.

  • S

    Sarah Alta

    I love this place. I have banked at a lot of places, but CFCU has been the best by far. My best friend also banks here, and changes vehicles, rv/campers, you name it... every couple of years. They are absolutely amazing at handling things like this, and their staff is knowledgeable and quick to help.

  • B

    Beth McGee

    This bank has gone through a system transition several weeks ago. They still haven't gotten the kinks worked out this far along. Both times I have gone to their drive thru in recent weeks the wait has been over 20 minutes. They have 12 cars waiting and one person on staff. Extremely poor service.

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